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Cocoa was a loveable strong dog. I adopted her from the humane society. She had something wrong with her eyes it was called conguntionitious. Someone told me that they were going to put her to sleep. I saved her life and I adopted her. The humane society procedure you have to wait 24 hours.A staff member put medication in cocoas eyes.Thats all she needed not just one day for about a week or until medication was done. 24 hours later her eyes were beautiful and everyone wanted to adopt her. my mother said thats my daughters dog. Cocoa was a adorable female beagle about a year. I never knew her actual birthday so I made it the date I adopted her. The reason why I say she is strong because one day when I was at work Cocoa hurt her back. When the doctor told me she slipped a disk I had 2 choices. Put her down or the surgery. Of course I chose the surgery she was only 3 going on 4 at the time. I had to leash walk cocoa for about 2 weeks I did 4. Two years ago cocoa got stiff and couldnt walk. She was put on pain medication my husband discovered it made her paw swell. Took Cocoa to vet he told me to think about the quality of life, I said she is still eatting. She was put on supplements tuna omega 3 oil,ligaplex1, glucosimine. then after ligaplex1 went on ligaplex 11. no more ligaplex1. She was able to walk again it wasnt her time. The vet & staff couldnt believe it she was a miracle dog. Sept2013 she had blood work done we found out it was her kidneys. I did everything I could for her. My husband & I did the fluids for her at home I didnt want to have to take her to vet all the time I wanted her home where she was more comfortable. I miss cocoa so much. She had a long happy full of love life. She was 17. It is going to take me a long time to heal. Especially because last year we had another beagle pass away from enlarged liver. Her name was Pepper she just tuned 8 on Oct.8,2012 and died Oct.9,2012. Cocoa & Pepper both died at home. I also had Bambi a female beagle that was 16 years old pass away on Oct.28,2004. So October is a very bad month for my husband & I. We are both very heartbroken. Cocoa,Pepper & Bambi are forever in our hearts. I am just so heartbroken telling you our story. Thank you for listening. Cocoa, Mommy & Daddy love you and miss you everyday. Mommy misses you following me around the house and letting us know it is time to get up. You were our precious alarm clock. I miss you begging for a treat. Mommy just misses and loves you so much. You are always in mommys heart. Jenny misses you outside in the backyard with her and the both of you lying next to each other on your pillows. Mommy will always love you and Pepper and Bambi. Please give them kisses for us. xxxooo. Hi Cocoa. It is almost a year now. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much. We also miss Pepper & Bambi. We love all three of you. We hope You are all together in rainbow bridge. XXXOOO Hi Bambi It will be 11 years on Oct. 28. Hi Pepper. It will be 3 years on Oct. 9. Hi Cocoa. It will be 2 years on Oct. 14. Mommy and Daddy miss all three of you very much. We love you. XXXOOO.Hi Cocoa Pepper and Bambi.Another year has gone by. Mommy and Daddy miss and love all three of you very much.XXXOOO.Jenny misses her Cocoa too. Jenny never met Pepper and Bambi but she knows all about them. Hugs and kisses to all three of you from Jenny too.XXXOOO.
Hi Cocoa another year has gone by. Mommy and Daddy love you so much. You are forever in our hearts. Also of course Bambi and Pepper too. We love all three of you. xxxooo. Jenny will always love you too. All our love to all three of you. We have a new addition to our family. Angel is a chihuahua i found her next to the mailboxes in our subdivision on March 9,2017. I took her to the vet and Two times the vet said she was not pregnant. One month later on Monday March 17th I took her to the vet again and guess what with an xray we found out she was pregant. Four days later on April 21,2017 Angel gave birth to Two Puppies. I named them Prince and Princess. I will make sure that they know all about you Cocoa and Bambi and Pepper. xxxooo. Always in my hear xxxooo

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