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Memories of Cleopatra
I'll never forget the day we met at the shelter. The volunteer picked you up out of a chair and put you on the floor then instructed me to sit. You immediately jumped into my lap. I knew then you were my baby.

When I brought you home, you jumped up onto the coffee table and knocked over the urn that held your predecessor Copernicus. I told you to show respect for the dead as I set the urn upright. You promptly knocked the urn over again. Ok, I mumbled, the urn will be moved elsewhere. It was clear you were now the "Cat of the House".

We had many experiences over the years. There was the time I bought a piece of pumpkin pie and left it on the sink to eat later. As I watched television, you knocked the pie off the sink and the lid flipped open. I caught you licking it joyously as you scooted it across the floor. I remember coming home to the condo on Villa Drive ievery night and looking up to see you in your "kitty hammock" waiting for me. You gave unconditional love and comforted me at the death of each one of my parents. Together we made the move to our new condo in 2014. You were too scared to venture past the top of the basement stairs for the first few weeks but eventually you came to "own" the place.

Our bond grew stronger after you got sick in 2015. The extra care you needed was sometimes overwhelming but I would do it all again. The last couple of weeks with you I felt that you were getting tired of fighting. You tried so hard to keep going but your little body just got weaker as the disease took its toll. I think I knew we were getting close to saying goodbye. Maybe you did too. You stopped greeting me at the door when I came home. You kept to yourself instead of sleeping on the footrest of my chair during tv time. I find myself wondering if you were trying to prepare me for life when you were no longer there.

I am comforted knowing you are no longer in pain. I know we will someday see each other again. Please know I will never forget you and will love you always. ❤

Yesterday I received your paw prints and a tuft of your hair along with a sympathy card from the animal hospital. I cried fresh tears as I touched your fur. The house seems so quiet without you here. I miss you so much Cleo 😢.

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