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Memories of Pandy
My Pandy-Poo
What a blessing and joy you were.
Your spirit and zest for life, complimented with your unique personality I always found so much joy in Pan.
You were my smart girl in learning to spell milkbones and its an emergency. Your eagarness and love for special treats will always remain a highlight in my mind's eye.
I miss the Milkbone Fairy and will forever miss you

October 4th, 2007
Precious, your sister Sas crossed over today-my only hope is that my 4 precious loves have reunited-my love for each of you, always and forever

October 18th, 2007
My precious Pandy,
A tribute to you on your first anniverary at the bridge:
Each new day is like the ocean wave returning to shore-never knowing what it will bring, just as you have no idea what surprises the surf will lay at your feet. On calm days, ordinary shells are left at the water's edge, but after stormy weather treasures can be churned from the deep leaving rare finds for those with the patience to uncover them.
The phase's of life itself are as unpredictable as the moods of the ocean-sometimes smooth, sometimes turbulent, but beyond this mystery lies one certainty..while you can never know what losses or gifts that life will bring, learning to trust that every sunrise will offer new growth, new possibilites, and each day is certain to hold beautiful moments.
Pan-those sunrises I was blessed to share with you for so many years are moments I will forever hold in my heart, and my love for you will remain for all eternity.

Hi Precious Pandy,
Ma just wants to wish you a Merry Christmas baby-I hold on to the belief that my 4 girls have had a wonderful celebration with your many new friends.
I made a memory tree in honor of your life and our life together, I know you've visited it already.
Forever and always.....my love

Hi my Precious,
Just stopping to visit-I miss you Boo. Always, forever my love....

October 18, 2008
Hi my Precious,
Two years ago today was the last time I held you in my arms and had to let you cross over the Bridge. I cherish the memories I hold so close in my heart of our lives together, I honor the smiles and joy thinking back on your little antics and I honor the tears that fill my eyes and the emptiness felt in my heart in missing you. Life, my precious one is so delicate and fragile and sharing the years, the unconditional love and the happiness that you brought so freely to my life is a gift that will forever be cherished in the special place you always have and will hold in my heart. Forever my love sqigg...

October 18, 2009
I visit today to honor you with remembrance of our lives together. 3 years have passed and though time has dissapated that gut wrenching pain, tears still do fill my eyes and emptiness is felt in my heart. Forever know and feel my love Sqigg...

December 25, 2009
Your tree is decorated with mini ornaments and handmade pottery milkbones with my special girls names engraved. A candle to the side lit each night to shine my love to you, sleep in heavenly peace~Merry Christmas my precious girl.

January 31, 2010
G'morning my Precious One-I come today to sit and visit with you as my heart is feeling very heavy. Life has been going all directions lately and I'm actually uncertain as to where this next road will lead. Lucia and Lilith continue to bring joy and strength to me in their total trust that I will make the right decisions in adapting to wherever those surroundings might turn out to be. I can't help but remember how you and your sisters adapted so well to our move from OH to SC 9 years ago, how you all just so settled into those initial crazy days when we shared a hotel room because we hadn't yet found a home. So many miles and so many changes have taken place over this past 9 years, I'm blessed that you were given to us to share your life and your love, I'm grateful for sharing a love that will forever be in my heart....

Hi Boo,
I don't post and come often but not a day goes by that you aren't felt in my heart.

Pandy Poo
My hope is that you, Sas, Jorgi Girl and Jammers welcomed Grandma. She so adored you all and likely is your new guardian milk bone fairy. My love for you always...until we meet again.

Pandy Poo-today on your 10 year anniversary I send you my love...always

Christmas 2018
My sweet Pandy-Merry Christmas to my precious girl. Always my love........

November 8th,
Hi Precious Pan,
Lucia crossed over the Bridge this week and my heart is filled with sadness. I hold on that my girls are re-united and running free. Always, my love

Christmas 2021
Merry Christmas in heaven to my precious girl. Forever my love.

Oct 2022
Honoring your life and forever etched memory of you on your anniversary to Rainbow Bridge.
Forever amd until, my love

Please also visit Sas.

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