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Memories of Cleo
My dear Cleo, you picked me, I didn't pick you
Everyone wanted you and I wanted something that no one else could have.
I was told you were special and at the time that was just what I needed. I forgot how to love and you brought it back, I forgot how to laugh and you taught me to laugh at myself. I will
Never forget your love of tents, the time you out smarted me, standing behind me while I waited for you to emerge from your hidden cave.

The years flew by, you went to the vet, wore your cone of shame, and flipped food in the air with it to eat.

You gained weight and your cat sitter put you on a diet. You became an artists muse, the Center of a photography show on the lower east side, The artist said I had to
Buy a print, you were in the New York Times.

As you got older you gave your service to aunt Claire, at first reluctant then you became a pair. When she got sick you came back to me, when she got sick years later you came back again, but then it was we, me you and Dalton.

You slowly learned to love your friends, Jack and Veronica. We marveled at how smart you were and always a good and pretty girl.

I cherish the days you sat in the window following a leaf, then a squirrel and the children running from the bus. You were outside once, but your real home was in my heart and it will always be.

How you remembered the apartment in NY each time you came back, your tail wagged so hard and you purred a day straight. You went to the forbidden closet, snuck in the basement at aunt Claire's and threw up bugs. You would never let us take you down. Your secret is safe with us.

Please walk slowly over the rainbow bridge. Find uncle Al, aunt Julie, Bobby and good friends who will show you around. We will be there one day and you can be a big girl and welcome and take care of us.

I will always have you near, it's no secret that I will put you and your paw print in my home and tell everyone I know that I forever know What it is to love.

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