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Memories of Cody Lynn
Cody gave the word "love" a whole new meaning, truly my heartdog. The gentlest creature this side of heaven.I can still see her running after her frisbee and tennis ball, playing with her brother, Gunnar, swimming at the lake. Cody kisses for all who met her. Therapy dog, agility, obedience, but she excelled at just teaching the meaning of love. Her determination beat lymphoma, only to be taken by an embolus, so suddenly, but not without her trademark kiss goodbye. I don't think my heart will ever mend after your loss, my beautiful girl. Know that you were loved beyond the limits of human love. If tears could build a ladder to heaven, you would be in my arms again.
You are forever with us -- Love your Mom and Daddy
Today, my precious girl is Tuesday Nov. 13, 2007. You have been gone four weeks today. This is not getting any easier as so many have told me, time will help. I miss you so, my heart just aches to have you beside me just for one more moment. I pray you are happy and watching out for all your new friends. I think sometimes you are telling your brother Gunnar, that you are O.K., he is picking up a lot of the things you used to do. I still see you playing in the leaves, chasing your frisbee and tennis ball. You are always in my thoughts and in my heart sweet girl. love you!!
Dec. 11, 2007 --8 weeks today you left us. When will this ever get better my girl?? You are so very special. Your paws will forever remain on my heart. Please be sure to take care of Corky and don't let him scare you. Always your loving Mom. Kisses and hugs.
Dec. 25 - Christmas Day. i never thought this Christmas I would be without you my baby girl. It has been 10 weeks today since you so suddenly left us. My heart aches for just one more of your sloppy Dobie kisses. Merry Christmas baby - always you are in my heart!! Love -- your Mom
March 30, 2008--
Hi Sweet baby Girl, Tuesday, April 1, will be 24 weeks since you've been gone, I still can't believe it. It seems like you kissed me goodbye this morning! A little Dobie girl, named Katie found her way to us, very sickly as you were when you were a pup, although I was hesitant in bringing her home, something in her wide brown eyes, was so you. She is only 10 weeks old and in need as you were. The hole you left in my heart will never heal, but Katie is making her own spot. She may meet you at the bridge, if I can't help her my love, please take care of her, but she is a fighter as you were. Gunnar misses his sister terribly, I'm hoping Katie helps his grieving. There are others, that much is true, but they be they, and they aren't you. Please put your golden wings over her and take care of her. You taught me so much about love and kindness - hopefully I can share that with Katie Lynn. Much love to you my sweet - -- your candle is always lit for you - find your way home to me--

Love your Mom

5/15/08 Hello my beautiful girl, you've done your job so well and have taken care of your new little sister Katie. She is doing so much better. She has so much of you in her - it seems your spirit shines through her big brown eyes - just like your eyes. I swear sometimes I think I'm looking right at your soul. Am I?? I miss you so -- we are making a garden in the back just for you. We bought a beautiful white rosebush named "Honor" - how befitting for such a beautiful girl and we're placing it at the head of your rememberance stone. You will always be with us my love.
Shine bright my sweet girl - love Mom

9-20-08 Happy birthday baby girl. You would have been 8 years old today. We tried to make it didn't we? Just know my love for you has never changed and you are always in my heart and thoughts. I miss you so my dolly. You are the love of my life - Mom

10-16-08 Good Morning my love. Today, is one year since you suddenly left us. The hole in my heart remains, without you here to fill it.I know you are happy, but I miss you so, the ache just never goes away.I still can't believe I cannot reach out and just touch your beautiful face or kiss that sweet black nose. I know we will meet again one day - I hold on to that. i will love you forever-you are always in my heart. just one more kiss my love. I would do anything for that, my sweet beautiful girl. I hold you close in my heart everyday. Be good, fly free and happy baby girl.
love always - Mom

9-20-09 Hello my love. Today is your ninth birthday. You should be here playing with your new little sister and Gunnar. You would love Katie - so much like you in so many ways, yet so Katie. We went to the lake, and I still see you swimming and catching your beloved frisbee and tennis ball. I feel you all around me, not a day goes by that I don't think of you a hundred times. You are, and always will be "My Sunshine." Always in my heart- Mommy

10-16-09 My sweet, sweet girl, today is 2 years since you so suddenly left us. My heart is still broken, I know never to heal, the tears just flow with no end. I miss you so. You were and always will be my forever heart dog. Funny, the word "dog' doesn't even fit you. We did so much together- forever gone. You were my best friend, better than any human friendship. You live in my heart and memories. Love you my baby- til we meet again-- Love Mom

3-24-10 Hello my baby girl. Rained like crazy here today.The brook is overflowing. I'm sure you are looking down and yelling at Katie to get in there in swim like you did. I can still see you. What a joy you are!! I lay down to sleep at night and always my thought are of you laying next to me. That paw of your always hitting me for more "pets." I miss you so. You know I love Katie and Gunnar, but there is only one Cody Lynn. i just wish this hole in my heart would heal a little quicker-you really punched a hole in it. One day I know we will all be together again, in the mean time, just know how much I love you. Be happy Princess!
Your Mom

10-16-10 Hello my Dolly, 3 years today you left us. my heart is still raw from that day. I miss you my love! Not a day goes by that I don"t think of you. I guess you are truly my heart "dog" I hate using that word for you - you were so much more. No other will ever take your place. Sleep well my baby girl. Always in my heart -- your Mom

9-20-11 Hi my sweet baby girl. Happy 11th birthday. I still miss you so. Not a day goes by that Daddy and I don't speak of you and what a wonderful girl you were. You are still so much a part of our lives. Everywhere we go - you are there. Be happy running in those beautiful fields. I know one day we will be together again.

Love you always

10-16-11 Hello my baby girl. Four years ago today you spread your angel wings and flew away. I miss you so. It only seems like yesterday. Everywhere I go, I see you. I know that you are still with me, I feel you everywhere. You really punched a hole in my heart. You fell through that hole and into heaven. I love you my dolly, stay happy and well. Mom

10-16-12 - Hi sweet baby. i still miss you as I did the first day you sported those wings and left me. There is not a day go by that I don't think of you or "see" you romping and playing with your frisbee. I just can't erase that ache - Maybe it's a good thing - because I know you were real. Five long years without you - just unbelievable!! I just wish I could get one of your sweet Dobie kisses.

I love you my dolly. You were and always will be "MY sunshine."

Love - your Mom

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