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Memories of Cujo
Cujo, you were such a special boy who touched everyone you met. You had a presence that calmed the anxious, soothed the fearful, and loved without judgement. There are hundreds of stories but the ones that touched my heart most show your bravery, intelligence, and genuine love.

When Cujo was a younger man, he saved my mom's life. That's right, an eight pound mini Yorkshire Terrier saved my grown mother's life. She was outside in her backyard to inspect the dog house, which she thought our cat had walked into. Cujo was inside the house, with the door closed mind you, when he heard my mom scream. He pushed open the door, to this day we have no idea how, and saw that she had tripped and fallen running from a raccoon that was hiding in the dog house. Courageous Cujo saved my mom just in time from a vicious attack by launching himself onto the raccoon, biting him, and ultimately scaring the animal away. Although Cujo suffered a couple of bites and had to be quarantined, he healed and was stronger than ever. Cujo reminded us that day that doing the right thing is sometimes hard and scary but we fight for those we love.

Another story that affects me personally happened only a few months ago, before we lost our little guy. I have pretty bad anxiety and Cujo was my service animal. One day we were out and I had a horrible panic attack, to the point I couldn't stand. Now Cujo came to MY rescue but this time he saved me emotionally. Just by holding him in my arms, I was able to push all things scary out of my mind and focus on his eyes, where a sense of calmness and rest assuredness was abundant. I don't know if Cujo even knew he saved me that day but he did and I will never forget it. Even though he is no longer with me today, the next time I become anxious, I'll remember his eyes and think about all of the good in the world instead.

I want to end with a story that brings tears of joy to my eyes because that's how Cujo would want us to remember him: in times of happiness. My mom and I were shopping in a department store one day with Cujo and my other dog. We brought both dogs into a dressing room as we tried on clothes but before we knew it, we heard a knock. One of the Sales associates asked if we were missing two dogs and immediately looked down to leashes NOT attached to our pups! Sure enough, Cujo had helped them escape and were beginning a new adventure together. And that's what Cujo was about: forget what you're told to do and rather, do what finds you excitement in life. It really is not long enough so take every moment and make a run for it!

I (and our whole family) miss and love you. Wherever you are right now, keep enjoying it and know we'll join you someday my little boy (AKA piggy, I still miss your little snorts).

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