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Memories of Cody
Hi Cody! It's almost Christmas. I hope Santa brings you what you want under your tree this year. It makes me happy to know you and Taffy will be having Christmas together once again. We miss you both very much. We did get a new puppy, and she acts just like the two of you; sweet like your sister Taffy, and a little crazy like you, Cody. Boy, do we miss you guys. We all were in our prime and had some really amazing times. I love you, Cody. Merry Christmas. Love Mommy.

Hi Cody, it's mommy and daddy here. We are still missing you too. You haven't been forgotten. I hope you and your sister are enjoying being together again. We miss you both so, so, so much. You two really were such a huge part of our lives. Our best times are with you guys on vacations and things. Go have a Frostypaw ice cream with your sister and know that we love you both very, very much. Talk to you soon.

Hi Cody, as you know, your sister Taffy just joined up at the Bridge. I bet the two of you were so happy to see each other again. Mommy and daddy are just so, so sad now, though. There's always been a dog here in our home, and now you're both up in Heaven. We are really struggling, Cody. We loved you both so very much, and this house is just too freaking quiet without you two. I know you're taking care of Taffy and showing her around the Bridge, which puts a smile on our faces, but it's still so overwhelming to know we won't see your shining, happy faces again until it's our time to go to Heaven too. Please take good care of your sister, and I know she will take care of you too. Man, this is hard. Cody and Taffy, the two best dogs ever!! Still missing you everyday, and now we will forever miss Taffy too. Love you, Cody. P.S. Your sister has her own webpage so we can still talk to her too. Love you, Cody. Talk to you soon. Mommy and Daddy.

Happy Birthday, Cody!! We love and miss you. Have a wonderful birthday up at the Bridge. xoxo Mommy, Daddy, & Taffy.

Hi Cody. We miss and think about you every single day. Popo is up in Heaven now, so be sure to be a good boy and give him some extra love. He loved you very much too. Now you two can play ball indefinitely. :-) We will check back in with you soon. Love you, Cody boy! Mommy, Daddy, and Sister

Hi Cody, Merry Christmas, my boy. We might not visit as often, but you are very much part of our daily thoughts. Love and still miss you like crazy. Love mommy!

Happy Birthday, Cody. You would have been 16 years old today. Wow! We miss you so much, little guy. We were on the boat this weekend, and it's not the same without you. Your sister still loves boating, but she really misses her big brother to splash around in the water with and chase the Frisbee. Love, love, love you, Cody. Have a nice birthday. Hugs and Kisses. Love mommy, daddy, and sissy.

Still thinking of you each and every day, Cody. Love you forever! Mommy!

Happy New Year, Cody. Christmas went by way too fast. Your sister sends her love. We've been thinking about you a lot,especially when we just see random tennis balls on a walk or something. We just know you're thinking of us when we find one. It's so funny, too, because they are always in a random place, which is why we just know it's you talking to us. You're still our number one boy, Cody. We miss and love you very, very much. You're all ready for the Super Bowl game now with your recliner, blankets, and yummy popcorn. We'll be back soon to visit for love bug day. Love Mommy!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Cody. Yippy!! No peaking at your presents, little one. Your sister sends her love. She is doing well. Her poor legs aren't what they used to be, but she is doing real good. Miss ya like crazy. We decorated the house and your little place has fresh snow....❄️☃❄️🎄Love you, Cody. We will be back soon say say hello. Hugs and kisses. 😘❤️❤️

Hi Cody! Wow, I haven't visited in a while. You have not been forgotten. You're actually thought of everyday. Your cute little urn is center stage on the fireplace mantel. We see and talk to you every day. We went on the annual trip to Oak Glen to pick a pumpkin and get some yummy apples. Your sister got to ride in her wagon for part of the hike. It was so cute. She needs her wagon sometimes because she's getting up there in age, which is just so heartbreaking. I love and miss you soooo much, Cody boy. I left you a Jack-O-Lantern and stuff for Trick or Treating... I will be back soon to change up your decor for Turkey Day. Love, love, love you!! Mommy

Happy Birthday, Cody boy!! Daddy, sister and me just wanted to tell you how much we love and miss you. We are leaving you some yummy snacks and toys for you to enjoy. Love you and miss you like crazy. Have a fantastic birthday up at the Bridge. Hugs and Kisses. Mommy!!

Hi Cody. Mommy is missing you so much lately. The whole family has gone completely bonkers since you've been gone. Yes, more than usual. I hope you had a nice Easter up at the Bridge. Your sister is starting to slow down a bit, but she has her own special wagon that daddy painted especially for her. It's black with hot pink rims. It's really cute, and she likes it a lot. We've had to use it a few times. I'm not ready for her to leave me and go to the Bridge too. I know when the time comes though, that she will be in good hands with you and your fur friends. Her little legs are giving her some trouble, but we are doing our best to keep her healthy and strong. She got a clean bill of health from the doctor, but he said she was just getting old....no!! I can't take it. I can't live without both of you. Oh, boy. Okay. New subject. So we got you a new piece of furniture for your urn. It's so nice. It's actually a fireplace combo type thing. Your urn looks so pretty sitting right in the middle on top. You're the center of attention, as always!! LOL. Okay. Well, mommy loves you and will be back soon to visit you. Love, love, love you!! Muah!! Hugs and Kisses.

Hi Cody. Missing you still. Taffy enjoyed her birthday very much. She got a new heart-shaped toy and some yummy treats. I can't believe she's 11 years old now. Oh, how time is flying by. All of us think of you daily and you're in our hearts. We love and will be back soon to visit you. Hugs and kisses, mommy!!

Hi my little Valentine. Happy new year too. Geez, so much time has passed and yet your absence is still having a serious impact on us. We miss you so much, Cody. You know it's Taffy's birthday this month, and she's going to be 11...oh, I'm so sad. I lost you when you were 11. She is doing well, just slowing down on her walks, but, overall, she's very good. I can't bear to lose her too. I wish doggies didn't have such short lives. It's just not fair. Well, I hope you're doing real good up at the Bridge, my boy. Love and miss you. Xoxo Mommy

Hi Cody! Just dropping in to decorate your place for Christmas. We missed you here when we decorated the house. Sister has her jingle bells collar on and I have yours hanging from my rearview mirror so you're with me every day. Now, no peekin' at the presents. We will be back to visit you on Christmas, my boy. We love you so much. Xoxo Mommy

Happy turkey day, Cody. We had a yummy smoked turkey. Daddy sends his love and sister too. We all still miss you so much. We will be back to visit real soon to decorate your place for Christmas. Love and miss you, Cody. Xoxo Mommy.

Yikes!! I'm so sorry I haven't written to you, Cody. A lot has happened since your birthday. Grandma Shirley got really sick, went in the hospital, and then passed away on August 5th. It's been a sad couple of months. Then we had a major issue here at the house that has led to the front bathroom being completed redone. I can't wait for this year to be over. Taffy wanted me to be sure to tell you how much she loves you and misses you. She always sniffs your urn to say hello to you. We may not have written to you, but you have been on our minds. It's almost time for Oak Glen and the pumpkin patch!! Remember how much fun you had up there, Cody. Oh, and you probably already know this, but Rocky Duke has gone to the Bridge too. His parents had to let him go to the Bridge because he was very old and sick. I told them that you would welcome him to all your fur friends and that it would be okay up at the Bridge. Oh, Cody, life is crazy right now. Missing you and loving you every day. Love you so much!! Hugs and kisses, Mommy

Happy Birthday, Cody!!! Oh, my little beauty, I still miss you like crazy! Daddy and sister send their love and birthday wishes too. We will play some smash ball in the pool this weekend to celebrate your special day! Wish you could be here. Have a wonderful day at the Bridge with your other fur friends. Love you, Cody! xoxo Mommy!!

Hi Cody! I'm sorry I haven't written since Easter. Crazy things are happening down here. Your Uncle Wayne moved to OKC with your Grandpa Larry ... crazy! It took an act of congress to get him on the plane, but he's finally there and things are settling down. So Mr. Cody, it's your birthday month!! Mommy will never forget your birthday. I am going to leave you some presents, but you can't open them until the big day. We will visit you again on your birthday, my little angel!! Hugs and lots of kisses!! Mommy!

Hi Cody boy! Happy Easter!!! It's going to be a lovely weekend down here, and it's probably even better up at the Bridge! Are you planning a treat hunt for tomorrow? You always loved that game on Easter. We are planning one for your sister with some Beggin' treats; oh, boy, does she love those. Well, Happy Easter, my boy! hugs and bunches of kisses Mommy!

Hi Cody! Well, today marks three years since you've been gone...I can't believe it! We miss you so much, little guy. Still trying to get past the fact that you're not here anymore. Very, very, hard to let you go. Sister misses you too. She is doing a really good job guard doggin' us though. You taught her very well, my boy! Good job!! We hope you have an extra special day up there at the Bridge. Go take a swim in the lake and enjoy, okay. Love you and miss you!! xoxo Mommy!

Hello, my love bug. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We love you so much. Sister sends all her love to you. Check back with you shortly. Until then, we are leaving you some new toys and goodies. xoxo Mommy!

Happy New Year!! Hi Mr. Cody. Well, daddy hurt himself while riding while we were at the river for the holidays. He has a third grade separation in his shoulder; can you believe it? Ugh!! He is seeing a doctor and is healing very slowly. Thank goodness he didn't hurt himself more than that. Taffy and I are helping him get back to normal. I hope you had a better New Year's than we did. Still missing you and will love you always!! Love you, Cody! Mommy.

Ho, Ho, Ho ... Santa Clause is comin' to town, Mr. Cody. We just wanted to decorate your place so you could enjoy the Christmas tree. No pokin' or peeking at your presents before Christmas now. We love you. Be back soon. hugs and kisses. Mommy.

Happy Turkey Day, Cody. Mommy, Daddy and Sister are all here writing to you. We want you to know how thankful we all are to have spent such good times and our lives with you. We still miss you so much. Enjoy the holiday with your fur friends. Love you!! Your family.

Hii Cody. I switched your pumpkin back to normal during November. Very soon you will get some pumpkin pie...yummy. Talk to you soon. love you. xoxo Mommy

Boo! Happy Halloween, Cody. Daddy just carved our little pumpkin, so I thought I better carve yours too, so now u have your carved pumpkin. Taffy is excited to wear her costume tomorrow. she is going to be little red ridinghood, lol. Have fun tomorrow. Rember not to pig out on all your treats you get. Check in with you soon. Love ya!! Mommy!

September 2013: Happy fall, Cody. Almost time to go to the pumpkin patch and get some handpicked apples, yummy. Taffy sends her love and really misses you. She doesn't like to sit sit by the fire with us anymore because when the wood crackles, it scares her and her big brother isn't here to reassure herthat it's okay. We love you Cody and we will visit soon to carve your pumpkin, k. Xoxo. Mommy. ❤️

August 20, 2013: Hello, Mr. Cody. How ya doing up there? We are managing here. Taffy found a new game she likes to play in the pool -- smash ball. You would love it too. Daddy has really outdone himself in the backyard; you wouldn't even recognize it now. All new trees and plants. Although, both daddy and sister allow the crows in the yard; can you believe that? All your hard work keeping them away, and they just welcome them in, oh, dear. Daddy is right here. He wants me to tell you he loves you very much and misses you every day. I hope you're having fun with your fur friends up there. We love you and miss you. Talk to you next time. Hugs and Kisses. Love, your family!!!

July 30, 2013: Hi my boy! I waited until today to write because I wanted today to be extra special. You were my birthday gift when I turned 22 and it was the best birthday ever! Daddy can never outdo you. I wish you were here to celebrate with me today, but I know you will be celebrating up there at the Bridge today with your friends. Go swimming and have a blast for me okay. I love you and will never stop missing you. hugs and kisses!! ❤mommy!

June 20, 2013: Happy Birthday, Cody!! Good morning, my boy. I hope you have some special plans on this fine, sunny day. I'm sure you will be swimming in a lake and chasing after a Frisbee. Taffy will have a Frosty Paw for you later today (after dinner) to celebrate. Nothing too new down here, just life in general, but still without you. I really don't like not having you around. You were so funny; always getting into some mischief. I miss it. Well, I am going to go leave you some presents on your page. Have a wonderful birthday, Cody. I love you so much. xoxo Mommy!

May 7, 2013: Holy-moly, Mr. Cody, I had a heck of a time logging in; passwords are driving me crazy these days. How are things up at the Bridge? Life down here is still same ol' same ol'. We watched some home movies of you and Taffy this past weekend; brought back a lot of good memories. Taffy has been missing you too. I found her taking a nappy all snuggled up with your Christmas moose. It was too cute. Of course, it brought mommy to tears. Daddy and Taffy went for a swim last weekend and had a good time. The water was way too cold for me to get in, ha, ha. I was catchin' some rays instead. Well, I just wanted to check-in with you and let you know you're still in our minds and always in our hearts. Miss you, love you, wish you were here. Hugs and kisses!! Love mommy!!

March 19, 2013: Oh, Mr. Cody, 2 years have gone by and our lives are still turned upside down. We all miss you so much. Taffy misses her brother. She misses chasing you around the backyard and horseplaying with her big brother. I miss seeing your beautiful face and watching you play in the yard. Nothing is the same. I would do anything to have you back. You made all of us so happy, Cody. Know that you are still so very loved. You may not be here with us, but our love for you is just as strong. We think of you every day. Thank you for being our dog and teaching us so much. We love you. Lots of hugs and even more kisses. Xoxo Mommy!!

March 2013: Spring has sprung, my little pumpkin! Gee, Codes, is this going to get easier for us? We think of you every single day. You know, it's almost Easter. Remember when we used to hide the tennis balls for you to find ... good times. You always new where they were; that sniffer of yours was so good. Couldn't hide anything from you, no sir. I just left you an Easter basket full of goodies. Feel free to share with your other friends up on the bridge, okay. I love you! Mom!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! We all love u. Taffy sends her love and kisses. We miss snuggling with you on love bug day-- well, every day. Don't forget to give you fur friends a Valentine treat, okay. Hugs and kisses. Love mommy!!

Happy New Year!! 2013 is already moving at full steam down here, baby boy. How is life up at the bridge? Gosh, Cody, I still miss you like crazy. I can't believe I will never be able to cuddle and love on you, walk you, swim, anything with you ever again. It's just heartbreaking. We all miss you and look at pictures often. Sister misses you too, but I have a feeling she does enjoy that all of our attention is only to her now. She's such a silly little lady. You trained her oh, so well. We see a lot of Codyisms from her almost every day. Well, I will let you get back to your fur friends. I love you and miss, miss, miss you. Have a good night's sleep. Hugs and kisses! Love, mommy!

Christmas 2012- Merry Christmas, Cody boy!! Did you like all your presents? We sure hope so. I hope you and all of your fur friends had a lovely day playing in the snow chasing snowballs and just frolicking around. It's still no easy here, just more time that has passed without you here in our lives. We love you, Son!! Merry Christmas ! Love Mommy, Daddy, and Taffy (sister) . Hugs and tons of kisses!!!!

December 7, 2012: Hi Cody! Okay. Our tree is up; your tree is now up and decorated. It looks great! We put some presents under your tree ... no peakin' or snoopin' until Christmas Eve, okay. I trust you ... sort of. I will keep my eye on you...LOL. We still miss you and wish you could have been here to help us decorate our tree. Taffy and Daddy send their love. Talk to you real soon, Cody. Love you! Mommy!

November 22,2012: Gobble,gobble! Happy Turkey Day, Cody! Daddy, sister, and I wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and miss you very, very much. Taffy got some turkey and gobbled it up before you could blink, LOL. I hope you got enough turkey and goodies and had a wonderful day with your fur friends. Miss you like crazy....always will! We will visit very soon to decorate your place for Christmas....yay! Our favorite time of year;right, Cody. Ok, boy, time to relax. Have a good night. Hugs and kisses!! Love from all of us. xoxo.

October 23, 2012: Hi Cody!! Mommy is so sorry she hasn't visited. You won't believe the changes at the house. We did some serious remodeling, and we're now getting organized again. Anyhoo, we went on our annual trip to Oak Glenn to pick the pumpkin and our family hike. You wouldn't believe the hike now, Cody. They added to it and it goes for almost 2 miles or so back in there. We really missed you. We saw the apples you dropped down from the bridge along the hike. Thank you for that because I was crying because you weren't with us for our family trip. I knew you were looking down and with us because the apples certainly didn't belong there, so they had to come from you; right? Yes, that's what I believe. Ms. Taffy loved it. They added a section that you have to climb up and the steps are pretty steep, but Taffy was hopping up them like a little bunny rabbit. It was very cute to watch. So Taffy picked the pumpkin out this year ... you trained her well. She picked a nice one! Well, buddy, I just wish you could come back to life here with us. We miss you every day and it's not getting easier for any of us. We are coming up on the holiday season, and I just can't believe this will be our second one with our you, Cody. I don't like that. It's not the same without you. Taffy misses horsing around with you and buggin' you to give her part of your bone, and me and daddy just miss you period! We love you and miss you, Cody! XOXO Mommy!

August 10, 2012: Whoa, Mommy really is late this time. I'm sorry, Cody. Believe me, you're not forgotten down here; we were just talking/crying about you last night. Thank you for the nice birthday card from the Bridge, you are such a thoughtful boy. Sister has been swimming a lot this summer; it's a hot one. She misses chasing you around the pool and splish-splashing with her brother. Daddy is sooo busy this summer and needs a vacation; hopefully soon. I hope you're staying cool up there. I'm sure you have pools and lakes to keep you cool--remember your life-jacket so you don't drown, okay. Speaking of which, we retired yours and Taffy's orange vests and hung them up in Daddy's man-cave as tokens of the good times we had with the two of you at the River. So since we retired them both, sister needed a new one so we got her a hot pink one ... too cute. You're probably rolling those pretty eyes of yours about now, I'm sure. :-) Cody, can't you come back somehow? It's not the same here without you, it just isn't the same. I am going to go change-out your toys and give you some new things to play with until the next time we talk. I love you, Baby Boy!!! Hugs and Kisses from down here. Love, love, love you!! -- Mommy!!

June 20, 2012: Happy Birthday, Cody. Boy do I miss you. I still can't believe this happening. I wish you were still here with us. Sister misses having a buddy to play around and chase in the back yard. I hope you have a good time up there with your friends on your special day. Know that we think of you every single day down here. We are going to leave you some different toys for you on your page for you to enjoy. Happy Birthday!! Love Mommy, Daddy, Sister!!

May 26, 2012: Oh, boy! Mommy is late again...believe you me, you are not forgotten, Cody. It's been crazy busy down here on earth, plus a lot of drama. Taffy had surgery this week to have some fatty tumors removed. It really scared us when we found a lump on her. The surgery went great and the test came back negative for cancer...thank goodness. We aren't ready to let you have your sister yet, buddy. She is doing a good job keeping us going around here. How is life up at the Bridge? I'm sure you're having a blast with your other fur friends. You were always Mr. Personality so I'm sure you have a lot of good buddies up there. I love you! Talk to you soon. XOXO Mommy!

April 30, 2012: Hello, Cody. Mommy is late writing you this month, I'm so sorry. A lot is happening down here, but that's no excuse to be late writing to you, please forgive me. Daddy has really added a lot of new plants and trees to the backyard, you would love it! The big shade tree is gone now. We had to have someone cut it down because it's been super windy here, and we didn't want it to fall on the house. A lot of big trees have been toppling over onto cars and houses lately, and we didn't want that to happen, you know. I know you're watching over us still; I can feel your presence, please keep it up. We miss you so much. Talk to you next month! I love you! XOXO Mommy

March 19, 2012: Hi Mr. Cody! Mommy, Daddy, and Taffy here writing to you on your one-year passing anniversary. We can't believe a whole year has gone by...we miss you so very much, buddy! We didn't write last month, I am so sorry. Mommy went back to work and things got a little crazy around here. You were still on our minds though, every day you're on our minds. I didn't think we would survive one day, let alone a whole year without you, but somehow here we are moving forward. It sucks not having you here. Taffy has really stepped up around here and is really showing us how much you influenced her over the years ... some of her stunts are total Codyisms...ha, ha!! We love, love, love and miss, miss, miss you! Have a party at the Bridge today with your furr angel friends, okay. Until next month ....
Daddy, Mommy, & Taffy

January 18, 2012: Happy New Year, Baby Boy! Well, mommy passed her State exam the first time!! I know you're proud of me. I wish you were here to celebrate with us. I am really feeling your loss today. I miss you so much. It's not fair! I can't believe I won't see your beautiful face again for the rest of my life. You really mean so much to me. I hope you are having fun with your new friends up there. I love you!! XOXO Mommy!

December 25, 2011: Merry Christmas, Cody! Daddy and Taffy are here with me writing to you this morning. It's a tough Christmas with you gone and all. Not a day this month has gone by that your name hasn't been mentioned. Your so loved, my boy!! We will be heading to Grandma's house soon, and we saw Grandpa Danny last night for a wonderful evening. Grandpa sends his love too! We hope you have a Merry Christmas at the Bridge and that you get lots of presents like you used to here at the house. Taffy just opened her gift and is already trying to rip it up, sound familiar? Wishing you lots of love this special day. OMG ... our special Christmas song just came on right now as we are writing to you. Thank for showing us a sign that you are still with us. We love you! Merry, Merry Christmas!! Hugs and kisses! Love Mommy, Daddy, and Sister

November 26, 2011: Hi Boy!! We got our Christmas tree last night, and it was so hard to keep traditions going without you here. We were really missing you. Sister has her Christmas jingle bell collar on. We wanted to decorate your place too so we are getting your tree today and putting a couple gifts for you okay...no peeking before Christmas! We will be checking in on you often during the holidays. Love you, Cody!! xoxo Mommy, Daddy, and Taffy

November 19, 2011: Happy Thanksgiving, Cody! We are getting close to Christmas-time. This is going to be the hardest time of the year. I am going to miss you helping me decorate the tree and house. Taffy is acting more and more like you every day! We can't believe how much stuff she picked up from you, not all of it is good though...ha, ha!! Like barking at me when I get on the phone, bad habit! You always knew if you did that, that I would give you a treat to be quiet so I could have a conversation...smart, very smart. We miss you terribly. Sorry this is short, I have a cold and can't think straight. Muah! Love you, baby boy! Mommy!

October 20, 2011: Oh, Cody, mommy is a day late, not because she forgot, but because I had my CSR panel for school yesterday. I am so sorry. I fly up to Sacramento next week to take my State exam, finally! Did you know that you will be going with me? How, you ask. Well, mommy has a special necklace that has some of your ashes in it, and I wear it every day!! I feel much better about flying knowing you will be with me. Daddy and I have been missing you a lot. We dread the holidays this year. I don't know how we will get through them without your smiling face. We know your with us though; we feel your spirit all around the house. I love you, Cody! Mommy

September 19, 2011: Hi Cody! Today marks 6 months you've been gone. It seems like forever though. We are getting ready to go on our annual family trip to Oak Glen to pick apples and the pumpkin, and go on our hike. Since I don't have my hiking buddy anymore, Daddy and I had to agree that we would split the hike ... he get's to walk Taffy the first half, and I get to walk her the last half. All this comproming is for the birds. It's going to be so different without you there. I left you a bushel of apples to share with your friends. You always loved a good apple! Well, I don't have too much to say, exept how much I still miss you. You are thought of every single day and night. You're missed so much. I love, love, love you!! xoxo Mommy

August 19, 2011: Good morning, Cody boy! Wow, today is 5 months since you've left us. I can't believe it. We sure do miss you. I cry just thinking how I will never see your beautiful face in person again. It's just not right that you had to leave us. Your pictures are everywhere in the house for us to enjoy. Taffy is a real character these days; you trained her well...too well! She knows how to get what she wants,when she wants it. Hmmm, I wonder who taught her that ... ha, ha! We wouldn't have it any other way. We love you both so much. It's not the same around here without you though. Have a great day at the Bridge! Love you lots and lots! xoxo Mommy!

August 5, 2011: Good morning, Cody!! Mommy passed her test yesterday...finally! The only missing from the celebration was you. I found pictures of you sitting next to me while I was practicing away, it made me cry. Now it's down to the State exam in October. I know you will be with me and give me the strength I need to pass it the first time. Like Daddy said, "One and done." I am going to work really hard to pass it the first time. So have an extra cookie with your buddies at the Bridge today and splish-splash in the lake to celebrate. Love you! Mommy

July 19, 2011: Hi Cody! Wow, 4 months now...unbelievable. This could be the hardest one for me yet. You were my birthday present 11 years ago, and you know mommy's birthday is coming, and I just can't believe you won't be here with me to celebrate. Daddy knows he'll never be able to give me such a wonderful gift like he did 11 years ago, so he's pretty much wishing for a miracle that you'll rise from the dead ...ha, ha!! We wish!!! Taffy has really come into her own. It appears she was paying attention to what you were teaching her, who knew? She is even patrolling the yard in the middle of the night, barking, barking, barking, and more barking ... just like you used to do. Daddy and I still can't figure out what's back there that drives you both so crazy. Oh dear, we heard that your buddy Zeak came up to the Bridge too. I guess he couldn't bear to be without you either. See how many lives you touched, baby boy! I know you will take good care of your friend and will show him the ropes. Well, go enjoy the lake with your friends. Love and miss you like crazy! Love, Mamma

June 20, 2011: Happy Birthday, Cody! Today would have been your 12th birthday! I hope you have a very special day up on the Bridge. Daddy wanted to say thank you for his Father's Day card too. Taffy prepared a special one from the both of you, and it made him happy. Yesterday was also 3 months since you left us...how time just seems to fly by. You are missed every day. Taffy was even looking for you yesterday while she was out with Daddy on their regular Sunday morning playtime at the school. We will be thinking of you (extra) today. We love and miss you. Happy Birthday, Cody boy!
Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Taffy

May 19, 2011: Hi Buddy!! Well, it's been 2 months now. Still not any easier on us. Next month is going to be the hardest because it's your birthday month. Oh, Cody, Daddy and I would do anything to have you back. I know you're watching over us and communicating with us because of the way some things have happened around the house and on our walks. We thank you so much for those little signs. keep it up, please! Love you, miss you!! xoxo Mommy

May 6, 2011: Hi Cody! It's not any easier for me yet. I miss you like crazy. Taffy sends her love. She got a new "pink" lifevest for the summer to parade around in. She has turned into quite the little Diva. I pulled out your lifevest the other day... it was really hard watching Taffy swim without you for the first time. I miss you running "track" around the pool and barking for me to throw your ball in so you could jump into get it. I wish I could go back to the very first day I saw your gorgeous puppy face and just re-live the last 11 1/2 years. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you and have never stopped loving you, never will. Have a wonderful weekend at the "Bridge." Love, love, love you!
xoxo Mommy

April 24, 2011: Happy Easter, Cody! We did our annual "treat" hunt for Taffy; she found them all. You would have been so proud of her. We miss you and love you so much.
xoxo Mommy, Daddy, and Sister

April 18, 2011: Hi there, Cody boy!
Well, tomorrow will be one month you've been gone. Daddy and Taffy seem to be adjusting to our new life better than I am. What can I say, you touched my soul, Cody. You were just so human-like, so smart and witty. I miss seeing your georgeous face, and how you would tilt your head to listen just right when we talked to you. I also miss your little attitude you would give me when I would bring home a different brand of treat for you to try. You always made it clear you didn't approve of the change and to just stick with your Vitabones...I loved that so much! The way you would roll your eyes and sigh, just made me smile. You always knew what was being said to you too. I asked Taffy to go get Daddy the other day because I needed help-- just like I used to ask you to do; but instead of going to get him like you would, she just stood there looking at me with her beautiful eyes, like, what do you want me to do? I smiled and kind of laughed because I kinda knew she wasn't going to go get him. She is so adorable and is quite the little princess these days. We planted a new plant for you in your back yard. Hopefully it starts to grow real soon. I know you are happy up there playing with your new friends and are healthy again, and that's what is helping me through this. I will write to you again soon. I love and miss you so much, Cody. XOXO, Mommy

It's been almost one week since your passing, and Mommy, Daddy, and Sister (Taffy) miss you so very much, Mommy espeicially. The only thing I'm thankful for right now is that you are no longer in pain. I wish somehow I could have prevented your sickness, and that you were still here with me creating more unforgettable memories.

Oh, Cody, you brought so much joy to my life and made each day so special. You are the only "person" that never ever let me down. You just made life worth living! I miss your beautiful face, your bark, your smell, your touch, you! You touched me so deeply, and I am so sad that we are apart. The house just isn't the same anymore, and Daddy and I miss seeing your little face looking at us out the window wishing us off as we left to go about our day. You will never be forgotten, my son. You will be missed on every family trip so much. You made the trips extra exciting because of all the mischeif you would find or create.

I took Taffy on a walk around the lake by the doggie park yesterday, and she chased after the ducks, just like you used to. It was very different without you though. Taffy has been looking all over for you, and sends her love. (She's bummed that you aren't here to chew the end off the rawhide bone for her. Daddy even cut the end off for her, but even she knows it's not the same.)

This little residency page has brought me comfort in knowing that some day we will be together again, Cody. The kind words people have shared has also been comforting, and I want to thank everyone who has offered their kind words and sympathy for our family.

I will visit you often here, Cody boy. Have fun on the Rainbow Bridge!

I love you!

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