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Memories of Cinder
We had been without cats for one year..having lost My beloved Pywacket (17) and then Samantha (18)...My kids wanted a kitten..So Thanks to Stroh's Adopt a Pet, I brought home Cinder, a short haired Russian Blue. Along with her came Sootie, a black Domestic Shorthair. Cinder was shy, and Sootie was more social. Cindy became MY cat and Sootie was everyone's. Her shyness ga ve her the nickname of "hide-a-kitty"and she lived up to that, especially when catsitters could not find her. We were accused of faking the fact we had a 2nd cat!

She was able to enjoy the outdoors in Gig Harbor, but then our move to Anacortes forced an inside life for her safety. But in and out the window they could go into the protected deck area. There, she could churp at the birds and enjoy the fresh air and sun.
At night Cinder was my companion on the couch when all had gone to bed. Then, hugging my like a baby, we would turn off the lights and make our way to the bed, where she would crawl onto my shoulder and paw at my face and hair, and kiss my cheek. Her purr would help put me to sleep.

A couple of years ago she developed Renal failure. Her 8 pounds diminished to 7 then to 6. A lot for one so very small. Try and pray as I might, I could not change what was happening..Cinder was now on borrowed time. To complicate matters, so is Sootie.

The Golden Boy, Shiya, entered her life 4 years ago. He knew who was the boss (or bosses)and he always deferred to her. But as time went by, we started to wonder if, when we were gone, they actually played and slept together. We would find her on his toys and in his bed...then sitting next to one another. I think they were really friends.

So, Saturday became the hardest day..I had to do what was best for her..I could not watch her starve or be in pain.
She is now sleeping in our garden looking at the lake as she did so much in life. The Lighted Deer are there, so it is never dark.
I miss her touch, her meows, her love.

Today, April 9th, 2012, Cinder's well-loved brother, Sootie, has come to be with her. She and He are now not alone anymore. He gave us the gift of his antics, his tolerance, and "one more day", EASTER, so he could say goodbye to his buddy, Nikko, who chose him as a pet and friend. Thank YOU Sootie, for what you gave us this past 15 years. You are now in the garden with Cinder, overlooking the lake you enjoyed looking at all these years. We will love you forever.

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