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Memories of Cinders
Cinders we miss you so,how precious all life is, Cinders we had such a deep love for you and you for us. The joy we shared together no matter where we went,a ride for ice cream, a walk down the road, or to visit your cousin on Deer Creek.
When Mommy and I Came home no matter the time there you were always so happy, we will never forget you. You were our sunshine on cloudy days you lifted us up when we were down. Our sweet Cinders,one day soon I will be there at Rainbow Bridge and I will pick you up and never ever let you go again and Mommy will pick up Max never letting him go again and we will all walk together across Rainbow Bridge into Gods Kingdom and never cry again . We will Love you always, My sweet Cinders. Daddy & Mommy

Feb 5th 2018
Its been 3 days since we said good bye. Our sweet Cinders we will never stop thinking about you, Today I took a walk in the woods and thought about how much you enjoyed climbing over the fallen trees and smelling the ground where the deer had walked. I found a foot print near that big tree were you sometimes would lie. I miss you so much,I know you have found new friends and your best pal's Blaze and Max are there, I will visit you again soon .. we will always love you sweet Cinders.
Hi My Sweet Baby Cinders. I was plowing snow today and I saw your shadow following me , My thoughts are with you every time I stop to rest and now as I write this my heart begins to hurt over thoughts of you. I will not be able to feed you,or hug you and Kiss the top of your sweet head. We don't want to be so blue and get you down but its out of love for you that we are. Someday I know we will meet again and so knowing that mommy and daddy will get by this hurt. Stay warm sweet Cindy and nuzzle our dear Max and comfort each other. The pain will be less and less each day but we will never forget you... Miss you so much Cinders XOXOXO
Our Sweet Cinders,today I've been working on Valentines stuff for the Barber-shoppers, you remember Daddy singing to you and how you would turn your head toward me when I used your name in the place of other words, you looked so pretty with your head tilted. Mommy and I will be going to New Jersey to see our grand baby's this weekend it will be the first time we have left the house in twenty five years when we didn't have someone come and watch over you or one of your brothers or sisters. I would give everything I own to need to have someone come and watch over you now . I will be with you again on Sunday. Miss you so much nuzzle little max for me XOXO
Cinders our sweet Girl ... we will be visiting you tonight at the Candle light Service and I pray that you are happy. I know That you are but I can't help but be concerned about you for the last eleven years you were such a big part of our life's and it seems so empty now when I come home and both you and Little Max are not here to greet us but we know that you are with out pain and have lots of friends and someday soon we will be beside you and hold you once again. We love you so much sweet Cinders... will talk again soon, Daddy and Mommy

Cinders My sweet heart Happy Valentines Day , I miss you so much and love you so much, my heart breaks thinking why couldn't I have been more vigilant and maybe you would still be with us. I don't understand why such a sweet heart had to be taken away . I hope that the time passes quickly so that I can be with you and Max soon. We will meet again and never again will you and Max leave my side.. Good Night pretty Girl. Tomorrow I will be doing singing Valentines and I will sing one for you and Max. Love you Cindyben

I sang "Heart Of My Heart" for you and our sweet little Max yesterday I thought about you a lot yesterday and every night I miss you so much my heart breaks, when I wake sometimes and realize that your not there and I will never be able to hold you again in this world. I pray that you can see us and feel our love is still there for you . There was a Amish dog that came to visit Today a big big Golden Lab she was just a Pup and didn't have a collar they had baling twine around her neck, I knew you would want me to give her one of your collars and I gave her you pretty purple one she probably looks like you did when you wore it Just beautiful . Well my sweet sweet girl I have to say so long for tonight .. You are so special to us .. Watch out for Max She needs you to nuzzle her and Mommy and Dad love you
My sweet Cinders its been two weeks since we took our last ride together, it seems like its been a year, My heart breaks every night and every time I walk into the house and your sweet face is gone, I miss you so much I love you so much please forgive me My big Girl I wish I could have found away to have saved you. I know that someday we will be together again and my memory of you will never leave me. I'll visit you again tomorrow good night sweet Lab.

Cinders its not getting any easier I came into the house today and my heart just broke not seeing you my sweet girl or our precious little Max come to greet me like you always did I miss you so, We will be getting another pup soon and that will help but the new pup will never replace you, You and Max have a special place carved in my heart and I will never forget you and will always miss you and love you, until we meet this side of Rainbow Bridge I will come to you in this way as much as I can. Tomorrow I will look for your presents during the Monday Night candle service and light a candle for you and one for our max. Till then sweet Cinders love you, Daddy

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