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Memories of Corrie
6 April 2007.
Hello my baby girl. Tonight will be 2 weeks since I last kissed you goodnight and tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I kissed you goodbye and I miss you so very very much. We got your ashes yesterday and your urn is now in my bedroom with your "bouncie" and a photo of you in front of it. Mummy has a photo of you in her bedroom now too. Today was a lovely sunny warm day and I went into the back garden for the first time since you went to play in the meadow at the Bridge. I was very sad as you weren't there to play with your ballie or the water from the hose. I tried to stop crying as I know that you would be upset to see that but it was very hard. I remembered how you couldn't climb that big step into the garden when you were a puppy and how I would have to carry you up it...that made me smile. All our love until we meet again. Mummy & Cheryl
21 April 2007
Hello baby girl. Today is 4 weeks to the hour since we last hugged and kissed you and we're feeling very sad. We've lit a candle for you and have decided that we will do this every Saturday during the last hour of your life here with us, in honour of you, our shining light. Semra & Hasan are coming to visit tomorrow. They last saw you 6 weeks ago. You remember that Semra was a bit nervous of you as she had once been bitten by a furbaby? Well, she cried very much when we told her that you're at the Bridge and she sent us a lovely sympathy card. That's the kind of love you inspired in all who knew you. I used "whooshie" today but you didn't come to play with it and your bouncie. We miss you baby. Mummy & Cheryl xx
24 April 2007
Hello Corrie baby. Today is one month since we last kissed and held you and we feel so very lonely without you. I had a dream last Friday about Iris. You never met her but we told you all about her and how she loved so many furbabies. In my dream she was playing with all her furbabies and then she went to welcome a new one. We're sure that was a sign from Iris that she is now looking after you until we meet you again at the Bridge. We're so pleased that you and Iris have found each other as we know that she will look after you. You'll have a great time playing with everyone. We also know that you will have met Muffet, Zo, Torry, Sheena and Tara..your furbaby sisters and they'll look after you also. Muffie will be the Boss as she has been at the Bridge for almost 32 years now. She just loves to run and run so you'll have a great time with her. Torry will play ballie with you and Sheena will jump into any puddle she can find but she may be a bit timid so go easy on her. Of course, the real Bosses will be our kitties, Zo & Tara but don't worry, they both loved their doggie sisters so they'll look after you too. My word, what a family you have with you now..and so many friends too. We will never, ever forget you or stop loving you baby girl. Lots of love and kissies. Mummy and Cheryl
19 May 2007
Hello Corrie girlie. I've not long blown out the candle marking your 8 week anniverary at RB. I've been remembering your gentle soul and your loving, sweet nature. How you used to run upstairs with me whenever I came home. You always brought a toy or your boney up with us. You'd jump on my bed and wait for the belly rub and kissie. I know that you're watching over Mummy & me and I want you back for a cuddle & kissie right now but I know that can't happen & it hurts so very much. We'll always love you. Mummy wants me to say that she misses her little "PT" girl so much too. Lots of love for ever from Mummy & Cheryl
24 June 2007
Hello sweetheart. It's hard to believe that today is the 3 month anniversary of your departure for the Bridge. The day you left us is so clearly etched into our memories and I hurt so very much. I just ache to hold and kiss you again and to play with you in the sunshine. Yesterday as I blew out your candle we had a storm and then the sun came out and I looked for a rainbow but it never came so I can only think that you were busy looking after your sisters who would have been scared of the thunder. Today I went with Uncle Willie and Auntie Dorothy to collect their 2 new fur babies, 2 KC Spaniels, who are only 8 weeks old. They're cuties but not a patch on you. I'm sorry that I couldn't light your candle but I was thinking of you all the time and when I came home Mummy told me that she lit your candle so I was very pleased at that. Please send us a rainbow soon so that I can look at it and maybe see you waiting for me at the end of it. Remembering you with endless love, sweetie girl. Mummy & Cheryl xxx
30 June 2007
Hello sweetie. I'm just dropping in today to remind you that it's your sister Tara's 9 year anniversary at RB today so please make sure that you and your other sisters, Muffett, Zo, Torry and Sheena give her special kissies from Mummy and me. Lots and lots of love from Mummy & Cheryl
24 July 2007
Hello baby girl. In one hour it will be exactly 4 months since you left for the Bridge and we miss you so very much sweetie. My memories of that day and your illness leading to it are so clear in my mind but now I also remember the lovely times we had together playing with all you toys, particularly "bouncie" which you always wanted more than any other toy. I still have your very first one and also your last bouncie. How odd that they are both yellow. Everytime I vacuum I remember how you would bring bouncie to play, no other toy would do and I used to vacuum with 1 hand and play with you with the other. Remembering that is making me cry now sweetheart so I'm going to say 'bye 'bye now. Always remember that Mummy & I will always love you. Lots & lots of love from Mummy & Cheryl xxx
2 August 2007
Hello baby. Just dropping by to remind you that it's your sister Sheena's 14 year anniversary at RB today so give her big hugs and lots of kisses from Mummy & me. Lots of love to you and your sisters. Mummy & Cheryl xxx
24 August 2007
Hello again sweetheart. Today marks your 5 month anniversary at the Bridge and it's harder than ever without you at my side. I was hugging your coatie earlier as I can still smell you on it and I so wished that it was you that I was hugging. This week is going to be even more hard as you will have your 9th birthday on the 31st and I won't be able to give you any kisses and pressies....oh, how you loved opening pressies..even if they weren't yours! You are in our hearts forever baby and one day we will meet again. Until then, always remember that we love you lots & lots. Love from Mummy & Cheryl xxx
31 August 2007
Happy Birthday Corrie baby! 9 years old today and celebrating you first birthday at the RB. I know that you'll be very excited and eager to open your pressies and I'm hoping that one of them will be a bouncie so that you can run endlessly after it. Your most favourite toy...you must have gone through at least 12 of them while you were down here with us and I always made sure to keep 1 or 2 in the cupboard so that when the one in use finally bit the dust you had an instant replacement. I remember when they stopped selling them in the shops and I searched the internet until I finally found some and managed to buy 3. Sadly, you never got to play with that 3rd one, which is still in the cupboard and I still have your last one beside your picture in my bedroom. Mummy has been looking at your pictures a lot today and she's been calling you by your special name that only the 3 of us know...I told her to say it quietly so that no-one else hears it as we wouldn't want the word to get out, would we sweetie:) I'm glad that I'm smiling now as I was very sad earlier today and I know that you wouldn't like that. Today is a day to celebrate your life and that is what we will be doing...celebrating the 8.5 years of happiness and love that you brought into our lives. We love you Corrie girlie. Mummy & Cheryl xxx
24 September 2007
Hello again baby. We've reached the 6 month marker of the day that you made your journey to the Bridge and I know that you're looking out for us as you answered my prayers last Saturday, your 26 week marker, when you made sure that Uncle Alex was returned to us safe and unharmed afer he got lost. You used to get so excited when Uncle visited us. All I had to say was "Uncle is coming" and you would run around with your toys as you knew that he loved playing with you and that you would have a playmate for his entire visit...so thank you for looking after him during those 6 hours baby. We miss you so very much that it's indescribable and my arms still ache to hold you. I stroke your "softie" every night before falling asleep...yes, it's still on my bed and I think that it will stay there now as I can still smell you on it and I find that comforting. We love you Corrie. We'll soon be approaching the 9th anniversary of the day we got you and you became Corrie Barton...that's going to be a tough one. Lot's of love from Mummy & Cheryl xxx
24 October 2007
Hello Baby. It's 7 months today since you made your trip to the Bridge and I still haven't moved your beds or your toys as it comforts Mummy & me to have them around us because we're reminded of how much you loved to play. Remember the time when I was reading and you wanted to play? I'm sorry to say that I wasn't taking much notice as I was throwing your bouncie every so often so you decided that, maybe, I didn't want to play with bouncie. When I looked up you had surrounded me with every toy from your toy box and was sitting there patiently waiting for me to choose one to play with :) - there, that's the first time I've really smiled during my visits here to you and now my heart is happy as I know that you wouldn't want me to cry all the time. You hated to see me or Mummy upset so I've resolved to try and remember all the good times we had instead of the heartache of losing you. I hope it lasts. With lots of love from Mummy & Cheryl xxx
24 November 2007
Hello again sweetheart. Well, it's now 8 months since you went to the Bridge and as it's Saturday it's all the more poignant as we said goodbye to you on a Saturday. The 21st was your sister Torry's 16 year marker at RB so please give her a special kiss. Mummy and I have been thinking about getting a puppy but none of them are anywhere near as pretty as you. I thought that I had found one that I liked but I found myself crying as I thought about you so I feel that I'm not yet ready to bring a fur baby into my life. Mummy feels the same as she also misses you so very much. We're going to wait for a while longer, maybe by then the pain of losing you to the Bridge will have eased just enough for us to be able to open our hearts to a fur baby. I know that you miss us too and I pray that you're not as unhappy as I feel at times. I don't want you to be. I want you to be happy, running and playing while you wait for our eventual reunion. I know that a bit of me died when you went to the Bridge and I can't wait until I'm able to hug you again but until then be a happy girlie. We love you lots. Mummy & Cheryl xxxxxx
29 November 2007
Hello again sweetie. We know what today is, don't we? Yes, today is the 9th anniversary of the day you became Corrie Barton. The day that Mummy & I met you and I thought that you looked so funny as I'd never seen such a light coloured GSD. You were so very cute and lived alone in that big barn with only your birth Mummy for company. Your journey to our home was long and tiring and I lost count of the many times that you got car sick on my lap. If you were only with me now, you could get sick on me every day and I wouldn't mind one little bit, just as I didn't back then. Remember the suitcase that I converted into a bed for you? You were so comfy in it but you soon outgrew it. It still hurts when I think of all those wonderful times we had together but maybe one day the smiles will come. I know that I'll love you forever baby. I'll write to you again on your big sister, Muffett's, anniversary. With lots of love for today and every day from Mummy & Cheryl xxxxxx
24 December 2007
Hello Baby Girl and Merry Christmas on your first Christmas at the Bridge. We hope that you and your sisters and friends will be having a lovely party with lots of pressies and goodies for you all. Today is exactly 9 months since you left for the Bridge and the time seems to have flown past. In some ways it's just like yesterday, the memories of that day are so vivid and immensely sad. I was worried that I would be very sad today and tomorrow so I'm reminding myself of the 8 happy Christmases we spent together, even last Christmas when you were already ill, you loved opening your pressies and the special food that you got...you would have even opened our pressies, if we'd let you! I've got Mummy a very special pressie from you and can't wait to see her face when she opens it tomorrow. She'll be able to look at you every morning now and remember how you would sit at the table waiting for your toastie as she finished her breakfast. It was your sister Muffett's 32nd anniversary at the Bridge on 21 December so I hope that you gave her a special kissie from us and that you all had a party to celebrate. We love you very much sweetheart and will keep you in our hearts until we meet again. With lots of love from Mummy & Cheryl xxxxxx
1 January 2008
Happy New Year baby girlie. I knew when I said that to you last year that it would be the last time I would be saying it to you face to face until we meet again at the Bridge and it was so difficult that I never thought I could have a worse New Year's Eve but now...at 00:05 on New Year's Day I know just how bad the New Year is without having you here to kiss and cuddle. I know that you are with Mummy and me in spirit and I've given Mummy a special kissie from you but I can't help thinking of how lovely it would be for you to have been able to do that yourself. You'll always be in our hearts sweetheart. We love you lots. Mummy & Cheryl xxxxxx
24 January 2008
Hello sweetie. It's 10 months since your trip to the Bridge. The time has passed so quickly in some ways. A friend told me that it's harder on us as we are the ones that have to await our reunion whilst you can still see and hear us. That's a very comforting thought, knowing that you can see and hear me wherever I am. I knew that I would miss you terribly but I didn't know just how hard it would be. I still get a lump in my throat when I remember our times together. We love you baby. Mummy & Cheryl xxxxxx
24 February 2008
Hello baby girl. Today is the 11 month anniversary of your trip to the Bridge and Mummy & I miss you so very much. It's hard to believe that almost 1 year has passed but we still think about you and talk to you every day & I know that you can hear us. Sadly, I'll not be at home for your 1 year anniversary next month but you will be in my heart wherever I am and I'll be sure to look in on you that day, even though I will be in India. We love you lots baby. Mummy & Cheryl xxxxxx
24 March 2008
Hello sweetheart. It's almost exactly 1 year to the minute that you made your trip to the Bridge and I'm here with Mummy now as I got sick in India and had to come home. I'm glad that I'm here for your 1 year anniversary and so very, very sad that 1 year has passed without you to hug and kiss but I know that you'll be looking in on me and Mummy today so a nice little sign would really lift our spirits. We hope that you're happy playing with your sisters and friends while you wait for our eventual reunion and until then we'll think of you every day as we keep you in that very special place in our hearts. I'll always remember your smell and feel your softie kisses while I'm longing to hold you again. All our love today and everyday baby girlie. Mummy & Cheryl xxxxxx
24 April 2008
Hello again baby. I hope that you had a nice time during your 1 year anniversary at the Bridge last month. Summer will soon be with us and I'll always remember how you loved playing in the garden with your ballie and the hose while you helped me with the gardening...all those times when you thought that I wasn't watering the flowers properly and tried to take the hose from me to show me how it should be done! Oh how I wish you were still beside me doing that....I hate going out there now and have to make myself do it. Your special plants are doing well and I'm making sure that the one we used to play hide & seek around is still in good shape...I know that you can see that from the Bridge. Please take some time out from playing to give me & Mummy a nice sign. We'll always love you sweetheart. Mummy & Cheryl
24 May 2008
Hello baby girl. You've been at the Bridge 14 months today and I've been thinking of you even more, if that's possible, remembering our games in the sunshine and rain and how you so loved to play. I've been remembering you as a puppy and how your first bed was my old suitcase as we weren't intending to bring a fur baby into our lives and, suddenly...there you were. All cuddly & kissie & so full of fun. I think you know that Mummy & I are bringing a new fur baby to live with us shortly & I know that you won't mind because you were always such a generous, loving soul. If she's half as good and pretty as you then she'll be a very lucky little girl. I'm crying now baby as I'm sad. I know I should be happy but I want you here so much that it still hurts when I can stroke and kiss you. You're my special baby and always will be....you know that. Lots of love always. Mummy & Cheryl
24 June 2008
Hello again my baby. We're are your 15 month anniversary at the Bridge now and I can't believe that it's been so long since I last hugged you. As you know, Mummy has been very sick in hospital and I know that you've been looking out for her as she's home now so thank you for that. Your new baby sister is called Lexie and you must have been looking after her too as Mummy went into hospital just 3 days after we brought her home so I had to leave her on her own while Mummy was in ER but she was a good little girl so you must have looked after her. Thank you baby. We'll always love you. Mummy & Cheryl
24 July 2008
Hello sweetheart. I'm missing you so very much and I think it's because I'm remembering when you came into our lives as I'm comparing it to Lexie's arrival and sometimes I can't stem the tears when I think about you. I do smile at times too though, like when I recall how you used to climb the stairs but were too scared to come down so you would sit on Mummy's lap while she brought you down! We love you lots baby. Mummy & Cheryl
24 August 2008
Hello sweetheart & thank you again for looking after Mummy when she went into ER on the 15th. She's home now and recovering but she's so ill so please continue to look after her,...as I know you will. It'll be your 10th birthday soon so be sure to have a lovely party with your sisters and friends. Love you lots baby. Mummy & Cheryl
31 August 2008
Happy 10th birthday baby girl. Please remember to take some time out from partying to pay us a visit and, maybe, send us a sign. That would be truly wonderful. Lots of love from Mummy & Cheryl
24 September 2008
Hello baby. I can't believe how quickly the time has passed since you went to the Bridge. The good thing is that it means that I'm that much closer to seeing you again one day. I'll bide my time until then but please be happy and wait for us. We love you so very much. Mummy & Cheryl
24 October 2008
Oh baby girl! Thank you so very much for looking after our Mummy when she was so horribly sick on 26 October. I was so frightened when she went into surgery on the 27th and prayed so very hard. I know that you and your sisters helped to save her life and I love you so much for that. Mummy is still very sick and will take a long time to get better but she is still here with me and that's what matters. I'm not ready for her to meet you at the Bridge yet but I know that the time will come one day and take solace in knowing that she will be so happy at her reunion with you. We love you so very much. Mummy & Cheryl
24 November 2008
Hello baby. Well, it will soon be my birthday and the next day will be Corrie Barton day and I'm so sad at the thought that this is the second birthday that I can't share with you. Lexie is being such a good little girl but I still miss you so very much. Love you lots. Mummy & Cheryl
29 November 2008
Hello sweetheart. Happy Corrie Barton day...the 10th anniversary of the day you came into our lives. I vividly remember that car journey home and how you puked up all over me:) My heart is hurting a lot today so I won't say much, except that we love you lots. Mummy & Cheryl
24 December 2008
Happy Christmas sweetie. This is our 2nd Christmas without you but I know that you'll be looking down on us with those loving soft eyes and that makes me happy and sad at the same time. Please have a lovely day tomorrow with your sisters and friends. The time will come when we can spend all our Christmases together. Lots of love. Mummy & Cheryl
24 January 2009
Hello baby. We're into a new year now and time is just flying. It's only 2 months away from your 2nd year anniversary at the Bridge but I still can't believe that it's that long since you told me that you were ready to make that journey that I dreaded for so long. Please send me a sign to let me know that you're happy. Lots of love. Mummy & Cheryl

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