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8/17/14 Well little buddy it's been over a month since you went to the bridge and you are missed when I'm out in the yard I keep looking for you to come running around the corner to see me and mom keeps waiting for you to come lay by her every morning I know that you have a lot of friends there and that you go chasing butterflies everyday and that your legs don't hurt any more and that all of your pain is gone we love you and miss you everyday daddy loves you.
8/27/14 Well little guy I hope that you are having fun and running around with all of your buddies and I hope that you can teach them some of your little tricks, Princess still looks for you all of the time and when a light breeze goes by we say hello Comet as I know you are still checking on us I know it's been a while sine you started your journey and the time will come when we will all together again and knowing at that time it will be forever, mom and I miss you so much and love you so.
9/13/14 Well little buddy we are moving to a new house and I know that you would love so, we got a new puppy his name is Boo Boo and I know that you are watching over him to make sure that he don't fall like you did, I hope that you have all kinds of friends there and that you play all day , you will never know how much we love and miss you, Princess still looks for you too. We love you Comet
9/27/14 Well little buddie I retired on Thursday I so wish you were here to share time together as I was so looking forward to be home with you all of the time, but I guess God had other plans for us. I think about you every day and I know mom does too. Boo Boo has your old toy "fluffy" and he will not let anyone play with and he sleeps with it every night. OK little one we love you and miss you but I know you are better where you are.
04/24/15 Well little buddie we have moved to a new house I know you would love it here, little Princess still misses you very much as do mom and I, BooBoo still has your little fluffy and he is very protective of it, you know in the short time you were with us you really left your little paw prints on our hearts and never will we forget you.
07/03/2015 Well little one it will be a year tomorrow that you were taken away from us we miss you so much and little Princess misses you also you left such an impact on everyone and you were one popular puppy, with those big brown eyes and that great big heart of yours, you used to love going bye-bye in the truck and when we would get home oh how Princess would scold you for not taking her. Mom is so sad she misses you so she just sits and thinks about you all the time as do I. Please take care little one as we will meet again and we will have fun forever in heaven love you Comet. And every time I see a rainbow I know you just on the other side watching us.
07/03/2015 COMET I love you with all my heart and soul I know your in a better place but comet life is hard without you we were so close to me and always was there for you, Mon cannot say that I remember when we seen each other for the last time your big browns eyes starred at me because Comet Mon will always be looking up in the stars and know my comet is there. You loved me unconditional you were more than my dog you were my bud. Tomorrow will be a year my comet died and is truly missed you did no wrong but comet I will always remember the times we shared and you brought the dish to me when you knew it was time to eat and we would sleep under our green blanket and when I had the kids you got up with me. Comet have a fun time you will never be forgotten but we will meet again Love your Mom and friend , I will be looking up for you every night in the stars love you and miss your mom and best friend.
10/14/2015 Well little buddy hows things at the bridge I'll bet you have a lot of new friends Wendy's fur baby Sage crossed over the bridge on Monday he was so very sick keep an eye out for him and you can show him around we miss you so much Comet and you are always with us and love you so much.
12/23/2015 Hey my little one how's it going we are fine here just getting ready for Christmas oh how I remember you loving the tree and all of the kids when they would come around we miss you so much and think of you everyday we love you and Merry Christmas Comet, there will never be another you.
4/5/17 I know its been some time that I haven't written to you Comet but we never forget about you we think about you everyday and when it rains and the rainbows come out we know that you are looking down at us with that loving look of yours and those big brown eyes we miss you little one and love you.
5/20/2018 Comet we miss you so much, every time it rains and there's a rainbow we say comet is here to visit I can just see you up running around with your pals Princess is doing fine so is Booboo and Charily mommy miss's you so much we talk about you every day Love you Comet you will never be forgotten
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