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Memories of Cody
You were an amazing dog.From the minute I set eyes on you I knew you were special. Full of life and always joy surrounded you. Your only need was to be near us. Forgive us for the times we didn't take you on vacation with us and had to leave you home. You were so loyal. You cared for us as your flock. You loved to chase those squirrels. Say the word "squirrel and your eyes lit up and your ears went up, you could hardly contain your excitment. But you never hurt any of them or any animal, except bees. One bit you once and from then on you would bite any bee you saw. You loved to run on the beach, in a field or around the yard. You ran like the wind. You loved your toys, expecially "baby". You carried it around with you wherever you went. You were even a hero on the night Nana fell and you woke us up so we could hear her yelling for us. She would have died if it wasn't for you. You and her always had a special bond.You loved the children so much and couldn't understand why they didn't want you licking them up. They didn't understand it was your way of mothering them. You would have been a wonderful mother.Our hearts have a huge hole in them. Miss you everyday, Cody girl. I see you in all your favorite spots around the house. We can't stop crying everyday. If we can hold on to the image of you happy and young and running around heaven with the Shepherd, that would make this so much easier. If we get another dog in our family it will be to honor your memory and give a homeless puppy a home like we did for you. Until, we are all together on the Rainbow bridge, Jenny,Willie,Clover,Boots,Mookie,Pepper,Blossom and you,stay happy and know we will always love you forever.
February 20th-3 months since we lost you.I still miss you every day.Hope you are happy baby girl. My Cody girl. Please let me know you are ok.
March 20th-4 months since we lost you. My heart aches as ever. Spring is here after a horrible, dark winter without you. Snow is gone. Flowers are beginning to come up. Why aren't you here.No one knows how much we miss you. Jake misses you too. I hope you are happy and know we love you.

March 20th - 4 months have passed. I think about you every day! Jake and I miss you very much. Daddy can't even talk about your passing. He misses you very much. My heart aches for you. For the touch of your fur and for your happy face greeting me. I can't believe this has happened. It shouldn't have you were just 13. And you were in such great shape before this disease hit you. I just can't believe this. Are you just dead or are you ok? Are you with the shepherd? I am going to make today your special day. I will be fixing up your spot and putting up pretty statues and plants there, (if I can).It will honor you because no one understands what a great dog you are and how much we hurt missing you.
Sept. 6, 2011 Its been 9 months Sweetie. I miss you so much. Its been hard for me this summer. I keep looking for you in the yard. You should be here. Where are you? I don't understand this. You should be here wagging your tail with that silly smile on your face and your beautiful blond fur shinning in the sun. I miss you every day. We might be getting a new pup, please don't leave if you see the pup. We need one. Please pray for Jake who is having a problem and we have to take to the vet. We can't do this again. Please help us. I feel you around me. If you can come back someway please try. Love to my Jenni, Willie, clover, Blossom, and Francis and all the others. I love you eternally. Mommy

November 20th. One year at the Rainbow bridge. Hard to believe that 4 seasons have passed. You left just when the last leaves were off the tree. Then winter set in and I spent most of the winter inside, crying everyday. I missed you so much. Then came the spring and in some way I thought I would see you again out in the yard somewhere. Crazy. I do see you everywhere. I remember you sitting with us and walking outside with us. So many ways. I have prayed that the Good Shepherd has you with Him and to my surprise the readings at Mass today were all about the Good Shephers. "The Lord is my Shepherd". We love you and miss you. Mommy

November 20, 2014: Four years later and today I am still crying my eyes out. It all brings back the horrible memories of your last day with us. I pray I never know a day like that again. We have little Callie now. She is a cutie. Please pray for her. She had to go to the vet today at the exact time and day that we had to take you. It was just too much for me. It was like reliving 4 years ago. I have your picture with me every day. I can still feel your soft fur and whenever I need to smile I think of you. Your sweet little face. Always smiling. Love you still. thank God Callie is ok. Please stay near so that I will meet you on the bridge someday. Please take care of our dear Jake, jenny, willie, clover, Blossom and pepper. We loved you all. Mom xxx000

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