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Memories of cody
Bouncing, joyful, wagging tail, loved 'treats' and 'cheese', opened doors wherever he wanted to go, ran like the wind and raced, jumped and turned with the speed of a racehorse, loved to play with his 'toy' (rope toy), stole food from the fridge and off the counter, hid his bones instead of chewing them, couldn't wait for the word 'walk'- jumped up and down and ran in circles when he saw the lead, sat and watched through the window for the car to appear at home where he greeted with love and affection, loved to lick noses, loved his ears scratched (and bum), adorably cocked his head to one side when you were talking to him as if he were thinking about what you just said, not so much a hugger but would snuggle close with a paw on your knee just so you knew he was there, would roll over and over to play, hid his pain and suffering so we wouldn't worry (but we still did), always nudged with his nose when you were trying to type -- just like now -- how much i miss him....

he was unfettered love and represented what it was like to be loved unconditionally ... and, somehow, he always knew when we just needed to sit together in quietness to make things all better...

what a gift he was to our family... thank you for the love you gave and for what will become treasured memories...love you cody...beyond words...from this world to the next...bye for now my best friend....run Cody run all over heaven...your family with love from Meemaw, Becca, Emily and Carol (and your California family, too) xo

~~~~ Thanksgiving 2009 ~~~~ We so miss our Cody... the one who always found a way to sneak a piece of turkey or tumble the pie on the floor and lick it up like nothing ever happened... we miss your mischief... we miss your companionship... and, we thank you for the ever-lasting smiles you bring back to us with the memories, along with the tears of just simply missing you... miss ya 'til we see that tail wagging back and forth with the excitement that billowed through you when you were happy. Thanks for teaching us love. We do love you....your family

~~~~~ 20 December 2009 ~~~~~ Cody, today it snowed and snowed, our December Blizzard. All I could see is you jumping up and down, ready to go out and bounce around in the snow or face directly into the blowing snowy wind and breathing in the winter. You loved the snow...just go out and plop right down like you'd found such happiness. I loved watching you play with sheer delight. And, then, always eating the snow. :-) Today, I miss you in a new way. We found the paw-print ornament that Becca cast last Christmas...isn't it something she did that. It brought a touching smile. We have you still in our hearts. We love you Cody....Does it snow in heaven? xo

~~~~~~ Christmas 2009 ~~~~~ To Cody...Aries came to visit and looked all over for you. It was nice to have your buddy visit but it only eased the pain a little of the times I missed you... your family took many minutes over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to share stories and memories about you. You are here in our hearts (and your Santa stocking is still by the fireplace). Thank you Cody for giving us happy thoughts that wash away the tears. Love, your family.

~~~~~~ January 2010 ~~~~~ Codylove....Its a new year and we held a space for you as the year began. Sometimes I want to hug you so much but I take a moment to know that you are bouncing about and almost smiling at a beautiful and loving faraway land. Peace my cody boy. A few nights ago I felt your sweet presence so strongly. Cougar and Cassie were beside me, by your fireplace, and just stared, then mewwed like they were saying 'you're onto something' - that's rare and unusual. Just had to smile. Well, MeeMaw turned 90 and said how much she misses you, too. Precious buddy....keep blessing us with feeling close to you when we are lonely. Love always...

~~~~~~ February 14, 2010, Valentine's Day ~~~~ Sweetheart Cody...i hope you feel the love coming from our hearts here and surrounding you in heaven.. How much I wish I could give you a big hug and play tug of war with your toy, then watch you bite a new bone as you prance into the living room to scarf it down. Memories boy... we have so much snow and wind was howling - you would've been face forward into all of it. Your spirit is here...thank you. love, hugs and kisses cody...

~~~~~~ April 1, 2010, Happy Birthday my sweet Cody....you would've been 13 years old today. Is every day like a loving birthday in heaven? Ahhh. Oh to just hug you. We miss ya boy. all my love, mom

~~~~~~ August 13, 2010, So many memories....dearest Cody-love, this summer we created with our love and affection, our "Cody's Memory Garden"....i hope you can somehow see it Cody...it has all kinds of flowers (the ones that you would usually dig-up) and a few little emblems of creatures that you would enjoy. Cody, this was the yard you played in and barked in and stood in, facing the wind as it blew on your beautiful mane. It will always be the space created for you... these days I miss you so much and its so hard to believe its been 9 months since you passed to a painfree and beautiful place. Til we meet again, here's to you buddy.

~~~~~~ October 31, 2010, Cody-boy, this was your last holiday with us... been thinking of you so much over the last month. Thought by now I wouldn't miss you so very much but that's not so. I still miss you and I think of how you were becoming weaker and weaker. Had no idea how you must have felt so bad. The holistic vet did such a good job at giving you meds that calmed your panting and apparently eased some pain. You had such a lively spirit during last October and until days before we said goodbye. Well boy, I have to have some surgery so I'm going to be as brave and strong and happy as you...you were such a love Cody. Love, mom

`````` December 27, 2011, My dear Cody. I didn't write on your anniversary but thought of you consistently and wish such sadness, then such joy. You were a wonderful friend. How often I think of you even though I may not write it here. We missed you again this Christmas and all the holidays in-between. I miss you so very much - still. One day this summer I looked up to the sky and saw clouds that totally reminded me of the happy, silly look you used to give me. Made me smile. So Becca moved back home with her little dog, Chloe. I know you she would've loved playing with you. The thought of it makes tears flow because you were such a beautiful part of our lives. So, my friend, I know you are looking out for us and we still love you. Another year is ahead of us here Cody. Keep looking over us. love to you, Mom....

``````` November 20, 2012, Dearest Cody love, so many days I have missed you especially over the last few weeks. I remember how brave and strong you were three years ago... I remember the moment I said goodbye...no furry little love could ever take your place. Your family still thinks about you... and, Codylove, I can see you looking at me with a sheepish grin. I love you so much, forever in my heart, mom...

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