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Memories of CRICKET
Your 6th birthday is tomorrow, we never imagined you would not be here with us.
Your daddy and I were too old to have 2 legged babies, so you were our firstborn. We knew the very first time we held you, our hearts would never be the same. As a baby, you were constantly on the move, only stopping to take naps. Everyone who met you quickly grew to love you. Your dad and I have loved and lost other babies but for some reason you captured the biggest piece of our hearts. You hated having bows on your head and always managed to somehow remove them. You refused to wear dresses, and would spin in circles until we took them off. When you tasted something tangy, your little lower lip would quiver in such a cute way. You loved to show off after a grooming, and always had such a beautiful plume on your tail.

You were smart, easy to teach and always had incredibly selective hearing. As a pup, we initially thought you were deaf. We would call you repeatedly, in vain. Our fears quickly dissolved when you immediately came running after hearing us tap a fork on a plate. When we brought a baby brother home for you to play with and love, you refused to stay in the same room with him until you realized you were still our princess. That one brother ended up being three, all littermates, who loved and looked up to you.

The tears we now shed are because we will miss the laughter, love and joy you brought us every day. Our babies who crossed before you came along lived long happy lives. It is so painful because you were taken so quickly, we had never heard of hemolytic anemia, and though you had the best care available and we tried desperately to save you, we quickly realized that your comfort was more important than the devastation of losing you. Letting you go was the most difficult thing we have ever had to do. When you took your last breath, it was in our arms, and with all the love and support we had to give. I'm afraid we will never stop missing you, and though the scars on our heart will eventually heal somehow, they will always be there.

While we would always prefer to have you here, you are in a better place. We miss you so much precious girl. We'll never forget you.

It's been a whole year since we have been able to hold you. Your thee brothers are doing well; very smart and we love them very much. They have helped us heal, but it is not the same as having our little girl here. I will be glad when the day comes that I can find a beautiful container for your ashes, but it's still too soon. The slightest thoughts of you bring many tears. I know time will help, but it won't ever take all the pain away. We still have all of your things here; it's too hard to let go. Bedtime is the worst; I rarely fall asleep without thinking of you. I hope you are running and playing like you were in the dream I had of you not long ago. I called out your name but could not catch up to you. Someday, I will see you again. I miss you Precious.

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