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Memories of Cioppi
Cioppi rescued me
He came into my life when it was full of sorrow and loneliness.I took him from the hands of kids who were killing him.He was a ugly black fur ball...He walked on only 3 legs,the other one had been already broken by the children!
I gave him a bath and was planning to put him back in the garden: I was here just temporarily, I could not have a doggy now...
After the bath he was shaking all over his body, I held him in my arms and he looked at me his brown eyes deep inside mine and stopped shaking :that was the beginning of our life!!!
I was working long hours and he was destroying everything in the house as a revenge!! Nobody could come near to me, only my 2 real friends...no locals: he knew they had been bad to him...
Cioppi mio you were protecting me in a pretty wild way! You were a street dog, but now had a mama and a wonderful life and you wanted to defend it.
We changed Country and you were so happy, green grass, fresh climate, your health got better and better thanks to Doctor Patsy Sercombe.She was wonderful, and thanks to her we had 14 years of happy life!
The best time for you was when my little granddaughter Jessica came to live with us. You loved her so much since the first time we put you together when you were 2 years and she was 5 months!
Everybody was afraid:" he is wild, he will hurt her...".The second day after her arrival I woke up at 6 am, put her on the sofa, than open the door of the room where you had been "isolated" from the day of her arrival, than closed my self inside.
My hart was beating like hell...no sound from the room where the "meeting" was going on...
After 15 minutes I found the courage of going out...Jessica was holding your head, and you were licking her face all over!!!
From that moment You never left her a moment.
You saw her again every year for short holidays: we were in Africa, Jessica in the USA...but every time you were so happy, and never left her alone a minute.... Than not eating for 2 days when he was leaving.
I cut with many friends just because they were "afraid" of you...I did not need nobody, nothing was missing in my life you ,my Cioppi were everything for me.
At 10 a friend decided to let you 'sleep' with her doggy girl...After 3 months she had 11 puppies: I chose the biggest, the most peaceful, the one who loved to be by himself.
I named him Solo, in Italian that means alone, and it is also the name of Hugo Van Lawick's wild dog he followed and studied in the Kenya bush.
Again I was afraid of what you will do to that small baby when I take him home... You were in your favorite place: the porch in the garden...Solo run to you as if he knew you were his daddy...My "wild, dangerous" baby got scared and run some meters away...Than went back and started smelling this funny little one., kissed him and from that moment Solo became Cioppi's shade! He was trying to play, if the father did not want he was just sitting next to him waiting for "orders"... After 6 months the happiest days of our life began: Jessica moved to Kenya and was going to be with us for ever!!!! When she entered in the garden Cioppi run to her: Solo did not know what to do...he looked at the situation and than also jumped to the girl who was sitting on the floor with the 2 kissing her and gently biting her feet!..
2 YEARS OF HAPPY LIFE ALL TOGETHER: I had to learn how to cook pan cakes for my American girl, and we discovered that it was also a favorite of Cioppi and Solo! Those early morning with birds singing, monkeys on the trees, the 4 of us eating "Italian style" pan cakes were PARADISE
But soon everything started to get wrong. Jessica was sent to live and study in Texas, after that Cioppi started to get down every day more.
He had problems with his lever, the legs stiff and hurting...and he was missing his girl!
Every 15 days he was spending a night at the clinic of his wonderful Vet...She was making the miracle: for 2 weeks he was again strong and happy...
2000 was the beginning of the end...He could not play, he was not capable to get upstairs in our apartment, I had to keep him down in the office, then in the evening he was carried up.
I knew the end was near: but he was still happy, every morning at 6 with a lick on my elbow... and squeezing his bear, the doggy, the cat...all his toys to make noise and wake me up!
I had the table in front of television cut to a height of 10 inches, so that he could sit there as he loved to do..
Than came Christmas and the best present for him : his girl came to visit!! He found the strength to jump on her, and for the first time in many months he climbed the stairs all by him self!
After 5 days she went on safari...Next day he refused even to go down in the garden..
It's like if he had waited to see his Jessica once more...and now he was giving up! I prayed, I could not let him go...But it was the end and nothing more could be done,,
On the first I helped him to go down the stairs...he was in terrible pain: even if poor Solo was going just near to him he was crying!!!
Reached the door to the garden he did not make one step out: he just collapsed down, and even his head was kind of difficult to keep up..
A last effort, he turned his head slowly all around his garden...the corner where he was hunting geckos, the place where a wildcat had entered one day, the porch where we were having breakfast every morning, the pepper tree where he used to sit in the evening..
Than he looked at me! My hart stopped beating..., he looked deep in my eyes and told me: it's time!
I called the English cab: I could never have driven my car in that moment...
The gardener had to lift him with me , I entered in the back seat and he put his head on my feet...
The vet was waiting for us, despite the holiday she was going to the clinic for us...
The clinic was 13 miles from our place...After 20 minutes the driver had to stop for putting gas...
The man of the Petrol station came near my window...:Cioppi jumped up barking as he used to do....How? Where did he find the force to defend me for a last time!!!
I was caressing his wonderful face, tears falling on him the time was not passing, the clinic seemed more far than ever!!! That half hour trip I was dying inside , and that part of me never came to life again.
We reached there and the boy who knew him since so many years came to take him gently from my feet...I was keeping my hand on his head...Than I did something horrible, something for which I will always hate my self. What I did than is haunting me till now every day, every night!!!.
The doctor asked me to enter with him: I could not do it: I was such a coward. I did not have the force to hold him and tell him for the last time how much I loved him!
Solo was lost, did not eat for days..., me I did not even want to touch him: I was thinking Cioppi will be jealous...
4 months of crying and wanting to go with my baby...But Solo needed me...and one day I had the feeling I can see my Cioppi on a small cloud of the Kenya sky...He was telling me :"it's OK for you to love Solo. I know you keep loving me even more"...
I stretched my arm and Solo was there, as soon as I touched him he crawled nearer and started kissing my face and tears...
He is now 10 and soon he will be with you my Cioppi and me too: that will be pure happiness! Can't wait to look into your brown eyes again and see myself inside them!!
E' in questomese piu' o meno che sei entrato nella mia vita 20 annifa qui dove siamo adesso io e Solo.
Ma non ci staremo tanto...non e' bello come allora..Ti ricordi la nostracasa...e la piscina nella roccia dove nuotavi SOLO PER FARE FELICE LA MAMMA??? E quei contenitori per l'acqua nella strada...uno dei quali ti e' servito per nasconderti e aspettare di entrare in casa una notte tardi???Cioppi mio ti vogliamo cosi' bene amore.Sei sempre nel nostro cuore...
Sai, chi ti ha conosciuto qui da "piccolo" si ricorda di te...ma erano tutti terrorizzati ( ah ah ah ah)...Tanto a noi non e' mai mancato l'amore NOI TRE PER SEMPRE
Cioppi mio, by now I was helping you coming down the stairs, it was worst than ever, even Solo could not come near...you were in pain since a long time, and every time Patsy was making the miracle to cure you for some more days...But that day you just look to me with a different expression...We understood each other so well....You asked me 'please mamma let me go'...When you went my heart went with you, since then Solo and I are just keeping going, waiting the wonderful day we will be with you again and for ever.We love you and miss you every second!
mamma e tuo figlio
FEBBRAIO, San Valentino....e' la nostra festa Cioppi, tu Solo ed io , innamorati per sempre!Divertiti, abbi pazienza...speriamo di venire presto da te!
April 2008
Our Solo is 11 Cioppi mio...I am so afraid , so scared to loose him..What will be my life without you and him too? Please, ask the angels there to protect us!We love you Cioppi!
July 2008.....and it was july 11987 when our life changed.....We met, and since than you were my only reason for going on, my only friend, my love!!!!Than you went, but left Solo for me....., now he is getting old..., but strong and sweet and polite as you tought him to be!!!!!!!
You keep looking over him Cioppi mio, ask the angels to let him stay with me longer, and happy as he is now despite my worries! Ti voglio bene Cioppi mio, torno presto da te...aspettami!
28 OCTOBER 2008
cIOPPI MIO, pleease, don t call Solo yet.....Let him stay a little bit longer with me!!!Please!!I live for him, since you left he is my only reason of life! He has cancer, but maybe we can still save him......Please, call all the angels and ask for him to heal!
31 December....7 years ago was our last day together.....Cioppi mio, I am afraid Solo also wants to come to you...He is tired of pain...I am desperate...
31January Solo came to you.I am now completely alone and dead inside.Be good to him, please.Play and let him keep his carpet.I love you both, only you are important to me.
July 2009
Cioppi dolce! You and Solo have to wait a little bit longer for mamma. I want you two to enjoy and never be sorry for me..I just know we will be together again, and this keeps me going! I love you Cioppi!You and Solo stay together always waiting for la mamma!
31 July
Last year Solo started to be sick and see the first vet like to day.Than trips and vets all over this country., and pain, and hopes, and than had to send him to you. Look after him Cioppi, let him play as he always wanted to do with you....and could not because you were too old! Now you are OK, run and run and wait for your mamma.
February 2010
Time runs..and I pray to come to you and Solo very soon.Love you Cioppi mio
I miss you Cioppi, and I remember every second of our life..And those horrible childten hurting you..And you shaking in my arms..., and looking deep into my eyes! Now you are with your son Solo.., just wait a little bit amore mio. I will come soon. Promesso!
31 May
Ciao Cioppi mio! Are you playing with Solo?..are you happy my babies..I know you both miss me,I miss you both with all my soul! I pray every night to come to you soon...The light went off when you left me, and darkness became absolute, when also Solo left...But the light and the sun and the stars will all be for us when we meet again...and this time for ever. Ciao Cioppi! Ti voglio bene spisso!
30 December, almost 31...This are the worse days Cioppi!!!Remember the last days of 2000...and the tree and the presents, still hoping but KNOWING , that the end is near...You wanted to spend with me the last New yesr's ...and you did..., but in the morning you had enough, and asked me to let you go. Since than the 1 of January is NOT a holiday Cioppi mio, it is just sadness and remembering , even after 10 years every moment, or last ones..I LOVE YOU CIOPPI..please be good with Solo:let him play with you...and wait for me I can t wait to be with you two again. MAMMA
13March 2011 ten yers ago Cioppi mio you left Solo and me. We were lost without you ...our wild defenderb and protector...To day is my Birthday...and every year, moth,day...I just wait to come to you my boy, and you son Solo. After you both left there wasb never real joy for me, just up and downs, days and nights ...and waiting for the reunion.....I love you babies...thanks for the party :)))).pray to have one soon with you 2 and cook for you my horrible pan-cakes...the ones you loved so much ...in our porch in Kenya .baci amore mio.
Cioppi, just stopping by to tell you that 10 years are passed, but you are in my heart every day and every moment...Be a good boy and let your son Solo play with you...Spend time together, and wait for me...than it will be the 3 of us for ever! Love you my Cioppi!!!
5 December 2011
Amore mio.., I dreamed of you last night, I know that means that you were next to my bed, watching me as you used to do.I miss you Cioppi. remember our Christmas alone with only a small Panettone to share? but we were so happy together! Wait for me amore, play with your son Solo and wait for me.both of you: than Christmas will be a beautiful holyday again! love you
April 2012
Cioppi mio, Spossi mio, in less than a week it will be Solo Birthday!Please organize a huge party with all the friends there, eat a lot, run and play..., I always wait to be again with you 2 and share the sweets you like so much. I miss you and Solo like the day you left.La vita non ha senso senza di voi due.Ciao amore bello ti adora
la mamma
1.1.2013 one more year without you and Solo:Sad,meaningless time Cioppi mio. I think back to our last hours in 2001, Cioppi : I did not forget a second, and still cry and suffer like than.But as more time goes on, as more I am near to the day I will hug and kiss you again, and this time FOR EVER! Please, be kind to Solo, celebrate together and wait for me : soon I hope !
12 years passed, and I remember every second of that day, and the pain, and the trip to the vet, the desperation, I am sorry Cioppi mio, can't smile to day, as I never really smiled from the heart since you and Solo left me alone. No human love, no real firnds, no joy.That's why I pray every night to wake up there with you 2 my only real loves and Family. A presto Cioppettiello mio..

in 2000 this was our last night together Cioppi mio..., and to morrow one of the worse days of my life. I miss you like that day , and wait to be reunited with you and your son, for ever ad happy as we used to be. Love you Cioppi. 2015 January!...every year I 'live again' the pain of that day Cioppi mio, I did not forget a second of our last day and the trip to Karen, and the tears and the pain! I know you and Solo are waiting for me, and I really long to be with you 2 again! It will be soon my boys, time is passing so slow for me, but I feel you 2 in my heart ALWAYS !
31 January 2017 I waited to day, the 31st of January, Solo's anniversary to come and leave a note for you Cioppi mio.I know you 2 are always together, hope you are kind with Solo, not as 'bossy' as you were down here !It will be soon my boys, not too long o wait until your mamma will come running to hug you. Can't wait amore mio

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