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Memories of Clubber Lang
Clubber was truly a gentle giant. He was afraid of the smallest things yet thought he could fit in the tiniest spaces. He loved to be outside, loved to be snuggled and loved his family. He never gave kisses (what dog doesn't lick?!). But, he gave amazing hugs. He would paw at you to let you know that he wanted to be petted. And, he loved when you scratched his ears.
He was a spoiled baby and got a bath every 4 weeks. For the most part it was a struggle to get him in the bath tub. He got many, many treats just to get him to step one foot in the tub. But, that was the only way it would work. There was no way he would be near a hose. Way too scared.
He loved a nightly walk and a good mile or so would do the trick. He was a depressed little soul until he got outside. Once that was done, he was as happy as can be.
He was a picky eater but never passed up a treat. And by treat, we mean dog treats. He didn't eat much people food at all. He was picky. Silly Dane.
He never had to learn how to swim. We would take him to the lake and he could walk out as far as possible and still be able to hang with the other dogs. He was so special. One of his favorite places was the dog park or Bark Ave. (his day care).
Everywhere he went, we received so much attention. Even more attention than our babies would receive. He had an impact on everyone that met him. Losing Clubber was a complete devastation for us all (including our extended family and friends).

We miss him every single day. We have him buried at a pet cemetery just a few miles down the road. We visit him frequently and we are proud that our 3 year old son still remembers him and talks often about him. He is irreplaceable but we know that he wants us to be happy.

We love you, Clubber Lang!

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