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Memories of CoCo Bear
Our tribute to our sweet CoCo Bear has been long in coming... She was a very special dog in our lives and it has been difficult until now to put into words the loss we still feel since her passing on Palm Sunday. She came into our lives during our first year of marriage, and has since shared many special occasions with us and our families. She has been a joy to everyone and touched everyone's heart. CoCo knew our every thought and wish. She made many memories with our family members when we moved to Florida - even when we moved back to Illinois CoCo remembered her doggie friends by name when we mentioned them. Only in her last 2 months of life did she not perk up her little head when we recalled their names. We know she is now happy and reunited with them on Rainbows Bridge. When she walked in the park in Chicago, everyone stopped to say hello and CoCo responded with an open heart. We have so many pictures of our CoCo, celebrating her birthdays with a cupcake, belly rubs from family, dressing up for holidays, and playing with her brother Bailey, another Shih Tzu and then Cody, a Llasa Apso who found us. CoCo enjoyed traveling, too... especially car rides and traveling by plane back and forth to visit relatives in Florida.

CoCo Bear was diagnosed with liver disease in Sept of 2007, and not given much time. Her spunkiness and determination, along with our dedicated care enabled her to be with us until this March, 6 months longer than expected! She had lost all her beautiful coat, so she had a wardrobe of several tee-shirts; one said "spicy girl", and indeed she was! She had a special fleece blanket and pillow that became her calm area, and knew to go to it to be picked up. She even fought through the long winter we had, going far into the yard on the paths we plowed for her. There were glimmers of hope (probably mostly for us) when she still wanted up on our lap, or did her "badger" digging on the bed, but during her last month, she did not have the energy to keep up those cute little habits that we will always remember. Our decision was made on Palm Sunday, with Amazing Grace playing on the TV, to give her the ultimate gift. CoCo Bear.. we love you, we miss you, and you have brought much happiness into our lives. Wait for us at Rainbows Bridge... we will be with you again. We know you are at peace and looking down on us and smiling...

6/5/08 - Our darling CoCoBear - look how many people have signed your guest book and sent warm wishes our way! You truly are a remarkable little doggie. Your heart and spirit show in your cute little smile. We know you are having a wonderful time at the Bridge with all the new friends you have met. Send down your precious love to us in your doggie hugs and kisses for your daddy and mommy - remember what daddy always asks you...? where's momma? and you would run to find me. We are having storms today, so I expect a beautiful rainbow from the bridge at some time. I will be looking for your sign and know we miss you and wish you were still here with us. The Rainbow Bridge must be indescribable and we know it will be a long while before we meet up with you, but know that every day we remember your cute little ways and your cheerful personality. Take care, little CoCo Bear... Mom, Dad, Bailey, Cody, Mew-Mew and now Maxie (I know he was sent to us from you - he has soooo many of your little habits) Your unconditional love and spirit lives on - thank you, CoCo Bear... Tonight, we were sitting outside and through the clouds were the most magnificent rays of sun shining down from the heavens above. CoCo Bear, I could feel your spirit shining down upon us.. sleep peacefully tonight, sweetheart.

8/4/08 - Hello, our sweet CoCo T Bear... Daddy and I talk about you every day. I know you are very settled in at Rainbow Bridge, and welcoming your new friends as they arrive. How sad for their families... and how wonderful that you all are well and happy and so full of life! What are you doing tonight, little girl? I really miss you a lot. It is raining - the heavens are crying - and in the morning the day will be refreshed with new hope and wonder! Are you cuddled up on your special blanket we sent with you, Spicy Girl? I can still feel your warm "doggie kisses" you would give me, even in your last days with us. Sleep well little one, stay with our grand babies, McKenna and Michael - we love them soooo much - we will all be together again, CoCo Bear. Love, Mom, Dad, Bailey, Cody, Maxie, and Mew Mew.

9/16/08 -CoCo T, it has been 6 months today that we gave you the ultimate gift and rose you up to Rainbow's Bridge - it still feels like just yesterday that your daddy and I made that very difficult decision, and we still miss you just as much. I am looking at my latest Shih Tzu calendar and September's puppy looks just like you, Coco T, when we first brought you home. You were our little princess from the very beginning. How you loved to travel everywhere in the car, and soon we would be moving across the country to Florida. Remember your first experience in our pool? You really didn't care for that! For 2 1/2 years all of our family in Florida became very attached to you, and then had to say good-bye again as we moved back to Chicago - Daddy first, then I had to leave all of you (Mew,Mew,you, and Peaches, our bird,) back in Chicago, as I still had our home to sell in Florida. But you didn't mind, you loved all the adventures. I hope it didn't confuse you too much, and were able to deal with your Mommy and Daddy being separated for a while.
We made so many more memories with you in Chicago - and you got to meet my family as we were reunited after many, many years of separation. I was adopted, and it was a great family reunion. Of course, they all fell in love with you, too. We like to travel, so Julie and your Aunt Nancy would come to our house to watch you - we couldn't bear to put you in a kennel. Well, CoCo T, you have been on my mind alot lately (as you are every day). How can it already be 6 months since you said goodbye to us? I know you have made many little friends at the bridge, and I also know you think of us every day. May God's love keep you at peace and always keep that cute little smile on your face. We will meet again some day...... Look for Beavis (Mike & Jen's dalmation) and enjoy all the wonders of Rainbow Bridge... we miss you so. Love, Mommy & Daddy

9/24/08 - Well, CoCo T, you will need to welcome another friend to the Bridge - Hi Dee, your dachshund cousin passed away today. She was 16 years old and her family will miss her. Remember going to her house and running with her in the back yard? Hi Dee was very sick in her last days and her mommy and daddy could not bear to see her in pain, as we were with you, our little princess. Now you will have another family member to keep you company and run through the meadows and fly over the rainbow. This is all bringing back sad memories of how you fought so hard to stay with us. I know you didn't want to leave us - I hope by now you know how wonderful a decision it was - you are well and strong and looking down on us and sending us your doggie kisses. Max, our new Shih Tzu, has another of your habits - belly rubs! We love him but don't think for one minute he has replaced you in our hearts. You will always be our little CoCo T Bear.... God keep you at peace. Love - your family

11/27/08 Happy Thanksgiving, CoCoT! We are so thankful to have had you in our lives for 13 years.
Holidays will never be the same without you, and we will always remember you and hold you in our thoughts as we celebrate with your family. You always loved the pumpkin pie and whipped cream! How are all your friends at the bridge? I know you are warm and enjoying all the wonders of a beautiful life, but we need you to send your little doggies kisses down to us again. Your daddy and I still talk about you all the time, and you will always be in our hearts. As we get ready for the holidays, remember your "name" on the family christmas tree, CoCoT. Daddy said never to take it down, you will always be a part of our family. Love and belly rubs, sweet CoCo - sweet dreams. You are safe in God's care. Go play with our little angels, McKenna and Michael.

March 10/ 2009

HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY COCO T!! Mommy & Daddy have decorated your guardian area for your Rainbow friends to come and wish you Happy Birthday. We know how you loved celebrating your special day. There are balloons, a cake, pink roses, and I am sure all your new friends will bring you a special present as well. We can't believe it has been amost a year since you have left us for your journey to the bridge. I know you have been having a wonderful time with all your friends. We miss you so much, CoCo T We know that live is everlasting at the bridge as well as in Heaven and God will keep you save until we meet up with you. We still have much to do here on Earth, and many memories to make with our family and our grandchildren. We pray for our babies, Michael and McKenna every day - I know you have met them and love them as well. Their Mommy and Daddy need all of our prayers as well. Ava and Jackie are our little princesses, too. Lord, keep them and their families save from harm.

CoCo T, we will be having a cupcake with a candle on it in honor of your special day. We will blow out the candle and think of you and wish you happiness, peace.. and till we meet, love always.
Mommy, Daddy, Bailey, Cody, Max and Mew Mew.

Aug 21/2009 - Coco, I have some wonderful news for you! Look around the corner and you will see your old friend, Mew Mew! She will be looking for you, too. Mew Mew fought a galiant battle the last month or two, Coco; she so wanted to stay with us and "the boys", but it was not to be. Every morning she would wake up your daddy with her loud mewing and follow him around til he was ready to go to work. She developed the habit of sitting on the kitchen table window ledge with a little plate just on the edge of the table - your daddy would give her little morsels of what we were eating. the last week we noticed she wasn't very comfortable up there, so I would pick her up and take her up to our bed. You two were always inseperable, even though she would try to take away your spot on your favorite chair, or your spot on the bed. How are you, sweetheart? We still miss you terribly - are you playing with Michael & McKenna? I know their mommy & daddy miss them alot, and pray for them every day, as we do, too. How are all your doggie friends doing? I bet you and Heidi & Bevis are good friends, too! Take care of our Mew Mew, Coco and show her around Rainbow's Bridge - you know she will love it! She has never been an outside kitty, so now she has a safe place to play outdoors. The house is soooo quiet and feels so empty without the two of you -even with Bailey, Cody & Max. I wish you could come down to visit us for awhile.... Angel kisses and puppy and kitty hugs. Love Mom & Dad

Dec 25, 2009 - Merry Christmas, CoCo T & Mew Mew - we have all your Christmas pictures displayed along with all the family members. We miss you both very much. I know you are all having a wonderful Christmas and celebrating the birth of Christ. We send our love and blessings to Michael and McKenna, our grandchildren. Their mommy and daddy and family miss them terribly. You are always in our hearts and we will all see one another one day. What a beautiful reunion that will be. CoCo T, Cody had a little back problem, but he is much better now. We could not bear to have our fur babies ill. CoCo T and Mew Mew, do you remember all the wonderful things we did at Christmas time? You would love to open all your new toys and loved pie & whipped cream! It is snowing now, and I know you didn't like the snow, little one. But it is beautiful outside. I know you and Mew Mew, and our grandbabies are warm and surrounded by God's love. Send down your doggies kisses and kitty purrs. I can feel your presence and know you both are now well. We love you. Mommy and Daddy; Bailey, Cody and Max

March 10, 2010 Happy Birthday, CoCo T! We sent you a birthday cake and flowers! We miss you so much. It's hard to imagine you gone from our loving home now two years. We know you are playing with our Michael and McKenna. Don't forget MewMew. Mew Mew, your daddy misses you a lot. Are you stlll giving CoCo your kitty bites? Play with CoCo and keep her safe. We had lots of snow this winter and it reminds us of all the paths we shoveled for you in the back yard. Bailey,Cody and little Maxie had to deal with all the snow paths too. We know you are warm and content in God's love, but please send down your coco kisses for us. You will always be in our hearts and we will never forget you, CoCo T. Happy Birthday - we will have a cupcake to celebrate you!! Love Mom, Dad, Bailey, Cody & Max

March 16, 2010 - CoCo T, two years ago today, your mom and dad gave you the gift of Rainbow's Bridge. It only seems like yesterday that you made that glorious trip! I know you are happy little girl enjoying all the wonders of the bridge. We send you warm belly rubs and our kisses and hugs along with our everlasting love. Come down to us in a dream on your little furbaby wings and let us know you are well. We can just picture you all curled up on a warm fuzzy blanket at night along with Mew Mew. I know you don't want us to feel sad, but we still feel your presence here at home. How can such a little dog have so much love in her heart? I know you (and Mew Mew) will wait for us - it will be some time before we get to see both of you, and our Michael and McKenna, but oh what a day that will be. Be safe in God's loving arms, CoCo T. We miss you. Love - Mom, Dad, Bailey, Cody & Max

Thanksgiving - Nov 24, 2010 - CoCo T and Mew Mew - I know its been a while since we wrote, but you are in our thougths and prayes every day. Mew Mew, we had a mice problem that you needed to be here to take care of! CoCo T, I had a vivid dream about you the other day, so I know you are looking down and sending your doggie kisses to your mommy & daddy. We will miss celebrating the holidays with you and making new memories, but we will think of you when we put your names on the family tree. How are you getting along with Hi-Dee and Beavis? You certainly have lots of family freinds to play with, and have probably made other new friends by now. Please be kind to your new friends, as their families are missing them, too. Play with Michael and McKenna, our grand children - I know they have been at Rainbows Bridge a while now - I can only imagine how much they have grown & how kind and loving they are - just like their Mommy & Daddy. CoCo T & Mew Mew, it will be difficult without our daughter & grand daughter, Jackie - they are having some troubles that need to be resolved, and we have not seen them for some time. We pray every day for some resolution and hope Chris can come to peace with the past. The family all misses them and hope God will find a way to bring us all back together. We will give thanks for having both of you in our lives & made so many wonderful memories. Stay warm & Safe (it's really cold right now!) Send your love, doggie kisses & kitty purrs down to us - Mew, Mew watch your "love bites" with CoCo T. Be sure to have pumpkin pie & whipped cream, Yum! Love - your Mommy & Daddy

New Year's Day - 2011 - Happy New Year CoCo T & Mew Mew!! You have not been forgotten during the holidays. We have your Christmas picture w/Mew Mew's Santa hat & you, CoCo T, with your antlers on the frig. Bailey, Cody & Max got their gifts, and we remember how excited you both were to unwrap your special christmas toy each year. We still have some of them put away with all the decorations. It's a beautiful new year and we still miss you both so much - I had another dream, CoCo T, so I know you are watching over all of us... It seems like only yesterday.... my good friend, Jane gave me a holiday card with the manger scene all animals.. she didn't even know the little angel dog in the middle looked just like you, with a halo. I will keep that card with all your belongings. We had a wonderful holiday with the family, but trying to handle not having some of the family with us now... we pray for some resolution every day and to have them back with us. It's very cold here, but I know you and Mew Mew and all the other family pets that have joined you and warm and frolicing at the bridge... Are you having a good time with Michael & McKenna? I bet they are getting big now. We miss them terribly too - and know their mommy & daddy do, too. We are all praying for another grand child soon & hope everything will go well for them. They are the best parents & Ava so deserves a brother or sister to play and grow up with. Are you snuggled up in a nice warm spot on your little blanket we sent with you? Mew Mew, what are you up to? We hope you are right next to CoCo keeping her company. We have lots of pictures of the two of you together. Happy New Year again little ones - we will never forget you - I just had a big milestone birthday CoCo T & Mew Mew - I made some wonderful wishes that I hope will come true. We love you both - tell HiDee & Beavis we said hi & we send hugs and kisses to Michael & McKenna - we have many years and memories to make here yet, but we will be together one day. God bless you and all the furry friends at Rainbow's Bridge. Mom & Dad

March10, 2011 - Happy 16th Birthday, Coco T! - It's been 3 yrs since you went to Rainbow Bridge - I am sure you are enjoying all your new found friends & another birthday. We have sent your cupcake for you to enjoy - don't forget Mew-Mew. She loves to lick the frosting! We wish we could be there with you and help you celebrate. We still miss you very much, and still feel your little Shih Tzu kisses and nudges at us for your belly rubs. We will never forget both of you. May God watch over all the precious animals at Rainbow Bridge and their families here on earth. We pray for our family and friends and know that we all have much to do yet before we can be with your... Have a wonderful birthday, we love you, Mew-Mew & miss your place at dinner. God bless you and keep you warm in his love... Mom & Dad, Bailey, Cody & Max

December 10, 2011 - Our precious CoCo and Mew Mew - you have both been close in our hearts and minds - we have not forgotten you!! Your daddy's brother was very sick and passed away on our anniversary, Oct 1, 2011. It has been difficult this past few months for your daddy. Your grandma Heidi came in from FL to see her son and stayed at our home and got to meet Bailey, Cody and Max. She also talked about you and Mew Mew, and misses you too. Christmas time is upon us, and we still have your picture on the frig and will remember all the fun you had opening your little gifts. I decorated your web page with a christmas tree, too. We still put out the family tree with everyone's name on it & your's & Mew Mew's take a special place. We put a catnip toy on your web page so Mew Mew can play with it. She used to give it shark bites and throw it in the air. What have you both been up too? I also put a warm blanket on your web site - you loved to cuddle up on it when it got cold. Not much snow yet, but very cold. We still remember you trudging way out into the back yard after your daddy shoveled paths in the snow with your sweater on. Even when you were at your worst, you still had the tinasity to go all the way out. We love you soooo much, CoCo and Mew Mew, we still miss your "place" at the table. We know you have made many friends and Bevis and Hi Dee are there to play with you. We know you are safe in god's arms and looking down upon us. There is a new little shih-tzu there you have to look for. It is Rich's daughter's little one. They just gave her the gift of rainbow bridge and I know you both will welcome her. Send us your sweet puppy kisses, CoCo and your head-butts, Mew Mew. We love you both so much and still miss you very much. Santa will bring you both something special for Christmas! May God keep you in his care until we can all be together again. Love, Mom & Dad

January 2, 2012 - Happy New Year our precious CoCo and beautiful Mew-Mew! We missed you so much over the holidays. We always put up lots of family pictures over the years, and yours are right there with all the family. It is so cold now, CoCo, I hope you dont mind if I let Max wear your coat. He has fine beautiful hair like yours. Bailey & Cody seem to be all right, though. They all got their holiday bath and grooming. I used to put a holiday bow in your hair, remember? How are all the new friends you have met? It is closing in on almost 4 years since you went to Rainbow Bridge, CoCo.... It still only seems like yesterday... There will never be another sweet doggie like you, and never be another Mew-Mew. Your daddy misses you both, too. I keep thinking losing the both of you will be easier with time, but it still breaks our hearts to think about us without both of you. We have a lot of memories to make with our family yet, but we will be with you one day. God has a plan for all of us. We pray every day that all of our family will be re-united in love. We find it so hard to be without our grand daughter, Jackie & daughter and son-in-law Dave. Life is a blessing given to us from God and we all need to see how precious our time is with our family. If you look around, you will see your daddy's brother, Tony. He loves animals - his neighbor has a little shih-tzu that looks like you and a cat that looks like Mew-Mew. Sometimes I wonder if.... I gave you a blanket & teddy bear for both of you to enjoy. Send us your sweet kisses & head-butts. I will try to write more often Co-Co and Mew-Mew. Enjoy the warmth of Rainbow Bridge, and stay safe in God's arms. Love Mom & Dad

March 10, 2012 - HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY COCO T!!! We left you a birthday cake to celebrate with Mew Mew and all your other RB friends. I hope you have looked around to see Gretchen - Mike, Jen & Ava's german shepard. She is a sweet dog and I know you will get along with her. Spring is almost here, all the tulips & daffodils are trying to come up. Winter wasnt too bad this year so it is warming up sooner. Your daddy and I were out driving around and stopped at Lamb's Farm, like we always do... we talked alot about you and Mew Mew and how we still miss you both. We will have a cupcake in your remembrance and look at your birthday pictures. What a little sweetheart you are! You always looked forward to your birthday cupcake. Bailey will be 10 yrs old in May... I hope he is with us for a long time yet; he has a few minor health problems but we still remember how the two of you always played together & how MewMew would wait until you were sleeping then sneak up on you and pull your hair! Mew, Mew make sure you get some licks of frosting from CoCo's birthday cake! Cody & Max get a cupcake too on their birthdays... and they love ice cream!! Have a wonderful day at the Bridge, snuggle up on your blanket tonight and dream of us.. send us down your sweet kisses.. We love you soooo much CoCo and Mew Mew. Love - stay safe in God's arms
until we meet again. Mom & Dad

November 22, 2012 - Hello, our beautiful CocoT. We havent written in a while, because Max has been very sick. We were so worried about him. And I know you were, too. He is just fine now, but we dont know what we would have done if we lost him. I know you were looking down and sending your doggie prayers his way. Remember when we told you we brought him home? He is so like you.... we have neve forgotten you or MewMew for one minute... It is Thanksgiving Day, and we are so thankful for all the wonderful memories we have of you and MewMew. We will be at Jen's Mom & Dad's for turkey. You and MewMew loved turkey! And you always got to eat one hard boiled egg, too! Your Dad and I were jus talking about that today. Be safe and warm in God's arms. Play with Gretchen, Bevis, Hi Dee and our precious Michael and McKenna. We can see you running through the warm sun barking and they are laughing. We love you CoCoT and MewMew. God Bless all our family and friends and we thank God for all our blessings. XX00 Mom & Dad

March 10, 2013

Happy Birthay, Coco T!!! gather all your furbaby friends.. Beavis, Gretchen, Hi-Dee, Mew Mew and every one you have met and have a wonderful birthday. Dont forget to invite Michael & McKenna, too. Sending cupcakes to help you celebrate! You have been at Rainbow Bridge for 5 years... it only seems like yesterday, sweetheart. We love you so much & miss you too. Its raining here, and melting all the snow... spring is on its way, and Easter will be at the end of the month... God bless you, Mew Mew and all your rainbow friends. Peace to all the abused and sick furbabies that they can find someone to love them as much as we love you and Mew Mew. Happy Birthday, CoCo T! Love Mom & Dad

June 23, 2013

Good Morning, CoCo T! Its summer, your favorite time of year. I put a plate of eggs & bacon on your page.. You love bacon & eggs! Its been 5 years since your trip to Rainbow Bridge... I know you are well, and Mew Mew is there with you. I still miss you terribly... It doesn't seen to get better. I still see your habits in our Maxie. Bailey is getting older now; 11 years. He was your buddy. I sure hope we still have a long time with him. Are you playing with our grandbabies, Michael & McKenna? I can picture them growing up together with both of you. Have a wonderful day & know that we are only a thought away. We love you both soooo much & miss you. Love your mom & day, & Bailey, Cody & Max. XXXOOO

March 16, 2014

Dear CoCoT - its been 6 years since we gave you the gift of Rainbows Bridge. We still miss you terribly. Bailey, Cody & Maxi & Dad & I shared your cupcake tonight. We talk about you all the time. We went to the PetExpo today, but didn't see a CoCo there... So many pets that need a loving home... I know you have made many friends and are well and waiting til we meet again. Look for Grandma Heidi; she is new to Rainbows Bridge, but loved you so much. Your Dad and I miss her so much... What a beautiful woman she was.. I know your birthday was on the 10th, we didn't forget you :) Enjoy the warmth of the Bridge - its still cold here... We kept all your momentos & your winter coat, too. Be happy, CoCoT and know God is with you and all his fur babies... Love you lots, hugs & kisses... Send down your doggie kisses to us! Mom & Dad, Bailey, Cody & Max

November 26, 2014

Hello, sweet CoCoT! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we will be at Jen's mom & dad's. Ava has a new puppy! She is a Maltese & her name is Layla. You would love her. She is a sweet dog just like you. We are so thankful to have been a part of your life, and Mew Mew's too. Our niece Cindy has a beautiful new baby, named Logan Michael. You always loved babies, too. I hope you are having a wonderful time with all the family furbabies. Bailey, Max and Cody send you their love. Our Cody just had an operation for a cancerous growth. We were so worried about him, but he is doing well and they removed all the growth. He is only 9 yrs old, young for a Llasa Apso. We hope to have him with us for a very long time. Mew Mew, we miss you too. Both of you loved pumpkin pie & especially the whipped cream on top! We wish everyone a very thankful and beautiful Thanksgiving. We have had a little contact with our grand daughter Jackie on Facebook. She is an amazing and talented 15 year old! I hope God finds a way for us to unite us with her family. Stay warm at Rainbow's Bridge & cuddle up with Heidi, your daddy's Mom & his brother, Tony. Prayers to all our family and friends. We love you CoCoT and Mew Mew.

March 10, 2015

Happy Birthday,our sweet CocoT!! We had a cupcake in honor of your birthday!! Hi, Mew Mew. I know you and CoCo are having a wonderful time at Rainbow Bridge. We remember the day we brought you home 20 yrs ago today. The breeder came out with 4 little Shih Tzus and we picked you! You brought us so many happy memories and love for almost 13 yrs. Bailey will be 13 this May; you and Bailey were best buddies. We still have Cody & Max. I know you are happy we have other furbabies to give our love to. I had a wonderful dream the other night. I dreamt you were in a small box all beautiful and full of fur. You saw me & I picked you up & you started licking my face like crazy. I know at the moment you had come to me to let us know you were doing just fine at Rainbows Bridge & will be waiting for us in God's time. Have a wonderful birthday, enjoy all your famiy furbabies around you. Stay close to our grand babies, Michael & McKenna & your dad's brother Tony & mom & dad. They all loved you so much. We have more time here with family and friends and our other furbabies, but will never forget you and everyone & will all meet one day. Love and hugs... your mom & dad. xoxoxoxoxo

November 26, 2015 - Thanksgiving!

We are so thankful for the time & love you and MewMew gave us... We will be sharing Thanksgiving with Jen's family. We are so glad to have all of them in our lives. We wish our grand daughter Jackie Joy and Happiness today and always. We love you so much Jackie... We are always thinking of you. CoCoT, you have so many friends now at RB, but I know you and MewMew are looking down upon us. Send your kisses & head butts, you two! We know how much you both enjoyed pumpkin pie & whipped cream. Bailey is still with us (almost 14) as well as Cody and Max! Spread you angel wings wide & welcome all new furbabies. We love you both and miss you. Happy Thanksgiving, CoCoT & MewMew... always in our hearts.

March 10, 2016 Happy Birthday CoCo T! Its hard to believe you've been at Rainbow Bridge for 8 years now. Im sure you have lots of nice friends. Look, you have a present and a cupcake! Your favorite treat! CoCo T, we still have Bailey Boy. He will be 14 in May. You two were inseperable. We are moving CoCo T to Lake Villa. We will be close to Ava and Mike & Jen. We move this Sundy & Monday. Your daddy misses you & Mew Mew. WE left her a can of tuna, too. I know you two had your moments but I bet she cuddles up with you every night. We still talk about all the memories we have of you two. You were (are) 2 special fur babies. We remember you as if it were yesterday, playing with you & cuddling up. What a very special dog you are... Have a beautiful birthday & celebrate with Mew Mew and all your RB friends. We still have many years of happy memories to make, but we will never forget both of you.We will be together one day. Love & birthday hugs & kisses. Your Mom & Dad Always in our hearts...

10/10/2017 - Hello little CoCoT & Mew Mew... I have some news for you! Please look for Bailey Boy. He just arrived & misses you both. He was over 15 years old when he arrived & I know you both were inseperable. He was such a great dog, loved you both & everyone he met. He just left us on Sept 8th, 2017. Our hearts are still heavy & mourning his loss, but I know you will welcome him with open paws. Show him around, Im sure you both have made many friends. We still miss you both so much, and talk about you all the time. You know, we moved to Lake Villa a little over a year ago. We still have Maxie our black & white Shih Tzu, and, of course, you remember Cody, our Llasa Apsho, he was 12 in Jume & Maxie just turned 10. We love you all & have such great memories together. We have so much time left here, God willing, but will be with you again... Love & Doggie hugs & kisses - Mom & Dad

March 31, 2018 (day before Easter Sunday)

Hi little CoCoT! We think of you every day & see you in our thoughts and dreams. I know by now you & Bailey Boy have become inseperable. Your pictures anad momentos are still up in the house.. Just last week it was Palm Sunday, the day several years ago that we gave you your wings to go to Rainbow Bridge. Bailey Boy sure missed you then... but now you are all together & with MewMew too. What a great furbaby family we have, Cody & Max (who you never got to meet) are still with us. Cody will be 13 in June & Max 10 in Oct. Cody has seen all 3 of your pass over. Easter and all other holidays will never be the same without all of you, but we have so many great memories of all of you. We miss you CoCo Bear - send down your sweet kisses along with Bauky Boy's & Mew Mews. Make many new friends, but know one day many years from now, we will all be together again. We love you. Mom & Dad XOXOXOXOXOXO

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