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Memories of Chuckles
My beloved Chuckleberry. I knew I would have to do this - at least I knew I did everything for you and the only thing left was this one last step. I know you are no longer suffering. Hard to believe that less than two months ago, you were fine. And, now you are no longer with me.

I got you to keep me company in the city. It was better for Max to stay in the suburbs. Of course, I HAD to get a pure bred! LOL The rescue chose you for me and it was a perfect pairing. Yes, for the first hour, you hid. But, you were always so brave and that first night you were sitting on the toilet waiting to be groomed. When Max got sick and had to stay with us, you never bothered him. Well, except for those little pats on the head you would give him!! And, when it was time to say goodbye to Max, you were there for me. Now you are with him again.

You were always there for me. You greeted me at the door - even if it was only to sneak outside into the hallway. I loved when you kind of jogged and made me run after you before my neighbors saw you out there!!

I think I hurt your feelings when I got Chips. I got him for you; I thought you would miss Max being in the house. You were always the favorite though. You were everyone's favorite (did you hear your vet say that too?) You were always first. And, I know you liked Chips - it always made me smile to see you wrestling and stalking each other.

One of my most amazing memories of you is when I had my accident - you knew I was sad. You comforted me. It was so very sweet. You knew my moods.

Hard to believe you are gone. Ok - you were sick almost from day 1! Almost immediately, you were diagnosed with IBD. We took care of it. Then, years later, diabetes. We took care of it. But this last thing - this cancer - it was beyond what we could do. This last month was so hard on you. I knew that if I kept you any longer, it would only be for me. You were suffering and at least I know you no longer are.

I will miss giving you big kitty hugs and smoochies. I will miss staring into your eyes. I will miss you making me late for work because you needed a spa moment! I will just miss you so very much because I loved you so so much.

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