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Memories of Chubbs
My beautiful turquoise eyed bunny fox kitty, things aren't the same without you!
My daily prayer and the light that I hold on to is knowing that I'm going to be with you again someday.
I miss you so much! and where you're at it's beautiful and you're happy. your sweet face and that beautiful tail of yours is just everywhere I look.
I know that you can see us from where you are, and you know that Franky is just so so sad. She carries
Your pillow with her constantly. I think about you all the time my baby boy. and you have no idea
how sorry I am that you aren't here, but you keep company with Jazzy, Elliott, Beadie, Buddy,
and all the other precious babies. there's a lot of mommies and daddies who are still here on earth you are looking forward to being with all of you. God bless you my chubbiness! I'm not sad because I know where you're at, it's beautiful and you're happy, its just everything happened so fast and I wasn't ready to let you go!
but I'm staying very close to Jesus and I'm telling you you do the same thing okay my baby? Teddy, Maggie,
Pillow, Moses, and Patitas send their love. I will come and visit again.
I love you my snuggle bunny.

November 9, 2015
My sweet Chubb's, oh how I miss you! You know this last month has been the hardest of my life. I can't believe that you are gone from our presence, here on this earth. I walk through the house and I expect to see you curled up in your favorite spots, and my stomach violently turns because that nightmare comes back in seconds. My heart is shattered and my world turned inside out. Franky is so very sad. She carries around the pillow that you would make your biscuits on. She constantly says how she can't wait to get to Heaven so she can be with you. Poor baby, you are all she's known for her seven years. You know that we love and miss you! And mommy is so sorry that I didn't protect you the way I should have. I feel like I failed you. I'm so sorry. I know you have made a lot of wonderful friends there at the bridge, and I have made some very wonderful friends in the mommies and daddies of your friends. One day, my sweet baby, you will see me and what a joyful day that will be! It's only recently that I have been able to look at your pictures, it's so painful, but I know that you are in your glorified body and you are whole and beautiful. And you're happy. Nothing will ever hurt you ever again! I talk to you every day, I know you hear me. I miss your sweet face, your turquoise eyes, your beautiful tail, and your precious ways. I love you, precious.
And little Franky does too. Enjoy the sunshine and let your free spirit run free and wild! I will see you soon.
Love, mommy

March 10,2017
My precious Chubbs, you know its been a very long time since I have been to your memorial, but you hear me every day. You receive my love and my heart messages, you know that we imprinted, and no matter where we may be, we are linked, and we move through life together. I feel you and I hear your purring.
You are where I am heading, and I guess it was a trip that we just couldn't take together. But you are at the place that was prepared for you, and upon my arrival, we will go to the place Jesus has prepared for me, together. And you can introduce me to all of your friends and show me the beautiful places you have been to. Since you have gone, so many things have happened, wave after wave of faith shaking occurances. Shaken but not moved, cut down but not destroyed. Franky has put all she has for you into the stuffed kitty that she carries and sleeps with. Your pillow still cradels her head, and graces our bed. Precious feline, I can barely swallow the images of you, so painful to look at, yet more painful to not. Samson still cries for you, he looks outside up at the wall you would sneek out of and sit upon. Your memorial is there, beneath the light on the netting that was supposed to keep you safe. Only God can save me! I want you to fullfill your duties there,and befriend all the newcomers, show them around and make them feel safe. I am proud of you, and I am blessed to have been able to look into your beautiful turquoise eyes, to share air and strawberry yogurt with my Chubbs! Oh how I long for you my sweet fur angel, but I know that I have lots to do here. As you know, this earth as we know it will end soon, and a new earth, a new Jerusalem will be. Jesus promises, "I am coming soon ". I must reafy my family, today is the day of salvation, I tell them. I stand in the gap for those whom are unsaved, and ask the Father for mercy. You know you are loved and missed, things have permanently been altered, yet a new canvas awaits a new life for all of us. In eternity. Don't get Jesus's linens full of fur! I love you Chubbs. We love you

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