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Memories of Cisco
Cisco was born on September 30, 2002 in Topeka, Kansas. He died on February 14, 2011, at Twin Rivers Veterinary Clinic in Columbus, Nebraska upon losing his battle with brain cancer. He was adopted on December 18, 2002 from the Lawrence Humane Society into our family. Our family at that time consisted of Caitlin (myself), Carole (my partner),Flit (Green Cheeked conure),Jupiter (cockatiel), Abby (Cockatoo), Freckles (female brittany spanial), JoJo (male tan/white cat), Daniel (female tan/white cat) and Boots (female calico). Cisco was a lover with a bark making him sound like a fighter. He loved playing with his siblings, playing fetch with his stuffed "hotdog", and basking in the sun. Cisco was always there when anyone needed a smile with his crazy dashing about the house to his always available loving cuddles. Cisco lost his buddy Freckles within a year of joining the family. He was so lonely and let us know that he wanted another canine sibling about three months after her passing. His sister, Coyo, (Australian shepherd) was then adopted from the Lawrence Humane Society. Coyo was about 5 months old and tried to "herd" Cisco around the yard within the first week of her joining the family. Cisco would have none of that!!! He quickly taught Coyo who was boss. Cisco may have been the smallest of the crowd.... with the biggest attitude and they knew it. Cisco loved life. He travelled to Colorado Springs, CO; Yankton, SD; St. Louis, MO; and many places between Kansas and Nebraska. His favorite color was blue. His three favorite "unoccassional treats" were Lay's potato chips, white cheese popcorn, and ice cream (vanilla of course). His favorite treat was licking out the remaining peanut butter out of it's jar. To the delight of Coyo, Cisco had boundless energy. Not always so much to the delight of his feline siblings. Cisco gladly welcomed new family members and gently comforted those near the end of their days. He and Coyo also loved to visit their best friends Cloe and Nala and have play dates at each other's homes. Those four together... INVINCIBLE...and...INDESTRUCTIBLE!! Cisco was loved by many and will be missed by many as well. Cisco is survived by his mom, Caitlin; his sister, Coyo: and his brother, Obi-wan (male gray/white feline). He was preceded in death by his other mother, Carole; his sisters Freckles, Daniel, Boots,Abby, Flit, Jupiter, and Meeko: and his brothers JoJo, Phoenix, and Scooter. He will be meeting a new friend, Charlie, who passed away on December 10, 2010.

Hey there buddy. We sure are missing you around here. Did you know Coyo gave you lots of kisses before you were buried on Monday? She needed to say good-bye to her best brother of 8 years. I hope you like your spot in the yard. I know your spirit is lighting up Rainbow Meadow. Coyo and I went for a walk today and it was sure lonely without your extra enthusiasm. We took a different way because it was too hard to go our usual path. On the way home Coyo spotted a chihuahua that looked pretty similar to you. She kept pulling and pulling to go that way....hoping it was you. I wish it had been. It has been really hard sleeping for me, Coyo, and Obi. I am so used to you burrowing your way under the covers

and finding that space just behind my knees. Coyo then snuggled up to us on the other side. She doesn't feel you next to her either. Obi has been roaming the house looking for you aimlessly. He misses your chases in the house. You have had a lot of cool visitors to your site. I also have been told that you have met some really cool friends. Be sure to introduce Charlie to them too, okay? Also, be nice to all your siblings up there who have been there awhile. Carole will keep an eye on you up there too. I am gonna go for now. There are some people here that want to say hi to you also. I love you buddy. Mom

Littel guy... caitlin towld us yu wer heer. we miss yu and ar making a pitchur of yu for caitlin. it iz not yu but we hoop it maks her smil . we luv yu. kelly and jessie and miles and caleb

2/20/2011 - Another sleepless night little buddy. I'm so used to laying down, then letting you get situated under the covers, then finishing settling in myself. All or your 9 pounds next to me is greatly missed. Coyo found one of your toys yesterday...(I know they were ALL YOUR toys.... however she played with hers and didn't bother yours much)... anyways she brought it up on the couch. I thought she wanted to play fetch with it. She just wanted to lie down with her head beside it. Needed to smell you near her. Did you see us outside yesterday? Coyo running around in circles and dashing about the fenceline? I don't do her the playing justice you sure did. It is too quiet here. I am so sorry I complained if you barked just a little too much or too often at times. I would love to hear it now. One more thing... I completely forgot to tell you to look for Buster too. You never met him...he was your uncle. You will know him I am sure. He also loves to run and play, sunbathe, and enjoy popcorn now and then. Introduce him to Charlie, Kola, Pressy, and all your new friends okay? More people have stopped by and said wonderful things about you. I thank God I had the chance to have you in my family. You sure left a big impression. I love you big guy. Mom

4/17/2011 - Haven't forgotten about you my little guy. Thinking alot about you lately. Spring is trying to make it's way here. It has been so crazy from 73 degrees to snow on Friday. I think we all decided to put the birdbath next to your grave. The birds splashing in the water used to amuse and drive you crazy!!!!! I see you healthy and happy in my dreams. We all miss you bunches. Easter is next Sunday. I love you always and forever. Mom

10/24/11 - Don't worry little man... you have definitely not been forgotten. September 30th was a very hard day. It would have been your 9th birthday. I just so happened to have finished a jar of peanut butter... and split it in two.. gave half to Coyo and half to a new member of our family Duncan. He was born on September 1st, 2010. He is a chihuahua-dachshund mix. I know you are irreplaceable Cisco...yet I think a little of you resurrected in him. There is noooo way the two of you could have lived in the same house together,however. Too many male hormones. He has been good for Coyo and Obi too, though. Coyo has missed you so terribly... she kept refusing to go walking... you know how she can get. Now she has a little spring in her step. She is getting out again. I know she senses you near... esp. when Duncan gets on her nerves:) We are going to be making a new headstone for your grave this fall. It is 73 degrees here today... you would be so loving the sun on your back. Just basking away. Haven't even had a hard freeze yet... and the leaves on the yard... yes, really, I have gotten a bit lazy this year. Mowing them up instead of raking. Sure helps on the back:) It does not make our OCD yard neighbor happy, though. I can't worry about his OCD though, I have enough of my own...right? I love you little buddy. I know you are looking down on us each and every day. Alaric and Adalena miss you too. When they visit, they always look under the big rock over your grave and think you will be there. Then they say, "He's watching us and having fun." I know you are. I love you. I miss you buddy. Mom

6/21/2012 - Hi Cisco. Sorry it has been so long. I was just able to renew coming back to see you. Feel like such an awful mother that I can't even afford to keep your page up... You're at least renewed for another year. Sad to say, I have had the cement mix and mold to pour it in sitting on the kitchen counter for the past 3 months. We pass the cleared spot in the yard for your headstone to be placed... once it is made.. and yet it has not been accomplished. I don't know.. it's like that final step, you know. It truly has nothing to do with you. I remember you so vividly in my mind... it's like that stone actually signifies the final covering of you in the ground. I know that "you" are not really there anyways. You are running happy and free. Enjoying the sun, peanut butter, and french fries. So have you seen what's been going on down here? Well.. to put it bluntly... dog obedience training starts next month. That Duncan is a rascal. Even though you have no relation in litter... your spirit resides within him.... thus the need for training. Coyo turned 10 on the 1st. She can't hide her gray hairs as well as I can. I think she has collected a significant amount with Duncan always bouncing around wanting to play... jumping on her... remind you of anyone? Yes.. you can deny all you want. Poor Coyo never had a chance of peace with you and it has carried on with Duncan. Secretly...it keeps her young, and she would be awfully depressed without that spunk around. Are you as amazed as I am at how Coyo continues to just glide up and down the yard...some days no signs at all of arthritis, aging, ...nothing. Obi and Duncan have even restarted your wrestling matches. Regardless of the sense of some normalcy here, you are missed my young boy. No animal has yet developed the connection in spirit and feelings that we had. That's not gonna happen like that again. You were one of a kind. Such a little guy with such a big heart. I will get out there soon and get that headstone done.. just to cover the bald spot in the yard, though. (I moved the big rock that was there because this was going to be done right away.) Alaric and Adalena will be here again soon for their monthly summer stay. I'll probably let them add their own painted touches as well. You would like that. I love you always and forever. Mom

2/14/13 Happy 2nd Anniversary Buddy!!! May not get to write so much... but you are never forgotten my little boy. Do you have snow up there too? I can just see you getting lost in each drift.. and then bounding ever so effortlessly out!!! I laugh out loud at the thought of it. Well today your life has been celebrated again. The animals are so happy with all the extra treats they received today in your honor. Especially the peanut butter. I love you bunches buddy. No one will ever match the heart of gold you possessed. Take care and keep greeting all the newbies that arrive. Until we meet again my son. Love, Mom

2/19/14 Hey there Buddy!!! Just letting you know that you are thought of daily. Your pic is in every room and I still catch myself calling for you to come in with Coyo even though you have been gone for three years. I know you are having such a great time with all your pals up there. Don't get them in too much trouble :) I love you my boy. Love, Mom

3/3/15 Don't worry little buddy....we think of you everyday and all day long each and every Valentine's Day!! Can't believe it has been 4 years...doesn't seem possible!! Always in my heart!! Love, Mom

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