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Memories of Corona and Friends
The picture on the stone Corona is on the right Scooter is on the
left. Scooter is also has a site on the rainbow bridge.
Hi Corona, Scooter and Friends Jan 2019 Update I was out of Town for new-year and was online at the HSA site and met a new friend her name is Demaris Meyer and lost her dog Sandy Mae to the same dreaded cancer that took your life too soon, but losing you gave a a dog named Rose a needed home. She is just like you, Hi Corona if you want to see how much she is like you =, go to my youtube ( George Feschenko ) and you will see for your self, I did it again I just got side tracked, The Issue at hand is to get the gang to callout for Sandy Mae to join your group, Demaris Mayer missis her a bunch an tell Sandy Mae to go into Demaris dreams and give Demaris doggie kisses now run and find Sandy Mae. Some good news I seen the Michigan University has developed a new drug the look promising to help dogs with HSA and may also help Humans with the same disease. Now go and run. Talk to you in a few days have others to join you group.
Winter Update, Hi Corona winter is here I just seen you pale Scooter and you both have Christmas Trees , visit each other and cuddle up to keep warm go run and give Scooter a big hug and kiss for me, Thanks for sending Rose she is just like you and licks Nate like you did and I know Nate loves her like she loved you,
October Update its fall now and I know its getting cool on the rainbow bridge at night so I included a candle to worm you up on the cool nights a lot of other stuff has been going on down here I will talk to you later when the snow flies go run and play with you friends
Nov 11 Update. Hi Corona and friends I just seen on Facebook its you new friend Maya BC Birthday so I bake Maya BC a Cake to share with Maya BC's friends, one cake on the rainbow bridge can go a long way like when Jesus passed out the fish to to thousands , after you all eat some cake go run and play.
August 23rd Update .
Hi Corona do you remember when you were starting to fell better from your ACL Surgery and we did the funny Barking Video with help from Maya - BC and her sister, on the computer with the Video Sisters. I seen on Face Book the Maya- BC passed over to the Rainbow Bridge, and I have received permission from her Mom to include Maya-BC on your Rainbow Bridge Site. The Gang and you are going to have to call out loud for Maya- BC to join the gang she is from across the World in Budapest Hungary. She can be a good addition to the gang and teach the gang dog tricks, She can catch Frisbee's . Remember when I tried to teach you to catch Frisbee's and you just sat there I even ran after the freebie myself to give you the idea what to do. You just wanted to run after animals in the back yard. I just thought of something who is going to throw the Frisbee. I have the answer just call out to Saint Francis he is the Saint for Animals. When you find Maya ask he to go into her moms dreams and give her dogie kisses so she know Mays is all right and she has a lot of new friends that will look out after her, And some nights go into her Moms dreams and dog Doggie Tricks. Now Gang go find Maya.
July 3rd Update 2018 its been One year today since you went to the Rainbow Bridge to be with you pall Scooter Thank for sending Rose a few weeks after you passed she is just like you I still miss you and will always carry you in my heart and you are in Rose, See you in the fall and have a fun summer with your friends on the bridge.

March 29th Update Hi Corona, Scooter and the Gang my dear Friend Barb received a call from her husband Dean that hr Cat Bismark suddenly without warning passed away at home, she just had to send Jerry to the rainbow Bridge now she lost Bismark, Bismark was famous greater cat at her Grooming Studio Bismark liked everyone and everyone liked Bismark, Hope you got Jerry into your group, now ask Barbs group on the rainbow bridge , Andy , Rusty Doodle, Arizona, Shayla and Jerry to call out for Bismark to join your group when you find ask Bismark to send kitty smooches into Barbs Dreams now run and find Bismark.
March 22nd Update. Hi Corona and Scooter and the gang. My Friend Barb just had to send her Sweet Dog Jerry the Rainbow Bridge his name is Jerry and was a rescued Champion Gray Hound race dog she only had Jerry 3 and 1/2 years but it was a lifetime of love in that short time. Jerry had a brain Tumor and had a few seizures , But Jerry did have one last race Barb was raking leaves all day and Jerry was running around in the yard racing with himself and winning each race, But the next day he had another seizure so she had to send him to the bridge, your job is to try to catch him and bring into your group you will not be able to catch Jerry yourself, he is too fast so you will need some help from his friends, get some help from his friends on the bridge, call out for Kitty Andy, Kitty Rusty Doodle, Kitty Arizona, Kitty Shayla, I know the kitty's are not fast enough ask the kitty's to call out for Barbs Jerry, And Call out for Barbs other Rescued Gray Hounds on the Bridge to join the chase. When you catch him ask Jerry to go into Barbs dreams and give her Dogie Kisses at night. Now go Run and find Jerry.
March 25th Update hi George we caught up to Jerry and we are all beat your right Jerry is fast he will be a perfect fit into Corona and friends along with Barbs other Gray Hounds if you do not mind we are not going to run and play until we get some needed rest, Jerry wore us out.
March 1st Update Happy Birthday Scooter share you Birthday Cake with Corona and Friends, Call out for our friend and Rainbow Bridge Volunteer Rose's kitty Paisley to join I for some Birthday tell Paisley Rose misses her and go into her dreams an give her kitty smooches. Go run and play, it will not be long for Paisley to have her own Birthday Cake.
Feb 25th Update Hi Corona I got your message to go to the Monday Night Candlelight Service I have not been on that for a while since I have been Busy with helping with support on the Hemangiosamcoam site. You put the message in my head to click Candlelight Service and on the first Screen was a dog named Buttercup that passed on Feb 19th I contacted her mom Tammy about adding Buttercup to your group of friends, Call out for Buttercup Tammy's girl to come into your group, You will like her with a name like Buttercup she has to be a sweet girl, but she has another side she is like you head strong, When she wants something she would argue with her mom until her mom gave in, Like When you seen a squirrel in the backyard you would be up on your hind legs and start beating on the back sliding door with your both front paws non stop until I let you out, I remember when I first rescued you, you beat on the door I hit you on the rear with the paper and it was like I was not there so I gave in to you. I know you were a crazy girl because the rescue shelter told me two other family's took you back to the shelter I said you would grow out of it, I took you anyway, You kind of grew out of it but that crazy streak was still there and pop out now and then see I just remembered another story you can share with your friends. Back to the job at hand. Her Mom Tammy misses Buttercup a bunch, go into her dreams and give her mom Doggie Kisses. Have fun with you new friend Buttercup. And also Bud had surgery Bud lost One half of his lower left side teeth and jaw bone, I was told they got all the cancer caught it early no Chemo needed. Now go run and Play tell you group next week March First Birthday Cake Coming. Go run and play.
Feb 16th Update Hi Corona, Scooter and Friends I just Found out on the Hemangiosamcoam site a cool dog named Joey passed on 12/22 Her Mom Longer misses her a bunch, Joey got sick like you happened quickly without warning. The Rainbow Bridge is a large place, since Joey passed in December you will have to call out for Joey to join your group of friends ( Also call out for The Pony and Big Sexy ) Joey also goes by those names, Joey is a Big Dog. When Joey arrives ask Joey to go into his Mom's Longer dreams at night and give her Dogie Kisses to say all is well on the Rainbow Bridge. Corona give a prayer for Bud he goes to see the Surgeon Monday for his cancer in his mouth at least its slow growing. I will keep you posted. Scooter Birthday is coming up march first, Lick your chops your gang will be getting a big Birthday Cake. Now go run and play.
Feb 06 Update Hi Corona Barb had to send one of her rescued Chickens to the Rainbow Bridge watch out for this one the Chicken name is Benghazi, Its a terrorist Chicken use to bully the other chickens. Show Benghazi the kinder side of the rainbow bridge, Show Benghazi what love is and call Barbs other chickens over on the rainbow bridge he is not alone, Now everyone go run and play.
Feb 02 Update I need more prayers for Bud the lump in is mouth is cancer ( the good news its slow growing and I caught it early ) I go in a couple of weeks to talk to a surgeon to have it removed and some teeth and jaw bone. Keep you posted. It must of worked I seen on Facebook that Spencer came into his mom Suzanne Dreams and thanks for asking Spencer. The only problem I have ask you many nights to come into my dreams but you must be having some much fun with your old bud scooter and friends. So call Spencer over I need to talk to him. High Spencer I going to ask you a favor will you ask Corona to come into my breams nd give me dogie kisses some night. I told my Dog and Cats groomer Barb I was going ask you, she said she is worried about me, lets see if it works, Now everyone go run and play.
Hi Corona and Scooter Jan 17th Up date sorry I am back so soon again you and Scooter and the gang ( Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Barbs Chickens, Barb is a Vegan she is now up to 30 rescued Chickens )Back to the job at hand sometimes I stray a little, but as you know I like strays. A new friend of my Kathleen just lost her dog Layla with Hemangiosamcoam she seams like a cool dog from the photos I have seen, show her around the rainbow bridge, she probable has her own friends up there too you can all get together and have a great time playing. And tell Layla to go into Kathleen dreams and give her dogie kisses she misses you and is crying. I just read my life with Corona I started to cry a little and some laughs too. Corona pay for bud I have not received the report from the biopsy yet. Go run and play.
Hi Corona and Scooter Jan 14th UP date sorry I am back so soon you Scooter and the gang has another dog to show around the rainbow bridge her name is Maggie she passed also with Hemangiosamcoam. She is from a big fur family like you, Dogs and cats. Her gang is going to miss her, Her fur dogs Yukon and Daisy, her fur cats, Fern and Hobbes, Her Mom Brandy and Dad is also going to miss her, When she passed she was at home like you with the family she loved, Send dogie kisses down from the rainbow bridge in there dreams. Now everyone go run and play. I have not herd about Bug's biopsy yet, Bud needs prayers.
Hi Corona and Scooter Jan 10th Up date You Scooter and the gang have another dog to show around and have fun playing with on the Rainbow Bridge his name is Spencer just like you Spencer became sick and quickly was gone tell Spencer to send dogie kisses down to his Mom Suzanne in her dreams she misses her bud very much. Also we need some big Dogie prayers for Bud I found a lump in Dogs mouth when I was doing the monthly teeth brushing, Bud had a biopsy yesterday, but the vet found another lump on his belly, You too had a lot of fun together, remember when you too got in the fight over a dead squirrel and I had to bite both of you on your ears to break you up. When I took you to the Vet for first aid my vet ask me If I had my rabies shot. Talk to you latter.
Hi Corona Jan 4th update. I just seen on facebook its Trixie's Birthday today I just baked a a birthday cake for Trixie and all Trixie's friends you all can share, the wonders of the rainbowbridge the cake will go a long way just like Jesus passing the loves of bread, send your Mon Rebecca you doggie kisses in her dreams she misses you. Say a prayer for Bud I take him to the vet today he has a lump on his bottom of his lip. Talk to you latter.
HI Corona Dec 8th Update one of you new latest friends on the rainbowbridge, Trixie Mom is missing her, this is Rebecca,s first Christmas without her tell Trixie to send Dogie kiss down to her, And Corona this is my first Christmas without you. Remember to go to bed early Christmas eve Santa will put something under you tree for all your friends to share. By for now you.
Hi Corona Dec 1st Update you have a new Kitty for You, Scooter and Friends to show around the Rainbow Bridge, This Kitty is close to home, Her Mom is Barb she is Nate and the Cat Boys Groomer, the Kitty name is Shayla, Barb rescued Shayla 17 years ago. Call out for Shayla to join You, Scooter and Friends on the Bridge, also call out for Shayla's welcoming party to great her when she shows up, Shayla's friend Kitty's on the Bridge, Arizona, Rusty Doodle, Andy and many more Barb rescued over the years. Barb just got another Rescue Kitty with a damaged tail, the tail is on the mend the Kitties name is Kale. When everyone shows up run and play and not biting kitties. I just up dated for Christmas I hope you like the Christmas Tree.
Hi Corona Nov 20 Update you have a new arrival to the Rainbow Bridge for You, Scooter and gang to show around her name is Sahara is she passed with Hemangiosamcoam and she put up a fight with her mom's Laura help and lots of love and had months of extra with her Mom, tell Sahara to send her love back down to her Mom Laura, Now go run and play have fun on the bridge, see you in a few weeks to set your site up for Christmas give scooter a hug for me.
HI Corona Nov 17th Update you probably had a god laugh at me back in the kitty room, I was washing clothes and heard a loud screaming behind me I turned around and maple was hanging upside down by his tail, On the post is a ball tied to a string, somehow he got his tail wrapped around it and the ball was tight to the tail. Lucky I was in the room and even luckier I was wearing a long sleeve sweet shirt, because he was trashing around and I still got a little slash on my arm, when I picked him up the ball released , The ball is gone. Next week is Thanksgiving I still miss you but have a lot to be thankful for Nate loved the New dog Rose you sent us, she is a crazy dog like you and likes to chase Nate around the backyard, Nate is too fast for her to catch, You were the top Beagle in the group, Now Nate the poodle is the top beagle the leader of the pack. I did have to break up a fight between Rose and Bud over trash I did not have as much trouble breaking them up as when you and Bud got in a fight over a dead squirrel, remember to break you too up I had to bight you both on the ears. Now go run and play.
Hi Corona Nov 6th Update. I was not planing to talk to you until the snow flies to set your site up for Christmas, But I have another big job for you to do, Another dog passed over to the rainbow bridge before her time because of Herangiosacoma Cancer, call out for Trixie she is a cool dog Scooter and you will like her, show her around the rainbow bridge, she put up a long hard fight, her mom Rebecca became friends with me on the Hemangiosamcoam face book site sharing information, we have something in common she is from Cleveland Ohio and I was born there, The only animal news here is the new dog Rose is having dental cleaning next month will have to have a few teeth pulled, who ever had her before did not take care of dental. Corona time to run and play with Scooter and Trixie. See you when the snow flies.
Sept 8th Update Hi Corona you have a new dog that just arrived on the rainbow bridge, call out for Lilly she is a sweet girl like you, Her mom Brenna and family misses her she put up fight, Have all you friends on the rainbow bridge pay for a cure for Hemangiosamcoma that the same kind of cancer you had and Lilly, Pray for John Hopkins Cancer Research center, they are starting Cancer research for animals, Have fun with Lilly and ask Scooter to join in the fun, Talk to you latter.
Nov 1 Update Hi Corona I have another dog for you to show the wonders of the Rainbow Bridge, His name is Panzer his Mom Cheryl misses him be great friends with Panzer, I hope Panzer likes Cats, Birds, and Chickens you have a lot of different animals to look after, Introduce Panzer to Scooter. PS the dogs still do not know there are 3 cats in the house, Please do not tell them as you know now.
Oct 30 Update Hi Corona its fall now its starting to get cool I hope you and the gang are OK on the rainbow bridge Thanks for sending us Rose Nate like her a lot is like you a crazy girl. And thanks for
sending us Rose is the perfect dog for Nate she is just like you I am starting to cry right now I miss you my Corona I love Rose but there is only One Corona you will always have a place in my heart, when I see Rose I know you are close. One day in the back yard Rose was in the back yard facing away from me, I was setting one the deck and I called out for Corona Rose turned around and looked at me for a few seconds, Rose never met you I think when she turned around it was You saying I am here in Rose, by for now, I have to go see Scooter now take a walk with me to see Scooter.
July 30 Update Hi Corona and Scooter I have another big job for you both to do call for Holly she just went to the rainbow bridge today she also had the same problem that sent my sweet girl Corona to the rainbow bridge today her mom Lindi misses her a lot, show Holly the wonders of the rainbow bridge.
Corona the 3 cats are doing fine, and Bud, Penny and Nate Misses you. I am not sure if its time Barb Nates Groomer has been Facebook tagging me on every Female Beagle in the County. But today I called her to call of the dogs. I was at your Vets office and one of the Vet tecks said her cousin was getting a divorcee and had to move in an apartment and had to place a 6 year old Female Beagle, and ask me if I was ready for another dog, I was not sure until I heard the Dogs name. My Rainbow Bridge Volunteer friend that I became E-Mail Friends with, her name is Rose the Dogs Name is Rose, I am sure you had something to do with it. I will get back to you tomorrow and tell you how it went.
July 29 Update Hi Corona and Scooter I have a big job for you to do call out for a new dog that went to the Rainbow Bridge today the dogs name is Oblio had the same problem the sent Corona to the Bridge show Oblio around the rainbow bridge and fave fun running around his mom Shelley misses him. See you latter love you Scooter and Corona the gang misses you Everyone loves the picture I picked for your URN.
July 20 Update Hi Corona you have a new friend is name is Murphy he is the Fur son of another rainbow Bridge volunteer the visited you rainbow bridge site her name is Carol call out for Murphy and be great friends his past was like Scooters hit by a car and fixed up and had a great life with a loving home.
July 10 Update Hi Corona thanks for helping me today at the Golf Course, the first 9 holes I was down by 5 puts on my bet with my teammate ( tell the big man upstairs its only for a coke ). When we were done for the first 9 holes I look up in the sky and ask you Corona for help, my friend has beat me 3 weeks in a row, I ended up One putting 7 of the last nine holes, I beat him by one put and had my lowest 9 hole round in 10 years I shot a 46, thanks Corona.
Another up date Debbie on of the rainbow bridge volunteers has had dog that went to the rainbow bridge on Scooters Birthday some years ago Call out for for Ginger, and become friends.
July 9 update Hi Corona you are getting a lot of new friends on the rainbow bridge I met Kevin and Shari on the Monday night candlelight service they had just lost there cat Archie, and they just told me that Archie's friend Audrey just went to the rainbow bridge; they live in Akron where I took you to the animal hospital for your test and they prayed for you to get well, we did have a good last couple of days going for walks in the park taking pictures of you. Their cats name is Archie have fun playing with Archie ask Scooter to help you figure out how to play with cats he has been doing it foe a while.
Hi Corona have a new dog to play with his name is Pedro his will be a great pall to you, also Invite Scooter to play with Pedro.
Hi Corona you have another Dog to play with on the rainbow bridge his name is Perseus have fun, I miss you a lot it you are not doing anything some night come into my dreams so I can take you for a walk again, or a ride in the car, I took Penny, Bud and Nate for a ride yesterday it was not the same to quite because you would bark the entire time, to make it sound like old times I barked, yes I did.
Hi Corona you have a couple of new dogs to play with River a Beagle, and Angle a nice fluffy dog you can cuddle up with at night to keep you warm, and ask scooter to play with them also.
July 8 update Hi Corona I know on earth you did not like cats, and when I adopted you from the shelter I was told no cats, The I got cats ( I think I just got my sign you are doing all right on the rainbow Bridge I just got my sign one of the three dogs just farted and it stunk ) I did end up with three cats and had to add an extra door in my house to keep the cats safe. You have you own cats to play with now, Clare and Martha from the Rainbow Bridge wants you to be friends with there cats Tasi, Katy, and BG remember on chasing or biting cats on the bridge but you can do your favorite play move a but bump that you did with the gang.
July 7 update. Hi Corona I know you are having a ball with your old pall Scooter, but you will have a lot of new friends you will meet, the first one is Bailey, Bailey Mom Regina ask me to tell you of Bailey, Bailey is like you who likes to be warm. I use to hear the furnace come on and you would be sitting in a chair, and I would tell you the heats on, you would run to the register o warm up, sometimes I would lay there with you. You would also cover up your self in the blankets.
My Life with Corona
Started in 2007 Easter weekend, I was walking my Beagle Scooter and found a stray Black Lab in a local park; the dog had tags, but was not going to be able to find out who was the owner until the dog pound opened the fallowing week. So I took the Lab home for the weekend and took for some rides I will go to Angles for Animals and try to fine Scooter a friend. I got the Lab back to the owner. I went to the shelter and met Corona. Two Families had adopted Corona and brought back, she was not mean just over the top with Energy, tore stuff up and was not really house broken. I told the shelter she was not coming back if she tears stuff up I will buy new stuff, she will grow out of it. I used Scooter to house break Corona by example.
And the first week at home it was love at first sight between Scooter and Corona, play, play, and play.
The dogs stayed in the Dining room when I was at work, When I got home from work she would be bouncing off the walls happy to see me. After I had her a year I had a big Scare I had a Sago Palm plant I had brought from FL a long time ago two others dogs never touched it, Corona eat it up and got very sick, I found out It was very poisonous, affected her liver I had to take her for Sub Q Fluids 3 times a week for 3 months. She fully recovered. 2012 she tore the left ACL had surgery, recently 2016 she tore the right ACL had surgery, before the surgery Blood Numbers were taken and everything was OK for Surgery. For the ACL Rehab did a home REHAD program. If you want to see the Videos of the Rehab go to YouTube ( George Feschenko ) and there is a Video of me giving a cat a bath. I ended up stuck with Maple and had to get two more cats to keep maple company. Nate's groomer got me the cats.
What happened was she and Nodules on her liver and spleen spleen and her liver failed it happened real quick, Corona did have 10 years of barrowed time she could have died in 2007 from eating the poisonous plant.
Hi Corona yes there are cats in your house, I know you know now. I got stuck with cats that's another story. Hi Corona did you see me today in the kitty room with Thomas on my lap waving up at you on the rainbow bridge at you.
On to the Funny Stuff
I was walking Scooter and Corona in Millcreek Park, I had to pee. Before Corona got good with sit stay. Scooter was sitting fine Corona was moving around, its hard to hold your thing with a dog moving moving around on a lease, so I put my foot on the lease to keep Corona still but what happened was the collar released so I had Corona's lease and collar and no dog she shot out of the outhouse- no doors. I had to think fast to get her back, so I shot out the door with scooter and yelled Corona do you want a biscuit, she was trained for recall for a biscuit, she came back I hooked the lease back up and felt a draft in my rush to get out of the outhouse I forgot to tuck something back in.

I just remembered another cat story. I just got home from taken ,Bud, Penny, Nate, and Corona for a ride. Bud and Penny was in the front seat, I had taken them in the house, Nate and Corona was in the back seat, I had put the lease on Nate and Corona, I had opened the door to get them out to take to the house, Corona shot out of the car chasing a cat across the street the cat ran to the house across the street into the shrubs, Corona ran into the shrubs too, they both went round and round in an out until I timed it and dived on the lease.Corona was always high speed low drag.
Scooter, Corona and I did a lot of years of walking in the parks.
Then I started to Finding Dogs that showed up at my house and my other dogs would say lets keep them. Four years ago or so two Beagles showed up together could not find the owner, Male and Female Bud and Penny. I found out Penny is highly food aggressive but Bud knows it, So I decided to keep them ( she would have been put down)
Penny went after Corona over some dropped food and got her ass kicked, So I put Penny in a crate and put Corona in the crate with her she was shacking, Corona licked her and said I love you but don't go crazy on me again. Solved the food problem feed all dogs separate in the house.
Then there was Corona and Bud got in a fight over a dead rabbit I threw over to my fence to my front yard, I forgot to get rid of. The next morning, Corona and Bud got in a fight over a dead rabbit they could to get to, I could not use a garden hose it's on the other side of the fence, because I got tired of chewed up hoses, So to break them up I mixed it up with them I bit them both in the ear, They know who is the Alpha Dog around here.
I forgot one a couple of years ago I heard some scramming in the back yard Corona was running around the backyard with a cat in her mouth, I save the cat it was ok I just had to go to my doctor for some first aid. The cat did not know I was trying to save its life. I would do it again.
Then I found a poodle that no one was looking for hair mated up full of fleas, Brought my dog family up to four, and I have also three cats.
I also have a not at home foster dog I am taking care of, a friend passed away and his wife patty had to move in a townhouse it her Daughter and could take her dog Sonny. I take Sonny to the Vets, And that is how I got Maple the Cat she could only take one pet so I got the cat.
Hi Corona have fun on the rainbow bridge with Scooter and all his friends, and the rainbow bridge Cats and birds are your friends no biting.
Hi Corona I gave you a Burger , Scooter has the fries you both can Share.

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