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Memories of Corky
Corky was my first dog. Yes, we had plenty of dogs growing up, but they belonged to all 5 of us siblings, and were taken care of mostly by Mom. Corky was all mine! I got him in 2004 when my sister Janet moved to Miami and had a dog of her own. I wanted a girl, but when Janet and I saw Corky we knew he was the one. Besides, girl dogs love their mommy, but boy dogs are IN LOVE with their mommy. And Corky was the love of my life! I always had cats because they were easier, and a dog does require more attention, but the love and attention they give in return is worth all the early morning and late night walks, all the trips to and from the vet, and all the worry about them when you knew you would be late and they would be waiting.

I knew that Cavaliers were prone to heart disease, and since my husband was a cardiologist, I thought it was a perfect match. I really didn't think he would get it, but he got his murmur at age 5. At age 10 I threw him a party for 10 of his canine friends at the club where we lived. We had a catered event - food for the canines from Doggie Bag Cafe, all homemade - and for the humans, dog inspired dishes from Ted Mendez the Chef at Grove Isle. There was an entertainer that came and sang songs from the Broadway play "Wicked" with her dog, and Corky's "Uncle Roberto", sang Happy Birthday as well as other songs. A professional photographer was on hand to take lasting photos of all the dogs, and I made a memory book through Apple that is now a great remembrance of my boy!

Corky was so beautiful that on our walks I was often stopped by people who wanted a photo of him. Many professional photo shoots are taken here on the beautiful island we live on, and many times the photographer asked if Corky could pose. He posed beautifully! Like he knew what he was doing and loved the attention. He was the cover model for Gladys Magazine & Fido Magazine, as well as being the spokes-dog for the Grove Isle Hotel. He was asked to be in many wedding photos, Quince pictures, and even played with Mr. 305 - Pitbull's children when they were visiting the restaurant here. Everyone loved him!

He loved to go to restaurants, and always had to sit in a chair. He ate with a fork - drank only from a glass when out at a restaurant, and sat quietly while the humans ate their meals. He was picky about food, often refusing treats if they didn't "smell" right. He loved Italian food, especially a good Heirloom tomato salad, but only with virgin olive oil, and like his Daddy, he loved bacon! And he loved his treats at home! He would go into Daddy's office many times a day to beg, went right under Daddy's desk and waited for his reward. When I picked up his leash, he ran to Daddy for his pre-walk treat, and when we returned he again trotted into see Daddy for his "I did my business" treat! While out on his walks, he often picked up the coconut seeds and would carry them home - he liked to pick the top off and then leave the bulk of the acorn like seed for me to pick up!

Corky had many "girlfriends" in the form of very large, sturdy stuffed animals, that he "serviced" on a daily basis. He had a healthy sexual appetite despite being neutered! You have not lived until you go to a toy store and ask for a "sturdy stuffed animal of a certain height"! Most people want cuddly stuffed animals, but they would not withstand Corky's weight - so I'd finally have to admit that I needed the stuffed toy for my dog to HUMP! Then when he was ready, Corky would bark to me and lift his eyes toward which girlfriend was the "flavor of the day", which I would then pull to the middle of the room for him to jump onto! Kinda like doggie-porn I know, but heh, he was all male! Daddy was proud of him - and I think a little jealous!

I knew my son very well, what he wanted and when, what each sound he made meant, and to my husbands shock, what he was saying or asking for! I knew when he was sick, or just tired. And at the end, I knew that he was telling me it was time to go. He slept on the marble floor in the hallway because it was cool, so on Monday night I put my pillow and blanket next to him and we slept there together. He put his paw over my hand and the look in his eye told me everything I needed to know. He was saying goodbye. Tuesday morning we got up, I put him in his stroller since walking was too difficult for him now, we took a stroll around the island saying goodbye to all the things and all the people he knew and loved, including the resident cat Fancy at the marina that always jumped out at him. Except that morning Fancy just sat under a car and watched him walk by - like she knew it was the last time. He sat in his car seat watching me drive as he often did, and his eyes said he knew this was the last ride.

I stayed with him till the very end with his head in my hands, and I kissed him over and over as he drifted off - like it was just another nap he was taking. Except it wasn't, and he's gone. My life is changed - first because I had him and second because I lost him. But the memories we made are there, for both of us I'm sure. And I will see him again at the Rainbow Bridge - and we will be together forever!

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