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Memories of Coco
Coco was born October 13,2002.
Coco and I became mom and son on December 28th 2002 when Coco was 10 weeks old.
Coco always greeted me with so much happiness every time I came home.
Coco always licked my tears away when ever I cried.
Coco slept next to me every night in bed.
Coco woke me up every morning with kisses.
Coco loved his favorite spots on the furniture.
Coco loved going outside during the nice temperatures.
Coco loved and accepted me and my husband for who we are.
Coco loved going for rides in the car.
Coco loved hanging out in the car every time we went to the drive in to see a movie.
Coco loved going to the park.
Coco loved walking at the park.
Coco loved hanging out on the couch with me and my husband while watching TV.
Coco loved going to the pet store and being in the cart while I pushed.
Coco loved sitting on my lap.
Coco loved children.
Coco loved other animals.
Coco loved his little sister Sadie. (Sadie is a Toy Yorkie) She misses Coco very much.
Coco loved playing with Sadie.
Coco loved laying next to Sadie on the dog bed and furniture.
Coco loved traveling up and down the east coast with Sadie and I.
Coco loved going to the Sonic drive in during the summer months.
Coco had his cute way of letting me and my husband know when he wanted to go outside.

Those are just the few of the many wonderful memories of Coco. I had Coco for almost 14 wonderful years.

Coco and I had a very special relationship.

Here are some of my favorite memories with Coco.

When he was a puppy I was sitting on the floor as he was wondering the house. That was the first time when Coco came to me and sat between my legs. That was an amazing feeling. I picked him up to put him a few feet away and he came right back and sat between my legs again. On September 21st 2007 I got Coco a friend who ended up being his little sister due to Coco becoming attached to her very quickly. Her name is Sadie and she is a Toy Yorkie. Coco and Sadie were the best of friends and had a wonderful brother and sister relationship.

We traveled up and down the east coast a few times. January 2011 I drove Coco and Sadie to Coconut Creek Florida and we stayed there for 3 weeks. Coco and Sadie had a great time and enjoyed the warm weather. June 2013 I drove Coco and Sadie down to Landrum South Carolina and we stayed there along staying at Hendersonville North Carolina until the end of August 2013. Coco and Sadie were not fond of the Carolinas so I drove them back home to New Jersey. May 2014 I drove Coco and Sadie down to Davenport Florida and we stayed with a friend until mid June 2014. Again. Coco and Sadie had a great time and enjoyed the warm weather.

Having so many wonderful memories of our Coco is something my husband and I will always love and cherish.

Everyone that knew Coco knew he was a very special dog.

He gave me, my husband, Sadie and everyone he knew so much love and joy.

Coco is greatly missed.
We will always love and miss you Coco.

Love Always
Mommy, Daddy, & Sadie.

October 12, 2018.

Today marks 2 years since my sweet Coco crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and went to Heaven. Tomorrow he will be celebrating his 16th Birthday in Heaven. The day Coco went to Heaven is the day he became a puppy again. Coco is never going to age and will always stay young, happy, and healthy.

My sweet Coco. We are hurting, missing you, and we love you very much. We know that you are living in the beautiful life of forever paradise. Always warm. Always sunny. Always beautiful. Always fun and you can have all the treats, yummy foods, and toys you want. We know that you are looking down on us and we see that you live in Sadie. Sadie loves and misses you very much and sometimes she acts like you. Sadie is very happy and very healthy. She still plays with her toys and loves getting treats.

Mommy and Daddy are taking great care of your little sister Sadie. I remember the day I told you I promised you that we will take great care of your little sister.

Someday we are all going to be living together forever in the beautiful place of paradise which is Heaven.

We love and miss you very much Sweetheart.

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