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Memories of Clancy

Clancy my black Labrador retriever was born August 5, 1994 and eight weeks later he was resting on my lap going to his forever home. Over the next 14 years 8 months and 8 days he was my best friend, my alarm clock, a tireless athlete, a dish cleaner, border patrol, a floor cleaner, lap sitter, a fearless protector, a foot warmer, taste tester, a towel for my tears, a huge neck that begged to be hugged, a tail that never stopped wagging and ......my rock.

Clancy was a gentle giant at 90 pounds He had his little oddities - not liking water. If a drop landed on him, he would run around and roll in the grass making sure that that drop was off of him! Bathing him was a challenge. He never chased a cat, a bird or any other creature that might happen along -- he welcomed them all into his yard and wherever we might be.

The vacuum cleaner -- well now.... that was his personal doggie spa. At the sound of the vacuum coming out of the closet there he was giving me a gentle head butt against my leg -- so of course I would put the upholstery nozzle on and vacuum him and when I stopped he would follow me around hoping for seconds.

He never ever growled at anyone and rarely barked; he welcomed all and was happy all the time. As the years progressed and he slowed down he would slowly wander the yard. I would watch him, and he would stop at flowers and plants and sniff them as if taking everything in and enjoying the moment. He loved the fruit trees in the yard and would wander around and ever so gently pick a fruit off and then deposit the seed on the ground.

During his battle with cancer the last three years -- he seemed to take all in stride, would go right into the door of his oncologist and greeted all the staff with his non-stop tail wagging -- no fears. One day he told me he was tired, we had our visit and last walk and ......on June 13, 2009 at 11:30 PM he passed.

My heart and soul aches to the very core. He was my rock and saw me through happy times and some of the darkest days of my life always by my side, relentless in his efforts to dry my teary eyes, or make me smile or just sit next to me knowing that I needed his presence. Clancy is missed more than anyone will know; I hold so many fond memories and still expect to see his wagging tail and sweet face.

I realize he was here to see me through a journey -- now I must continue that journey without him -- I am forever grateful and the lessons I have learned from him will be cherished. I will strive to be a kinder and gentler person -- to slow down and truly enjoy the moment and ....stop and smell the flowers along the way -- just as Clancy did.
Clancy was born a dog, but he died a gentleman.....

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