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Memories of CoCo PUFF
CoCo PUFF, I got You as a Baby Boy. You came to Me at the age of 3 months when the Lady let Me have You. It was time that a Chihuahua can leave their Birth Mommy Safely and I picked You between Your other Brother. You were so Little.. Always have been being You were a Long Haired Chihuahua. I was so Excited to bring the little bundle of Joy Home with Me. I Loved being Your Mommy!! <3 I Miss You sooo Much! I know You are watching over Me and in connection with me still. I placed many things upon Your Grave Memorial here that You Loved. I remember You being a Puppy running around the house so Zippedy Fast... You would also do that famous Chihuahua drop of the hiny with the Happy Run and You would pop Your eyes and smile!! :-D SO CUTE!! You also Love Your Baby Elmo and Corner Doll You played with and slept with daily. I still have Your Baby Elmo now to sleep with too!! You are Always with Me when we go to sleep.
You were Mommy's Service Doggy and You went EVERYWHERE with Me in the Pouch I carried You in!! We had a Full Life together of 16 Years and 5 months! I know it was Sad when You could no longer walk from over a year ago. You have gotten better from so many ailments. God and I never gave up on You and we did Everything for You to Heal. Love is Powerful. You were Always looking out for Mommy and wanted to make sure I was Ok and Happy and Loved. You use to follow me from room to room all the time. You would wake up from any nap just to do that! Even when you could no longer walk up the little bed stairs, You made sure you had Your eye on me from the soft bed next to the big bed. I Love You so much!! Keep coming in My Dreams, keep in touch with Mommy. I will follow You some day upon my death, My Own Euthanasia may happen too. however I die, mommy is gonna be with You in Eternity. You will always be My Precious Baby. Peanut Loves and Misses You too. He always looked out for You. You will Always be in Our Hearts! <3 <3 Till we are together again in Heaven, I will be in touch with You while I am still on this Earth Journey. I love You CoCo PUFF!!! <3

Jan 19 2017 Thank You everyone for Signing CoCo PUFF's Guest Book. Means so much to Me and CoCo PUFF. I Cried a lot again last night and today for My Little Angel. I get feelings of why did I let him go... like could I have just made him comfortable in the Hospital instead? This is tearing at Me again. I just know he has been through so much...Yet he pulled through a lot... God I just get tormented at times. When IS the right time??? :'( I remember You were the Best Kisser. You and I use to kiss each other... tongue to tongue XOXO We Loved each other so much!!! I also remember a time when you got ill and you were changing and just didn't kiss me anymore in any way :-( it just stopped. Then one time a spark happened and You kissed Me like You REMEMBERED!!! That happened many months ago even though You were not your usual vibrant self. That made Me Happy even though it happened just that time again. I Pray You are Happy and So Alive with feeling FREE with being able to move and Go anywhere You like now in the Hereafter!! Love You CoCo PUFF Nite Nite ~~~

January 29, 2017
I Cried again a lot and Hard tonight :'( I was thinking such Sad thoughts of Oh I Hope CoCo PUFF is not feeling alone without his Mommy but I know God is taking care of him. I Miss CoCo PUFF...

Feb 6, 2017 God I Miss You My Little Innocent Baby Boy :'( You are so Beautiful! <3 I am gonna be with You again Forever and Ever. I look forward to dying to be with You to live Forever away from here.I am staying alive to take care of Peanut and I know You know that. Wait Patiently for Mommy. GG and God and Uncle Joey are taking care of You in Heaven. CoCo PUFF I know You want Mommy to move forward and be as much as productive possible through My sadness. Me being Sad hurts You too. I don't want that. I always have those feelings of could I have done More and Quicker while You were still here on Earth with Me. I Really tried, I know You know that. God You are so Loving to Me My Son.

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