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Memories of Coby
Too many memories to name for Coby. Whether it was picking her up at a pound in L.A. or taking her to the beach for the first time. I have so many to list. I love the fact that she loved so much. I'd put dogs around her quite a bit, and she always responded excellently. I had a Chihuahua that she could not stand for the last few years, but they lasted 10 years together without conflict. I had another terrier mix that she fell in love with completely and never had qualms with. These two were eachothers' best friends for the last 4 years. It was so fun to watch. We had barbeque's each year in the summer time and this girl would want to eat everything. Hamburger fats and grilled fruits she could not avoid. After cleaning the grill, I'd find her covered in the bbq ash, before I could stop her, she would have ingested much of it. My Dad called me one time to let me know the dog was in the house and he couldn't control her. I didn't blame him, she could be quite wild especially if she knew there was food in the house nearby. I guess I didn't clean my computer room well and I had left out sweet and sour sauce. I found sweet and sour sauce and sticky paw prints everywhere. To get comfortable, she decided she would knock over everything from the desk to make herself a little spot to lay. It looked like a sweet and sour fest and the dog was hung over from too much of the stuff. This dog was too funny. Every year we had peaches growing in the yard and Coby was a big fan of these. I'd find her constantly eating these things. She was smart enough to spit out the pits, but she loved her some summer peaches. We had a new trail installed in our town recently and I'd take her on mile walks here and there. Her stamina wasn't what it was, but her "0-60" was good. She'd start fast, but finish slow. She just loved getting out. We had a park near our home which was her favorite. It was the only place I could take her off of the leash to let her just run as far as she could. She peed on everything and before I was a better owner, I would let her crap on everything. I have more regard for parks and people now, so I make sure to pick up everything. When she went to the beach for the first time, I got her in the ocean. I had to see how well her instincts worked. She immediately began paddling, it was as if she'd done it millions of times before. I left my 7 year nephew in charge of her that day, I wanted to see how the two bonded. She sat great and respectfully in the back of our sedan. He was nervous as she had demonstrated unpredictability in the past. But, this day she just wanted to enjoy as much of the moment as she could. She didn't have a single incident out. She just loved the boy, loved me, loved the scenery and the beach. It was a fantastic day to watch her in her old age respond with such grace and appreciation for everything around her. We continued our walks over the last few years with regularity. She knew they were coming and when they weren't she'd act up. To have an old dog act up is something I long for now. Coby leaves behind her 2 partners, Lilo and Buddy. She leaves her two cats that loved her, Meow Meow/Key Key/Mr. Cat and Gus Gus. And let us not forget, she leaves behind our large sulcata, Crush. She always had to jump over this giant guy, I felt awful as she'd still jump over him even in her last days. Lastly, she leave behind her parents, Ray and Andrea. The grandparent, Ed who was her caretaker in the past. And the newest addition of our family, baby Veda. She was able to watch me grow into a young man and watch my family grow into this awesome foundation that it is now. 16 years was an immense amount of time and I love remembering all of the good that came with it. The pain wasn't worth keeping her around to live through. She wanted to be her quick, lively self and the world wouldn't let her fight while things were only getting worse. I'll continue to wonder what if we could have done something differently for you old girl. But, I know you were only fighting for me these days. It's best that you rest and fight for yourself across the rainbow bridge where I hope to see you again one day. You were the greatest dog and the most loving beast I've been able to work with in my life thus far. Rest up, so you can continue running, eating peaches, making messes, loving others and jumping with joy like you always did. I miss you CoCo bear, but your suffering was not something for us to understand. It was the loving and happy memories with all of us that I understand and get to look back on forevermore. Be good where ever you are big girl, you are loved and missed dearly.

Your Family!

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