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Memories of Coby
10/26/2009 - I want to share this story:
My cousin, who just lost her dog, sent me a poem from Rainbow Bridge 3 days before Coby was scheduled for his journey. I printed it out and left it on the desk. When it was time to take Coby to the vet, my son drove and my daughter came with us. She waited in the car. She was praying for a sign that Coby would have a safe journey. When we left the vet's office, with Coby in my arms, we were driving home and my daughter said "Look, there is the sign that I prayed for. Coby made his journey safely" There we saw a RAINBOW in the sky. We knew this was a message for us. We arrived home and buried Coby in our backyard. Later that evening, I gave my daughter the poem to read. She realized that the poem was called the RAINBOW BRIDGE poem. This was too coincidental. We knew then in our hearts that Coby did cross the Rainbow Bridge because we saw it in the sky. We have to believe that we will someday meet up with our beloved pets. To my family, this was proof that there is a RAINBOW BRIDGE and I can't wait for the day that my little man, Coby, will spot me and come running so I can once again hold him, enjoying his kisses on my face and be able to look into his warm loving eyes once again. Even though Coby was sick, he still gave his love unconditionally right up to the day he left us. He picked up his "bunny" to play with me even though he could no longer run with it because of his illness. This was his last gift to me. Coby gave his family many gifts of love,laughter, and happiness throughout his 15 years.I will miss him always with every beat of my heart.Until we meet again.

10/26/2010 - My little little man. Today is one year since you left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I know that you are having a lot of fun there giving everyone licks and happy smiles.
You are so missed b all of the family. IXander now sleeps at the foot of my bed where you used to sleep. I feel the warmth of his body there and close my eyes and pretend it is you. I think he knows how to comfort me when it comes to me missing you. Your pictures are still up all over the house. I look at your beautiful eyes every morning and think about how you would stare at me and talk to me through your eyes. I still love you very very much. I want you to know how much I appreciate all the joy and comfort you have brought to us through the years. You were always my comfort through hard times in our life. I miss you so much.
See you some day at Rainbows Bridge. Please wait for me.

1/2/11 - I didn't forget you this Christmas....Gramma is dying and I have just been consumed with taking care of her. You are always in my heart and my thoughts. Your Christmas present was under the tree this year like always. We all waited for you to get it first before we opened our gifts. I know you loved your "bunny"...it's the same one from last year in the same gift bag as we always used for you. I was thinking about you looking over your shoulder while playing at the bridge and waiting for gramma to come. I saw your beautiful warm eyes filled with wonderment..."is it Mommy that's coming soon?" No, it's not me yet, but I will see you someday. You can cross the bridge with Gram. She loved you so much.
we all still miss you my little man. Zoey has gotten so big and fat. Her and Xander look by the dinning room door everyday. i feed the birds and squirrels so they can watch them. You would have enjoyed this too. I do still talk to you beneath the deck and tell you how much I love and miss you. I cry every time I talk about you to Jessica. You were my baby for 15 years.
Enjoy your playtime. I love you and will write soon.

5/5/11 - My Coby, I am so sorry that I have neglected writing to you. As you know, Gramma has been very sick and I needed to give her all of my attention. This didn't mean that you weren't on my mind or in my heart. This didn't mean that I don't still hurt and cry for you. this didn't mean that I no longer sleep with your bunnies at my headboard because I still do. this didn't mean that I didn't save your bowls or your pictures around the house..I still have it all.
I know that you met Gram when she passed on March 7th. A week before she died, I told her to look for you. She asked me if you would recognize her and I said "he is still with us everyday...how could he ever forget you". This made her cry. I want to know that you are together and have crossed the rainbowsbridge together. I can't wait to see you and her again. I fear nothing now knowing that you are both waiting for me. I am ready if God wants me. We all remembered your birthday on April 16th and we also celebrate Zoey's birthday on your day. We will never forget or replace you. I love you so much. Your eyes were the windows to you soul. I still look INTO them when I see your picture on the windowsill. You are my little man and will always be my little man. loving you always and forever..Mommy

7/6/11 - How are you my little man? I know that you are with Gramma now running around and putting smiles on her face. I miss you still so very very much. You will never be replaced. Brooke talks about you whenever she visits and asks if you are still in heaven. Everyone misses you. You were my little partner in everything...always by my side. Remember when we used to play hide and seek... I loved the sound of your nails on the floor and you ran around looking for me. I loved the look on your face when you found me. The love that always shined through your magical eyes. I love and miss you Coby...very very much. Mommy

10/19/11 - Hi my little man, today is Gramma's birthday. I can't begin to tell you how much pain I am in right now. I think about her all the time. I sit in her room at times and just cry...I think about the times you would come into her room and lay on the floor by her bed looking at us with those beautiful soulful eyes. So much has happened since last I wrote to you. although I know that you are always with us, I want to tell you that Jessica got engaged last night. Daddy and I are so very happy. She is very happy.... If it wasn't for Jessica, we would never have had you to love. I thank her for wanting a dog, a special dog, like you who gave us unconditional love every day, every moment. Erica is making confirmation today, Donna can't celebrate her birthday...Gram is not here to celebrate with her. Aunt Irene is in heaven too, but you probably already saw her there...I still think about you every day. I love and miss your breath on my face and the kisses on my legs or feet as you passed by me. It will be 2 years on Oct. 26th. Until we see eachother again, remember how much I loved you.

12/25/11 - You are so very very missed. You found your present under the tree as usual. you little bunny. for a minute, I thought you were standing by my side when i was sitting at the table. I am sure you were there. I love you so much. the pain will never go away ...ever. You are my little man and I will never forget you. Please look for me when my day comes and greet me with your beautiful eyes. Tell Gram I send my love and watch over her. love you

12/26/11 - I wanted to tell you again how much I love you. I watched a video of you today and it reminded me of how special you truly were to me............you are my little man...my sone...my Cobinator. I love you.
1/3/12 - I love and miss you. we talked about you on New Year's day how you would watch over each baby when they were born... you wouldn't let anyone near them if they would cry...Michael, Erica, Daniela and Victoria...you would just growl and snip. we love you so much and everyone here misses you especially at Christmas time. love you my little man.

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