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Memories of Cody Hershel
It all started as a little joke. We already had 2 cocker spaniels at home (Wilbur Bud and Beulah Belle) and my husband, Bill, was pestering me for 9 months to rescue another dog when we finally got Buster Elmer. Bill agreed that after we picked up Buster that he would not pester me again. Note: even though Bill was the one who wanted the additional pups, I take full responsibility for everything (health, wellness, being with them all day,....)It took about a week before he (Bill) started in on rescuing another cocker spaniel. This time I thought I would play with him and agree and the plan was to tell him I was joking at the last minute. Well, that didn't happen and we found ourselves driving up to Flushing, NY to pick up our little Cody. Cody was given up to Abandoned Angels due to his "father" becoming ill. I think he came from a good home since his "mother" was calling the rescue organization constantly find out his status and he also had a Coach collar. We picked up our sweet boy about 1 month after his 3rd birthday and took him around NYC and out to an outdoor cafe prior to taking him home to his 3 siblings. The transition went well, too! Having all 4 puppies together was the best. They all got along and Cody was such a special (and handsome) part of our big cocker spaniel family. Life was beautiful for all of us. Cody also had a very special relationship with my father, who passed away July 18, 2013. Whenever my father was around Cody would not leave his side and my father would sit there petting Cody for hours. I hope that my father is also at the Rainbow Bridge hanging out with Cody, along with his siblings Buster, Wilbur, Betsy and Friskie.

Cody Hershel only wanted to be loved, never fought with his siblings and wherever I was, he would surely be by my side. All was going well with Cody until July 2012 when he suddenly developed glaucoma. We took him to a specialist immediately and treated and monitored it but he finally lost his sight fully about 8 months later. Sweet Cody, we tried everything to save your sight and you were such a brave boy. In the meantime, I took him for his 6 month wellness checkup and, out of nowhere, we found that he had Insulinoma (pancreatic cancer). How could this be!!!! First, it was Beulah who had a mast cell tumor that was successfully treated and she's been clean for 5 1/2 years, then Buster with his oral melanoma, then Wilbur with renal cancer and now Cody. With all the micro-managing of their health this was totally unbelievable. Our local vet, all of their specialists, everyone could not understand this. But, we did everything and Cody was beyond amazing and was fighting this all the way. We managed his blood levels to keep the cancer at bay, along with making sure his eye pressure was down with additional meds and pills. Coincidentally, his grandpop was taking the same glaucoma meds, too! If that wasn't enough, he also had serious ear/skin infections and anemia. So, we were treating all and, as long as he seemed happy, cuddly, eating, wagging his tail and not in pain then we will continue to do everything that we could. The question was always quality of life and when he wasn't eating and the appetite stimulator wasn't working and he was sleeping all day and night we did make the heartbreaking decision that it was his time to see his brothers and Grandfather up at the Rainbow Bridge. The last thing we wanted was for him to be in any pain, and that was probably going to happen next, and there was nothing else that could be done.

On November 2nd, 2013 we took him to our vet and he went to sleep in my arms.

Cody Hershel was a boy who only wanted to be loved and to give love back! I hope our forever home, and all of us, made you feel happy and safe. You were, and will always be loved more than you will ever know. You were my Mr. Grumble-Grumble-Grumble and you will always be in my heart and with me forever.

November 2, 2014

I can't believe that it's been a year since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you everyday my sweet little Velcro boy. I miss your waggily tail, your sweet disposition and gorgeous face. I hope you found Grandpop Lenny and, I'm sure, he was waiting to give you lots of tummy rubs. Please look out for Grandpop Sonny. He just arrived a little over a week ago. I know daddy, Beulah and Elmer miss you and we have a new boy, Louie Wilco, named after you and Wilbur. Please look after him, Buster, Betsy, Friskie, Pete andBuddy.

Love you always and forever!


February 11, 2015

My Cody-Cody-Cody,

Today is your 13th birthday and I wish you were here so that I could you you a big hug and lots of kisses. I hope you are having a party with Wilbur Bud, Buster Elmer, Betsy Belle, Friskie, Pete and Buddy AND your Grandpops Lenny and Sonny and Grandmom Beverly. I miss you more than you will ever know.
ps, please send positive thoughts for Beulah's surgery tomorrow and her few health issues. XOXO.

Love you always and Happy Birthday!!!

Nov. 2, 2017

My sweet Cody Cody Cody,

Even though it's been 4 years since you crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, you still remain in my heart everyday. I miss your wiggle butt and sweetness. One day we will be together again!!!! Love and miss you always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

My precious Cody Cody Cody,

It's been 5 years and I think about you everyday and will forever. I hope you spend your days with Grandpop and now Grandmom. Please take care of them, along with Buster, Wilbur, Beulah, Betsy, Pete, Buddy and Friskie. I'll love you always, my special little guy💔💔💔💔💔


Please also visit Buster Elmer and Wilbur Bud.

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