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Memories of Cindy
The first time we saw our sweet girl we knew she was the one. She wrapped her arms around us and stole our hearts. The last 10-1/2 years have been full of love and affection because of her, and she has irreversibly touched our lives in the most positive way. To come home to her smiling face every single day made everything worthwhile. She loved life and lived to the fullest, whether it was jumping off the boat, chasing the ball in the ocean or in the backyard, or just going for her nightly walks. She lived for the moments she could be with those who loved her the most and in turn, we did everything to make her happy, healthy, safe and secure. There could never have been a doubt in her mind that she was our number one. When age began creeping up on her and slowing her down, she never faltered in doing the things she loved to do. She was a little less agile on her feet and it took her longer to climb the stairs, but she was there. She followed us around the house no matter what it took, just to be by our side. Toward the end when she lost the use of her legs, her greatest sorrow must have been that she couldn't come to us. So we came to her. And we brought her with us, carrying her from room to room so she could maintain her daily routine and know we were there. At first she didn't want to disappoint us and soil herself, but being the smart girl she was she quickly got the hang of the diapers, and she knew it was okay. She knew that not only would we not scold her for not going outside, but we would do everything we could to ensure her comfort. She must have felt the intense love we had for her, through her intuitiveness and through all that we did for her - getting up in the middle of the night to ensure her comfort and changing her if she needed it. She had her wheelchair a week before she died, and her daddy modified it to make it as easy as possible for her to maneuver. At last, she was mobile again. She could go on her beloved walks with us at night. Her little front legs moved as fast as they would carry her and she smiled the whole time. We were careful not to take her too far so she wouldn't be stressed. On Thursday, August 18, we embarked on our evening walk, and she was so excited to go once again, to smell the familiar smells and see the familiar sights. On our way home, she spied a neighbor jogging, looked up at her and smiled, slowly dropped her head, and passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. We rushed her home to try and revive her, but by the time she was laid on her comforter, she had left us. Our hearts are broken and the void she has left in our home is unable to be filled. Every room reminds us of her, as we picture her in her favorite corner in our bedroom, or sunning herself in front of the living room window as she watched the world go by. Our only wish, other than to have her back again, healthy and happy, is that everyone in the world could know and experience the kind of love Cindy brought into our lives. Then they would realize pets for what they truly are - gifts of love from God. Now I understand the reason they are given to us for such a short time. It is to teach us to give and accept unconditional love, to learn to accept loss as part of life, and that the absence of a loved one doesn't mean the end. The love they generate never dies and is meant to be a part of us to be shared with others as long as we're here.

God bless you, little Cindy, for all you have given us. We will keep the faith that one day we will see you again. That there IS a Rainbow Bridge and that you will be waiting for us when we get there. And we will. We promise. Play well, sweet one.

4/23/06 - Hey there, baby girl. It's been 8 months now since you left us & we still miss you more than ever. Just wanted to give you a heads up that Grandpa just left us last night, & he's going to need someone to guide him to where he needs to go. So when you see him, run up to him & give him one of your giant hugs - he'll be sooo happy to see you. He loved the way you used to lie on his feet! Be good, sweetie & keep playing. Love & kisses, Mom, Dad, Murphy & your new little sis, Summer.

8/18/06 - Hi Sweetie. It was a year ago today that you left us and it still feels like yesterday. We miss you so very much. So much has happened since you've been gone, but the void you left is still fresh. I hope you're having fun playing with Grandpa, and with little Chelsea who had to leave her mom and dad last month. She looks so much like you and I can imagine you two playing and running together, wondering when we're going to be able to play with you again. We will someday, baby girl. It's a promise. We love you so much. Mommy, Daddy, Murphy and Summer

1/14/07 - Hello, sweet girl. Just wanted to let you know that you are on our minds and in our hearts every day. Your love is with us and never ends. It still hurts that you're not with us here, but we know that someday that will change. Our family trips aren't the same without your sweet smile and your wonderful energy. You will always be God's gift to us and our blessing will be to see you again. Hugs and kisses, sweet girl. Love, Mom, Dad, Murphy and Summer

8/18/07 - Hi, Baby Girl. It was two years ago tonight that we took our last walk with you, and it's still fresh in our hearts - the last time we saw your smile and felt your warmth - and we miss you more than ever. Time only makes us look more forward to the day when we'll be with you again. Your little brother Murphy gets so quiet and sad sometimes, because he still misses you so much. We love you, sweetheart. Take care of Grandpa until we're over the rainbow too. Love & hugs, Mom, Dad, Murphy and Summer

1/16/08 - Hi there, Sweetpea....We're thinking about you as much as ever and still telling everyone what a wonderful girl you are. I guess we always will. After Christmas we stayed at a cabin in the country that had a river running behind it, and woods and fields that went on and on forever. As I watched Murphy and Summer run, I imagined this is just what it's like over the Rainbow Bridge and it made me happy to think of you running and playing, and just as happy as they were. We love you and miss you, baby girl, and we'll see you someday soon. Love and hugs, Mom, Dad, Murphy and Summer

10/23/08 - Hi, Baby. Mom and Dad miss you so very much and as usual you have been in our hearts throughout the year. Not one day goes by where we don't look at your sweet face and wish you were still with us. On the anniversary of your leaving us, it was so hard to come and leave words here to express our love, so instead Mom talked to you herself. I hope you felt it. We love you so much, sweet girl. As always, can't wait to see you again. Love and big, big hugs, Mom, Dad, Murphy and Summer

10/14/09 - Hello, sweet girl....Mom and Dad just want to tell you how much we think about you, and how often we talk about you to other people. So many people have heard all the stories about all the things you did and how you brightened our lives in many ways. You are always in our hearts, baby. It hardly seems possible that you left us over 4 years ago. Time goes by so quickly, but our love for you is stronger than ever. Kisses and big hugs, sweetpea....we are always with you. Love, Mom, Dad, Murphy & Summer

04/08/10 - Hey, Baby girl.....we still miss your love and kisses every single day. Not a day goes by when you're not right there in our hearts. Home will just never be the same without you, and without you sleeping next to us at night. Kisses, baby... can't wait to see again. Mom, Dad, Murphy & Summer

09/21/10 - You are forever our little girl, baby. Our love for you goes on. Murphy is taking very good care of your toys for you, especially your tennis balls. Many kisses and big hugs until we see you again. Mom, Dad, Murphy & Summer

12/2/10 - Hi sweet girl. I hope you're having fun, playing around in the snow with all the other fur kids there. Mom and Dad and Murphy are doing fine, but your sister Summer is having a tough time of it these days. She tries very hard but she gets tired so fast, & we pray for her everyday. She has your spirit, sweetie, and we hope she will stay with us as long as God lets her. If the worst happens and she has to leave us, we know she'll be well taken care of by her big sister. We are hanging your stocking once again and think of how you chewed a hole in your first one to get all the goodies out....and the times you tore in to all the presents and brought them to the front door to show us. So many memories and so much love.....I miss you, baby. Mom

12/29/10 - By now, you have met your sweet little sister Summer....she left her pain & suffering behind this morning & went toward the light at the Bridge where I told her you would meet her and show her the way. She is such a sweet and gentle baby, and I know the two of you already love each other. Now she can run and play once again, as she did with us before she got sick. Although it was her time to leave us, we are heartbroken and weren't ready to say goodbye. Please take care of her - I know you will - until we can see you both again, precious girl. We gave her a forever home here, as we did for you, and we look forward to joining you in the forever home God has for all of us someday. Many hugs, kisses and tears for our sweet girls....Mom, Dad and Murphy

09/07/11 - Hello, my little angel. It has been over 6 years now since you left us, and we miss you as much as ever. We talk so much about the goofy things you did, how sporty and energetic you were, how you loved the water more than anything, and how you lived every day so fully. I try and remember your spirit and vitality when I start feeling tired and slow, and it makes me want to approach life the way you did and the way everyone should - thankful, happy and with lots of love to go around. You are my first baby. Little Murphy is getting old and has slowed down considerably, but he's still making it up and down the stairs as always. We adopted our new baby Autumn in January, and she looks quite a bit like you - whitish yellow fur and beautiful brown eyes. She's sweet and loving like you, and even has some of your energy. I miss you more than ever, baby girl.......keep playing and looking out for us.....we will see you again soon. Love, Mom, Dad, Murphy and Autumn

11/17/11 - I miss your spirit everyday, baby. You're my girl. I love you......Mom

02/15/12 - It's incredible that no matter how much time passes, love never goes away and it never grows weak. With each year that passes since we last saw your beautiful eyes, we love you more and look forward to the day when we will see you again, our sweet girl. Your little brother Murphy is getting slower these days and though he wants to play as you and he once did, he doesn't have the strength anymore. He is older and not feeling well most times, and the only good thing about this is that someday soon he will be playing and wrestling with you again. Oh, he will love seeing his precious sister, and you'll have so much to do together after so much time! Kisses, baby girl, and thank you for teaching us about the forever love we now know there is. Love, Mom, Dad, Murphy and Autumn

06/28/12 - My dear little Cindy....I know exactly what you're doing right now. For the first time in years, you are running and frolicking and playing with your little brother Murphy. He finally left us this morning. I came down to tend to him and he was gone. Home is so much emptier without his sweet spirit, but the Rainbow Bridge is that much livelier. I talked with him about it yesterday and told him that we love him more than anything but I know he's sick and weak, and it's okay to let go if he's too tired to stay. I told him all about the Bridge and how you and Summer were waiting for him, and that he would be a puppy again with you. I told him he would take a bit of our hearts with him, but that it's okay because we will be seeing you all again one day. I think he finally understood, and he let himself slip away. I know you will take care of him and watch over him as you did in life here, especially when other dogs scared him. He always loved you so. Take care of him, and of Summer, my sweet, strong girl. All our love, kisses and giant hugs - Mom, Dad and Autumn

2/18/13 - Hello sweetie....time passes so quickly and yet you and Murphy are fresh in our hearts. Your sister Autumn was a bit lonely all by herself without Murphy to keep her company, so last month we adopted a baby brother for her. His name is Gunnar and he is truly a baby in full. You would love him. He has Murphy's spirit and a whole lot of love to give. He loves tennis balls just like you. I hope you two are having fun together, rolling around and playing like you used to do here. We love you and miss you both so very much. It's almost Spring here, but I know it's always wonderful weather where you are, as it should be. Hugs and many kisses, little ones. Mom, Dad, Autumn and Gunnar

8/11/14 - Oh my goodness, sweet Cindy, time passes so very quickly and yet we visit you frequently in our hearts and our memories. Everyone we know hears about you, how you were our first princess and all the adventures we had together. You, Murphy and Summer would love your little brother Gunnar. He has so much life, is so mischievous and has a little bit of all of you in him. We've told him about you and he would love nothing better than to romp and play with you in the backyard. Sister Autumn is becoming a bit feeble these days and can't play with him like she used to, though she would love to. It won't be too very long before she comes to see you, and I know you will welcome her and tell her all about the Rainbow Bridge. We love you all and treasure our moments we had together. We will have a wonderful reunion together someday. Hugs and many, many kisses to our forever young fur babies.......Love, Mom, Dad, Autumn and Gunnar

11/20/14 - Hello, my pretty, pretty girl.....I know it's a little early to decorate for Christmas, but I just couldn't resist because you always loved it so much. Remember how you ate our decorations and opened every single present that first Christmas?? It didn't even phase you, so we knew then that you were a Superdog! You are still our Superdog and I am so very happy to know that you are there for each and every one of our other babies who reach the Bridge. Knowing you were there a few months ago to greet our sweet Autumn made letting her go a tiny bit easier. She had a wonderful, wonderful last day with us at the doggy park, and at dinner. It was a beautiful sunny day and she got to enjoy the other dogs. Then when we came home we gave her all the meat she wanted. The next day she slipped into another seizure and slipped away from us. I prayed that her suffering would be short and that the next thing she saw when she woke up was you, Murphy and Summer waiting for her at the gate. I love you all so very much and it makes me smile to think that one day we will see you again. Hugs and kisses to all of our babies....Love, Mom, Dad and Gunnar

8/14/16 - Hi, sweet girl.....it will be 11 years ago this week that you left us and yet it feels like you're still here. It's amazing how your love has continued to bless us through the years and also bless your brothers and sisters that have come into our lives since then. You would love Gunnar. He has grown into such a good, strong boy, and he would give anything to have a sister like you to play with every day. You were a great sister to Murphy and I can't wait until we're all together again someday. Kisses and hugs, my sweet baby....keep watch over our family there until we meet again....Love, Mom, Dad and Gunnar

8/08/19 - Hello, sweet baby girl! Oh my how much has happened since the last time I was here. Just yesterday I was telling another Cindy story from years ago. We talk of you often because you are absolutely unforgettable and forever loved in our hearts. We adopted an older sister - Jackie - for Gunnar a few years ago, but we didn't realize she was terminally ill. Her heart gave out 5 months later and we were beyond devastated. As much pain as it caused us, we would not have traded that 5 months for anything because she seemed so very happy with us. She knew she was loved at last and would never again be abandoned. Poor Gunnar seemed so unhappy, so we adopted another sister for him named Josie. Josie was sick with heartworms and it was a trial to get her through it but she came through with flying colors and is so very energetic and happy now. She and Gunnar run and play, and I just imagine you running right along with them. You would all be so happy together. The thing that gives me comfort is to imagine you still playing over the bridge with your brother and sister, still happy and waiting eagerly for the day when Dad and I come across to be with you all forever. We love you, Murphy, Summer, Autumn and Jackie more than anything. Hugs and furry wet kisses......Love, Mom, Dad, Gunnar and Josie

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