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Memories of Coty
My little boy loved to run!! He would chase a ball or a stick for as long as you would throw it for him. Throw a stick into a pile of sticks, and he would search until he found the EXACT one you threw!!! Throw a ball out into the water and no matter how far out he had to swim, he'd bring it back to you to throw it again.
I remember the first time I ever took him fishing with me out in the boat. I cast my line out and Coty, thinking the bobber was a ball, jumped out of the boat, swam over to the bobber and brought it back to me!!!! It would've been much cuter if we hadn't been in Florida, where EVERY body of water holds at least one ALLIGATOR !!!!!
It's been almost a year since I lost my best friend, and I still miss him. There are still times when I think I hear him barking off in the distance, just far enough away to where I can't quite see him. But I know he's still waiting for me.
It's been 2 years now, and I still miss him!!! I've moved to a farm where he would've loved to run. I think of how much he would've loved it out here and wish I could have him back to play with me. His sister, Pepper, and his buddy, Chewie, the cat, still miss him too. But I know he's feeling better now, and doesn't remember the pain of growing old and slowing down.
I still love you Baby Boy, and I always will. I know I will see you again one day when you meet me there, at the Rainbow Bridge.
Coty boy, look for Mickey, as he has come to join you in your wait for us to be reunited. He went out one afternoon and never came back. And, you know Mickey, if he was able, he would come home to us. Find him, welcome him, and keep him company. You guys were always buddies. Remeber how, as a tiny little baby puff of fur, he'd get in your face and hiss and spit. You would just lay there and look at him with your usual patience with any kind of baby. You were there as he grew, always playing together. and when you got too far along in years, Mickey was the one who laid with you and kept you company. Go find him, Baby Boy, and resume your friendship and wait for me.
Coty, Mickey, look for Chewie. He too went out and never came home. And, as with Mickey, we were all he knew. So my precious ones, find your brother, and keep him close until we are all together again.
I love you Sweet Boy, and still wish you were down here on the farm with me. I still miss Mickey and Chewie too. The love of your forever friends can never be replaced and will always be missed.
I love you guys. Have fun until we are reunited. Take care of each other, as you always did.
Coty, I have sent another loved one to you to welcome. Her name is Nikki, and you will love her as I do. She guarded me and our home well while she was here, and will take care of and watch over you and all of ours there, if you will show her around. She was a very loving big girl, just like your big friend in St. Louis. Play with her and love her, my sweetheart, until I can meet you all and love you myself. She will tell you all about the farm down here, Baby Boy, and know that even now, I still miss you and love you, my precious.

Well, Coty, my Baby Boy, it's been seven years now and it seems like only yesterday that I was throwing the ball for you to chase. I still think of you, and know that I will never see the kind of forever friend I had in you. I hope you and all of ours are playing and loving each other, until he comes Thai meet you there at the Rainbow Bridge. Coty, sweetheart, 5 little baby puppies have come to you, there. Please find them, and you and Nikki teach them how to be a guardian for their people. They will love to guard as that is what they were born to do, as they are just like Nikki.
I still miss you, my sweet baby boy. Sleep and play and run as you always loved to do, and I will see you when it is time. Tell everyone I love them all and miss them so much.

It's been nine years now since you moved on to the Rainbow Bridge, and I still miss you. I still cry whenever I read your story on your Rainbow Residency. I know you've become one of the oldsters there, not in age but experience, and have taken many under your wing (or paw) to take care of them and show them the ropes. That's just the way you've always been.
I love you my sweet Baby Boy. Please be patient as I am not ready yet. But eventually I will meet you there and take all my fur babies on with me.
Please take care of all your brothers and sisters that I have sent on to you. I love you, my sweet Baby Boy,

Please also visit Nikki.

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