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Memories of Citrus
Memories of our baby begin in 1999. Our family was at a relative's home during the holidays and Citrus was a tiny kitten brought all the way from Florida (that is where we got the name). Relatives were looking for a home for this gorgeous cat who looked like a mix of some exotic breed. She was that gorgeous. I remember her beautiful tiny face eating fresh shrimp and how she loved it. She was so beautiful and I knew I wanted to adopt her right then and there. It took about a week because she was originally given to someone else who decided their dog did not get along with cats. To my luck, I brought her home with us. She sat in the backseat of the car with my mother in law on a holiday evening. When she got to our house, all she did was follow us from room to room. She was very inquisitive and would always talk to us. She was such a beauty! Long haired amber colored cat with amber eyes. As a kitten, she loved to run, jump, climb and eat. She was always sleeping with us, especially on my husband's stomach. She was just wonderful. As she got older, she was a cat that would always come out and greet our friends and family with her meow. She was so loved by us and she loved us back. She loved chicken, fish, and tuna. She was our family and friend. We all miss her tremendously.

I am crying as I write this, because we just miss her so, so much.

9/17/17: It is five days since we lost you and I miss you. I miss you jumping up on the washer and dryer when I do my laundry. I miss you talking to me the minute I walked in the door from work. I miss you talking to me when I get up in the morning. I miss picking you up and cuddling you. I miss your excitement when I gave you a slice of turkey and how you loved it so much. I miss you in the house!! We are so blessed to have had you in our family as long as we did...18 years! My sweet Citrus, may you be playing with Chloe, my other love that went over the bridge. I miss you. Not the same in this house without you. Love you.
9/19/17: My dearest Citrus, each time, I walk in the door from work, it is silence. Missing you and loving you. You gave our family years of unconditional love.I have your photo in a frame where we see you each day. You will never be forgotten. Miss you terribly. Hope you are meeting a lot of friends at Rainbow Bridge.Love you.
9/21/17: It is over one week that you went to Rainbow Bridge.I hope you are comfortable and happy.The house is just not the same without you. Scarlet looks for you and so does Domino. Actually, Domino is sitting in your favorite spot. Since she is so chubby, I could not believe she jumped up so high. She was looking for you this morning...looking in all your spots. I had to tell her that you went to a beautiful place. Love you my sweet cat. Miss you so much. Will never forget you.
9/23/17: Hi Citrus...I miss you and love you. Will never forget you. We have a beautiful photo that your Aunt made in our living room. Every time someone comes to the house, they will see your photo and how gorgeous you were.Love you so much. Hope you are playing with Chloe.
9/25/17: Thought of you when we had a roasted chicken. How you loved chicken!May you be having fun and eating all the chicken you can handle. Tuna too! Love you so much and think of you daily. God bless.
9/27/17: Thinking of you my dear pet.Miss you every day.Will never forget you.Love you forever.oxoxox
10/2/17: My love Citrus. I think of you every single day. Love you.
10/7/17: My little furball, I thought of you today while putting my Fall decor in the picture window. I know how you loved to sit in that window and watch the world go by as you basked in the sunlight. My fur angel, may you be basking in the sun as I write this. Miss you.
10/15/17: Think of you every single day. Not one day has passed that I do not.You are missed very much.
10/21/17: over one month since you went to Rainbow Bridge. My precious Citrus, I think I hear you often. And..yesterday, it was a beautiful Fall day and I saw a gorgeous butterfly that had your coloring (brown/gold) and was just flying around the front of our house in the sunshine. I was thinking is this you telling me you are at peace and saying hi? You will never be forgotten. Love you.
10/29/17: I thought I heard you this morning.Was it you?I heard a meow. I know I am not losing my mind....it is a rainy Sunday here and I am thinking about you. You were such a beauty and I still remember you as a kitten following me into every room I went. I feel bad Citrus, that I did not hold you when you were leaving us.I was rushing out the door, and I feel so guilty about the fact that I did not take the time to spend with you on the last night. I always held you and said hi when I walked in the door, but that night I was in a hurry and running late. I am so sorry my angel and hope you can forgive me. I could not stand the thought of every saying good-bye to you. But..I think, had I known, and as hard as it would be, would never have even left the house. I miss you so much. Love you
11/4/17: Have not forgotten you my pet and never, ever will. I was talking about you yesterday to someone I met. She was telling me she missed her cat that she lost after only 3 years. So lucky to have had you for 18 years.Miss you so much. God bless you my fur baby.
11/11/17: I am thinking about you. You were loved very much. Had roasted chicken for dinner this week and you were not there for me to share it with. I know you are healthy and happy now.Love you my furbaby.God bless you.
11/18/17: Visting you today. Want you to know I am not forgetting you my pet.Love you forever.
11/25/17: Happy Thanksgiving Citrus.I missed feeding you turkey.I know how much you love it!I hope you are having fun at Rainbow's Bridge.I love and miss you always.
12/2/17: Thinking of you as I unpack Christmas stockings and one was there for you.Love you.
12/9/17: My weekly visit to you. Hope you found a lot of friends to play with. I found your "Meowy Christmas card" that I made up about 4 years back. You were beautiful. Love and miss you.
12/16/17: Sending my loves and hugs my precious cat. Never forgetting you.
12/24/17: Our first Christmas without you.I found your Christmas stocking and will miss filling it for you my sweet furbaby.God bless you forever.We miss and love you always. Never to be forgotten.
1/1/18: Happy New Year Citrus. May you be having fun with your friends at Rainbows Bridge. Love and miss you always.God bless. 1/6/17: Weather has been very cold here Citrus.Even colder without our furbaby. Love you. 1/12/17:checking in on you and looking at your photos here.You were a gorgeous cat and so affectionate. We know you loved us and we loved you too.Love you my pet. 1/20/18 - We celebrated my birthday the other day but without you there. Missed you.I have a photo of you on my phone & some stranger admired how beautiful you were the other day.Love and miss you my precious. 1/29/18: it has been 4 months and I think of you often. I spoke about you today to a friend that lost their cat Chloe...did you meet Chloe over the bridge the other day? Hope you played and had fun. Love and miss you my Citrus.oxox 2/3/18-we miss you every day. you were not merely a cat. you were a family member that was loved so, so much. God Bless you. 2/11/18: I stopped by today to bring you yellow roses.You will never be forgotten.Love you 2/23/18: Thinking of you and always missing you. Glad I can come here to visit you here. Love you always. 3/18/18: My little fur baby, I have not forgotten you nor will I ever as long as I am on this earth. You were the most precious pet. I think of you often and miss you very much. I wanted to stop by today and tell you I am thinking of you and hope you are living your life over the bridge with so many friends. Love you forever.3/31/18 - Happy Easter! God bless you my little fur ball.We think of you every day.Love you and will never forget you. Ever!! 4/9/18:Hi Citrus,I stopped here to bring you some bright flowers. Although it is still cold here, I wanted to brighten "our day". Miss you jumping up and greeting me when I walk in the door every day.Used to love how verbal you were.Love you precious. 4/22/18: I have NOT forgotten you my pet. Never will.Hope you are running free in the field right now and have so many beautiful friends.Love you always.Think of you all the time...5/5/18: I am always close to you when I visit your page.Know how loved you were.So blessed to have had you in our life for so long.Love you my precious pet.oxox Never, ever forgotten. 5/19/18: Came to visit you today. Want you to know I am thinking about you. Love you and miss you my pet. oxox 6/3/18: Love you Citrus!Never forgotten...EVER. 6/23/18 Thinking of you my precious furbaby.Love you and miss you always.oxox 7/1/18:Dearest Citrus, Love and miss you so much & will always miss you until we see each other again.
7/22/18-Never forgotten my sweet furbaby.Hope you are getting love from your fur pals over Rainbow's Bridge. Love you. 8/5/18 - Everytime I come and visit you here and look at your photo, I say what a gorgeous cat you were.I still miss you talking and jumping up everytime I walked in the door.Your photo is my screen saver on my phone so I look at you every day my sweet pet. You will never be forgotten by me. Love you. 8/20/18: Sorry I have not visited in a few weeks.I often think of you. Miss you always. Love you. 9/1/18: It has been almost one year since you went over Rainbow's Bridge. But not a day has gone by, Citrus, that you are not thought of.Love you...ox 9/9/18: Thinking of you today.It is almost a year now that you left us.You were a wonderful pet and loved so much.ox my furbaby...9/23/18: It is over one year now that you have left us and we miss you every day. God Bless you my little pet. Mommy loves you every single day. 9/29/18: Hi my precious...wanted to say hi and I love you. Your cousin Gia should be there now and hoping you are both playing together. Love you always my baby.oxox - 10/27/18 Thinking of you my sweet pet. Always loved and always and forever missed. Never forgotten.oxoxoox 11/10/18: Hope your in peace in Heaven and over Rainbows Bridge. I think of you always. Love you so much; 12/8/18: I am sorry I have not visted in a while.I hope you are with your friends and Gia too. I love you my pet and miss you every single day. God bless you my love. ox

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