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Memories of Curley Sue
I adopted Curley Sue when she was already 9 years old. But she was just so sweet, I couldn't resist her. I ended up adopting two more dogs, just because she was so sweet! She was like the "Energizer Bunny", still going strong! She even took a long walk the night before she died. She couldn't get up by herself on Sunday, but when I picked her up, she was ready to go! We walked around the block together, and I took a video, sensing that this was her last. She took every step in to the fullest! She even went way around the house to go up the driveway, and she hadn't done that in a while. That night I brought her to bed with me. That was the first and last time she ever was in my bed. I cry now when I remember how she laid her head on my back as I slept. She fell out of bed early in the morning, and I found out she could not move at all!! I had to go watch my grandkids, so I laid her on her throne of pillows, and took a picture, and said I would see her later. I called the Vet to come to the house to give her the injection to put her to sleep, and he said he would check with me later to see how she was doing. When I came home at 2:00pm, I couldn't find her. Curley Sue somehow managed to get herself outside to die. I found her by the fence, and she was barely breathing. I carried her in the house, and cradled her in my arms. I cried my eyes out, and sang to her. I called the Vet and told him she was dying. I got to hold her in my arms for 5 hours before the Vet came to finally give her peace. My other two dogs, Rascal jumped on my lap and gave Curley Sue a kiss "good-bye,", and Max just stared on. When the Vet came it only took a few seconds for Curley Sue to take her last breath. And then she was gone. I still cry for her, because she was such a sweet dog, I will never forget her as long as I live. I adopted her as a stray, but I believe she was abandoned, because she knew how to find my house from the first walk. But it was my blessing that I found her. And I tried to give her the best life I could. She fought a long battle of "Old dog's disease", since December 2011. And she was never quite the same after that. But her spirit was strong. Then after she had her seizure in June, I knew our time together was becoming short. I tried to give her the very best every single day. The day before she died, she had Salmon for dinner. And that was the last meal that she ate. When I cleaned the house after the Vet took her away, I was surprised to find many pills that I had given to her, scattered on the floor. She knew she didn't have much time, and she didn't want to take them any more. My only hope is that she wasn't in pain when she died. And that she remembers me singing to her and holding her! Curley Sue, I will see you again someday!! I love you, beautiful dog!

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