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Memories of Cody
After mom and I lost Ranger I had contacted Sandy Bullock to look for a puppy
that looked like Rangie. When she e- mailed me that she had found one I couldn't
wait to get to Greene,NY to get him. After taking one look at you I didn't want
you, didn't
Need you and wanted to walk away without you. Looking back at all those years
you were with us, I realize I would had made a huge mistake. You were Cody but
we always called you Coby. You were one of the fabulous four that we had. There
was BEARIE, RANGIE, and MURPHIN, All of you were wonderful little fur babies.

You were the most loyal, trustworthy friendly little guy. When you took sick, I
just didn't want to face facts that it was so serious. What we thought was a
kidney and bladder infection turned out to be cancer and even with the surgery
you had Icouldn't save you I was devastated. I couldn't believe that I was going
to loose another of my babies. I was crushed. And mom and I did what we had to
do to make the end as pain free as we could. As I held you and you drew your
last breath and I told you how much I loved my CODY, I knew you had left us to
be with your brothers.
I look back at all the fun times we had. You am MURPHY chasing the ball.
How MURPH would run ahead to get the ball and lay and wait for you to get there
and then run back just fast enough so you couldn't gat the ball. When MURPHY
dropped it you would dash in and scoop it up and run off and lay down and chew
it happily. I often think of all the great times we had and then get teary eyed
at the thought of you being gone from us forever.

We will always remember you as one of the best and will remain in our hearts
with your brothers. Cody Mom and I will always love you as we love all of your
brothers and be with us forever. Rest in peace my baby the disease is no longer
and you can run free Yellow Dog with Bear, Range, and Murphy forever

Love you with all my heart


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