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Memories of Cody
Over the years he has given much joy, unconditional love, while all the time maintaining his independence and a certain degree of aloofness. Over time we learned he was not just a good dog or even a great dog, he was a VERY SPECIAL dog. He will be sadly missed for a long time and always remembered. I have lost my best friend today.

We will always remember:

That he greeted everyone who came to the door with a bark and a wagging tail.

How he barked at the mailman every day and ran around the house and came for a petting because he chased him away.

When kids were in the pool he ran around it full speed and many times he cut corners short and fell in.

When we came home he would be so happy he wagged his whole body.

That he loved all the kids who came to visit.

How he would open the linen closet when he wanted to play, grab a washcloth and make Cindy chase him around the house to get it.

We would put all his toys in one place when cleaning house and he would follow behind and put each one of them in his secret hiding place. (Each toy had its own spot.)

How he always joined in at Christmas and was in the middle of gift opening. (He always received gifts and had his own stocking with his name on it.)

His kind, friendly nature to all -- people and other animals as well.

I can't ever remember him doing anything for which he had to be scolded.

His favorite spots to rest: under the table, in my easy chair, back porch and by the front door.

Every morning he would jump on the bed when the alarm went off and stick that cold nose in my ear.

The courage he showed when he was sick. He endured with never a whimper.

How he came and woke me up to say good-bye, he had me pet his head, turned so I would scratch his rump, then turned and licked my hand, went into the hallway and died.

I will remember forever the pet -- the scratch -- the lick -- the end.

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