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Memories of Corky
March 22nd- Departure

Dear Corky our loved fat baby, today we departed and it has been very hard to cope with your arrival in heaven. Please know we mourn for your touch and your sweet smooth kisses that wiped our tears when we found out you had cancer. Its crazy isn't it Cork? Even though i doubt sending you to heaven when the symptoms weren't extreme, your short breathes and drooling paw scratching was all you needed to tell us you were in pain. I read stories of how a woman went to heaven and met her dog who showed her around. I hope we get to meet like that too. I may not be the first of the family to meet you, but I still can't wait :).
March 22nd will always be a day of loss, although times heals all wounds, i want you to know we still think of you today and forever. I don't think we'll get any other pets for awhile, but don't be jealous if any companions do enter our lives you will NEVER be replaced! I don't know what the future holds for us down here, me and mom may not feel to good at all for a long time and i hope you are there in spirit when we cry.

I will miss having you lay at the top of the stairs b/c you were too chubby and nervous to go down them and i cry every day and time i think of having to arrive home from school and have no one to greet we with kisses, or having to look over and you not on the air vent to cool off. It sucks ya know? I hope you can forgive me for crying so much and i pray you can hear us like we could hear you whenever you barked. We keep your fur and ashes in a small pendant, both me and mom so it's even!, because we love you. People at school may think its weird but i love you so who cares :)

I want to cry so hard right now, me and mom alike. Dad and Spencer don't show too much emotion but the second you died they cried like little babies you best believe it! We love you and watching you go in peace was insanely hard and i hope i'm doing the right thing when i cry or try to forget. Please forgive me pleasepleaseplease watch over us and don't forget all the songs we sung to you! Like when you started to go to sleep we sang the song to you ever since you were a pup! It went like this:

Dont forget the peepee, you smelled on your walk
The one on the corner, the one underneath the bush!
And dont forget the peepee, you smelles underneath that tree~
So dont forget the peepee, you smelled on your walk(walk!)

Its night night time for our corky, its night night time my love~
Mommy loves you very much~ and daddy loves you too(you too..)
Its night night time for my Corky~ mommy loves you very much
Yes its night night time for my corky! Mooommy loves, you, very~ much.much.muchmuch much!

I know its corny, but we love you and i do not care if it's weird. It means alot to you so we sang it every night and even when you went into Gods arms. We love you. Until next time, i love you and words will never be able to describe how much. I wish i woke up and this is all a dream, and i cant wait to go to heaven to talk to you again. I love you with all my heart and soul Corky you go night night and keep sleeping :) good boy.

My Journal :-)
Dear Corky, it has been only 2 days since your arrival in heaven at the Rainbow Bridge! I hope you were able to read what I wrote you and I still long for your little eyes to look up at me again. You were right, it really does get easier every second of the day. I will admit I loose it sometimes, but I know your burden of itchy skin is lifted of your shoulders. Anyways, me and mom are much better. My brother said something... he said he wished he could've said more before your presentation for God... Now if that isn't the silliest thing you've heard haha. I know you love him!!!. all the nights he let you sleep in his room so his fan blocked out scary noises. I pray you remember and treasure those moments everyday! and I pray you have met friends in heaven like those I pray for every night :-) We like to exemplify your little spirit as a hummingbird here on Earth! my brother even saw one bump into the window and sit of a branch, what a klutz! Also... the squirrel you chased slept on our fence today, he misses you even though he teased you soso much haha<3 Thanks you for all your signs of love ~ your loving family

Dear Corky, My heart still aches. I come through the front door and have that shock of remembering you are no longer at the top of the stsirs waiting for me. But i know you are with me everywhere i go now. Thank you for visiting me that night when i was in such pain. I find comfort now in watching videos and see pics of you. I am sp happy we all took a bunch of pics of you! Hey, you know that squirel you syed with is lovkng our nuts-he misses you too😋 You are my furnany forever and ever! I love you! Now go night-night😘

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