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Memories of Coach
Coach lived 12 beautiful years. He was my first furbaby. He was my heart. I picked him out of a playpen in September of 1998 in Sacramento, California. He was my constant companion, little baby, from that day forward. I carried him around for the first few weeks I had him. He was so cute! He would waddle when he walked as a puppy and I nicknamed him "Punkin". He was my baby. We moved together a total of 7 times in his 12 years and he was always adaptable especially if he was with me. I took him to many places because I never liked leaving him for too long. We traveled to Lake Tahoe together, Yosemite National Park, we drove 1,500 miles from CA back to Louisiana in 2001. He was the constant in the 12 years of my life I had him as my baby. He was well taken care of, vet appointments, teeth cleanings, grooming appointments, and lots of rides in the car hanging out the window. I miss him so much. Six years ago, we moved in with Lovekat. Kathy Abshire is my life partner and Coach called her Lovekat. He loved her so much. I was so happy that they bonded, he would connect with her like he would with me. We shared 6 years together as a family and many cherished memories. I miss the way Coach and I would take naps in the afternoon. I miss his authoritative personality and alpha-dog growls and barks. I miss his smell, his kisses, those lips, and that liver-colored nose. My heart is broken with the loss of our Coach. I miss his presence, and he had a big presence! I feel like a part of my body is missing definitely a piece of my heart. Coach always wanted to be where we were. If we were outside in the yard he would bark until we brought him outside. If I would be sitting in a chair without him he would beg until I put him on my lap. He was a true lap dog! I miss him sleeping with us. He would lick his sweet little lips before falling asleep and then deep sigh. This is how I knew he was ready to rest. Coach comforted us when we were sad and gave us sweet kisses every night. He always had to be the highest. When all of us were in the living room, us and his fur brother Tanner and fur sister Jayne he would climb to the top of the pillows on the chair or sofa to be "on top". He had a fetish for underwear and toilet paper. He would go into the bathroom if the door were left open and get into the garbage can and shred kleenex and toilet paper. He would dig in our hamper, find our underwear and shred that too. He was still doing this a week before he passed away. If we were eating at the coffee table and he was sitting on the sofa at shoulder height, he would tap us on the shoulder to let us know he wanted something. He would also tap me to pet him and shower him with love and attention. He was a little man in a dog body. I really connected with him. He was beautiful, white and blond and brown. He was big for a shih tzu- 19 pounds. He loved to rub his face in the pillows and rub his eyes. He took good care of himself by stretching every morning to start his day. He always greeted us at the door with a wagging tail and frisky little body. He was always so happy to see us. He would shake one of his stuffed babies to show us how happy he was. We experienced so much together in 12 years. He was my greatest companion, unconditional love ever. My heart is broken and I miss Coach so very much. We love you Coach soooooo much and can't wait to reunite with you.
Lovekat picked up your ashes today. I couldn't do it. We are picking out your urn tonight and planning a memorial at our old house on 114, in the backyard you loved so much and took charge in.
I miss you so much my little man. I love you and can't wait to see you again my love.
I miss you my love. I keep waiting to dream about you. I love you so much!!
You visited me in my dream last night. I know it was you, I felt it. I felt your energy and love. You showered me with sweet kisses like you always did. You were healthy and happy. I miss you so much and Lovekat misses you too!! Can't wait to see you again!! I love you so much my sweet little angel.
You've been gone 1 year my angel. Oh, how Lovekat and I miss you so much and talk about you everyday. We miss your cute little personality and compassionate heart. I hope you are near. I see little shih tzu's all the time and none are as cute as you with your liver-colored nose. I hope you are pain free and loving on your Nana who went to heaven this year. Give her lots of kisses. I love you so much, you are a huge part of my heart and always will be.

It's almost 3 years now since you've been gone physically from us. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and love you!

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