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Memories of Clydie Baby
Clyde you were such a special cat everyone loved you. You were so handsome and kind. You sat outside on the gate post waiting for someone to stop and stroke you (they always did). You have made our lives a better place - we all miss you so much, life just wont be the same - you were always a vocal cat you let us know you were around! We feel so proud you let us love you. Sleep tight - see you later alligator xxx xxx xxx

Dear Clydie, Patchcat and Littlesam are missing you they keep looking to see were you are so I am sending their love to you XX

Clydie, Always in our minds we miss you so much XXX

Clydie, We took Patch to vet yesterday our first visit since you and I find it so sad. I miss you XXX

Clydie you are always in our thoughts our darling cat xxx

Clydie it does not seem to get any easier without seeing you - you are always in my thoughts - i love you - mummy xxxxxxx

My love is still with you my darling boy - you are in my heart love mummy xxxxx

Hi My love I have not been to see you for a while but you are always in my heart. I hope you have been to Peter for a stroke - I know you have - I love you

Clydie - it is grandad's birthday today - go to him for me and let him stroke you. We all still miss you so much - you are still in our hearts xxxx

Clyde - I am missing you still - it seems such a long time - Love you as always XXXXX

Clydie - It's coming up for a year now and there is never a day that goes by without me thinking of you - lots of things have happened in that time and I know you are there during the good and bad times - Daddy, Jason,Patch and Sam still miss you we all love you loads xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx
Hi my darling Clydie I love you so much and miss you - sleep tight little one - see you later alligator - Mummy xxx xxx xxx
Hi My darling boy - well we have another one sent to us how could I refuse the same circumstances as you came to us - she is named Radley Claudette and she is 8 months old. She will never replace you no-one ever will but I feel you sent her and for that I am grateful - love you my gorgeous boy love mummy xxxxx

Clydie - it is that time again and you are still in my thoughts - I miss you so much and love you loads & loads you are in my heart always - mummy xxx

Clydie - we have a new granddaughter now Ava Lily - she is beautiful. We still miss and think of you all the time. Sam is just like you now - love you loads xxxxxx

Clydie Baby - it has been a long time since I have paid you a visit - but a day never goes by without me thinking of you with love and the fondest of memories - I love you still and always will

27.08.2012 - Clydie Baby today is a very sad day in our household - your brother little Sam left us to join you - take care of him give him the biggest kiss and remember that Mummy and Daddy will always love you both XXXXXXX

Clydie Baby - Still in my heart - I love you - mummy xxxxxxxxx

Clydie Baby - Still think of you love you loads and loads xxxxxxxxxxxx

Clydie Baby - your brother Little Sam came to join you yesterday look after him for Mummy and Daddy give him the biggest possible Kiss we love you both and always will XXXXXXXXX

Clydie Baby and Littlesam - I miss you both so much - I feel grateful to have had you both in my life - I am sitting in the study knowing you are both with me in spirit - night night clydie and pepys I love you both xxxxxx Mummy 25.09.12

6.02.13 - Patchcat is now with you boys the lady is keeping you in line ! Patchcat we love you so much it hurts like mad but deep down we know we did the right thing to release you from your pain take care my darling Patchy and look after the boys all our love mummy and daddy xxxxxxx

4.10.13 - My heart has been really heavy just lately I miss all 3 of you so much I hope you are looking out for each other, Clydie so long but never ever forgotten, Little sam my baby samuel pepys I am still in shock and miss you beyond belief and finally my little girl Patchcat or bitchcat as you were affectionately known I have lost my companion and it hurts - I love each and every one of you XXX XXX XXX

10.10.2016 I love and miss all 3 of you. We now have a lovely grandson Sebastian. Love you all mummy xxx

03.10.2016 my thoughts are with my 3 babies... I love and miss you so much ... Such much time has passed but I think of each of you often xxx mummy

11.10.19 I miss and love you 3 so much lots of love mummy xxx

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