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Memories of COSMOS
Cosmos, you had a difficult beginning and end. Thinking you were a rat walking on the busy highway, a family stopped to investigate and took you in. It was my fortune they didn't want you. You meowed at my suggested name, and Cosmos, you lived up to that name. You were the best in the universe. Having never married and without children, you filled a void in my life. Definitely a one human cat, we developed an unbreakable bond. I could understand your sounds and eyes. You had a purr that was unbelievably loud and constant. You were always at my feet or lounging across my neck. You didn't want me out of your sight. I will remember how you retrieved crumpled candy wrappers and (I know some will laugh) how we played hide and seek. You were a constant comfort to me in my most difficult times. Do you remember the time you escaped from the house for two weeks? You came back. I was paged at the fancy restaurant I was at with a date with the urgent message, "Your daughter has been found, please come to the phone immediately." They must have thought I was a very poor mother! I miss you running to the door to meet me when you hear my car pull up. For seventeen years, you slept on a pillow next to my side, until the last few months of your life. But two nights before your death, you gave me a gift and came back. The last night of your life I spent with you on the floor trying to comfort you. From 11 lbs to 3.7 lbs. The renal failure and possible cancer could be fought no longer. I am so sorry for any discomfort or extra pain you suffered in this world. I didn't want to let you go, but I couldn't stand to see you suffer as you did that last night. It was heartbreaking for me. I miss you so much. You will always be in my heart and thoughts. You will always be my baby girl. I love you Cosmos. July 9th, 2005 will be one year since you left, and I think of you daily. You are in my heart forever. Love you Coz!!!! One year today, I hope you are well and happy . Two years. I miss you Coz. I miss you on my pillow curled up in my arm. Four years, Eclipse has been trying what you taught her. Your presence is still strong in my heart. Nine years are gone, and so are Nova and Eclipse. Nova a year ago, and Eclipse 2 months ago. I loved them so much. Neither would hurt a fly and Eclipse was quite the lover. I miss them, and now they are with you. Love and miss you all so much.

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