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Memories of Coty
I'd like to share some memories we have of our time with Coty. I could tell so many wonderful stories about her.

I remember when we picked Coty up from the Pittsburgh Airport in December of 1999. She was so shy and quiet all the way home in her crate. She was flown in on Delta Air Cargo from Ridgeway, Virginia because had purchased her from a special breeder. That trip was the last time she was so quiet. She was always playing and barking and being lovable. She loved her belly rubs!

We had taken her on a trip to Arizona and the Grand Canyon on year. We flew her to Arizona with us and then rented an RV to travel around in. She had a blast. She stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon and just gazed out at the vast beauty of it all. I think she felt she was on top of the world.

In 2006, we moved to a new home that had a fence around the backyard. We were happy about that as it would keep her safe with her sister Chloe. Well that wasn't happening. Coty figured out how to burrow under the fence and showed her sister how to do it too. They kept escaping.

Well one day her dad was out front taking care of the lawn and he noticed a Corgi walking down the street on the side of the road. He says hey look there is a Corgi just like ours. She walked right past him like she didn't even know him. He finally realized IT WAS Coty and brought her back to the backyard. She was never contained in an enclosure or gated area before, so she wasn't about to start. We figured she was just checking out her new kingdom, I guess.

She gave us unconditional love and laughter. She was an extraordinary and wonderful pet for us for 16 yrs. She surpassed her life expectancy by 3 years. Coty you may be gone now but you will never ever be forgotten. We opted for a private cremation and will keep you by the fireplace so that you will always be with us.

Thanks for the memories Coty. You were one of a kind for sure. Say hello to Cosmo and Jersey for us.

Love Always,
Mom and Dad

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