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Memories of Cosmo
Four and a half years together every single day, never leaving each other's side was our wonderful life together. Rescued from a shelter, Cosmo changed me forever. Such a good, soulful boy he would never leave my side for one minute. I will remember our walks every single day never missing a beat. Rain, snow, wind would not stop us. Cosmo loved when it rained out. My baby boy would walk and walk in the rain and loved to get soak and wet. Then, in the house we would go and to the bathtub for the dry off. Cosmo loved getting baths in the bathtub, he loved drinking from the bathtub faucet.
He loved going out with me and friends to our favorite hangouts, where he was always the center of attention. Everyone would say he has Human like eyes, those eyes would get you every time. Two vacations in Newport RI where we stayed at the dog friendly Mill Street Inn where Cosmo was treated like the special boy he was. When I say he never left my side, he never left my side not even for vacations or short trips.
Cosmo was my first dog. I was never a dog owner, but I am sure glad I had this experience in my life with my special boy. I know in my heart he would want me to rescue another and give him the life dear Cosmo had. I have still not adopted as I feel the time will be right in the near future. I took me this long to come to reason with his passing. This process with losing him was just as hard as losing my Mom in 1996. Every day I am in a better place but it is hard.
Losing my baby to kidney disease at a somewhat you age was devastating. I remember it was a few days after the big blizzard "Nemo" we had in the Northeast that we went to the Vet's office because Cosmo starting to drink a lot of water. That day was beginning of the end. After his four day hospital stay in June he was discharged and had a stroke that day. I held him close in my arms and told him don't worry Cosmo you rest and we are going to go walk later. That day I will never forget June 4th a part of me died with him.
Time does heal you a bit depending on each circumstance. For me it was much longer as Cosmo was the only one thing in my life. My goal in the future will be to save another forgotten baby and love him just as much as Cosmo. But one thing for sure my Cosmo and future babies will never be forgotten and especially my first boy. I love you dear Cosmo with all my heart. Till we walk again by dearest loving boy

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