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Memories of Chewbacca - Chewie for short
Chewie was so calm and mellow. You could do anything with him. I would dress him up, take him to hospitals to share with people. We would do parades. Most of all we would just comfort each other and play together. He didn't need to know stupid pet tricks or be the best American doggie. I loved him just the way he was. I had found him as a stray, spent $300 on his vet bill and the rest was history. He was beautiful! I was always a cat person until he found his way into my life. I'm going to miss him something terribale. Words can't discrible the way I feel and love him! He's with the good Lord now romping and playing. I hope he remembers the good times we had together. LOVE YOU Chewie, I always will.

10/18/16 - Tuesday - - - Hi sweet baby boy, miss you so much. It's that time of year again to renew your memory spot. This year has been a challenge due to the fact I can no longer drive due to health reasons. You and Honey Beagle both loved car rides. Gets rather boring not being able to travel or run my own errons without a car or drivers license. Hope you're keeping mom company still. I miss her so much as well. I love you both. Both of you are always in my thoughts and prays. Love ya,

10/21/15 - Wednesday - - - Time sure flies Chewie, I miss you so very much. Honey Beagle keeps me company but she's not you. Thing haven't changed much this year. Wish I would stop falling down. This past year I fell and smashed a disc in my back so that wasn't good. Unlike you, Honey Beagle runs and hides under the bed. You would stay by my side and bark to make sure I was alright. Your funny little facile expression like you were laughing at me. Are you still keeping mom company? I miss her as well. Anyway it was that time of year to renew your spot here. I just stopped by to say I'll never stop loving you. Miss you and mom a whole lot . Kisses and hugs to you both by for now.

10/13/14 - Monday - - - another year has gone by and I still miss you so much! Still seems like only yesterday that you crossed that bridge. I'm always telling Honey Beagle about you and how she would fall in love with you like I did and that someday we'll all be together again! Give mother a big sloppy kiss for me, I miss her just as much. Dad called me today and I know he's missing her as well. Nothing really news worthy to share with you. Honey and I are pretty laid back and rather boring. The holidays are just around the corner again but nothing special planned. I still love your Christmas picture with your big bone and hat. You were such a cutie! I will love you always baby. By for now, love and kisses.

11/6/13 - Wednesday --- hi sweet baby boy! Missing you as always. How are you and mom doing in the promise land of flowers and butterflies? I love you both. Things here on earth are about the same as always. I finally had my foot surgery last month and I'm doing fine. I kitty sat for a neighbor friend and realized how much I miss all my kitty cats. But this place is just too small to house 18 kitty cats and one goofy beagle. Almost set the place on fire today with the microwave but got that under control. Honey Beagle sends her sloppy kisses and many tail wags to you and mom. We're thinking of you both always. Bye for now sweetie. Xxxxxoooooo

10/31/11-Monday---Hi sweet baby boy. Came by to visit and renew your home spot. There isn't a day go by that I don't miss you. I still cry at times and Honey will lick away my tears. Not much news happening out here in Mira Loma. Retirement is rather boring at times. I'm preparing to have surgery done on my foot and that's about it. No plans for this Halloween night. Honey's not the type of doggie I can dress up in costume like I would you. She'd eat the darn thing. How's mom doing?? I hope the two of you are getting along okay. Please give her a bunch of doggie kisses and wags for me. I miss her terribly also and love you both dearly. Take care baby, I will never forget the love and joy you brought into my life. Many hugs and kisses to you and mom xxxoooxx!!!

10/21/10-Thursday---Hi sweet Chewie, How's my sweet baby doing? I miss you and mom so much it's beyond words. I'm no longer at the old address baby so I hope your sweet spirit can find me out here in Riverside County instead of LA County. You would like where I'm at now. Nice green grass, it's very own doggie park and lots of other doggies to make friends with. The old place just go to be too much for me health wise, cleaning wise and so on. I won't go into all that except to say I'm glad I'm away from there. I do hope you'll show yourself up in the clouds again to let me know you're alright and that you found Honey and me again. Honey would of loved you to death. I just can't believe you've been gone for 2 years now. Just seems like yesterday and mom joined you last March. How's she doing??? Give her a big kiss for me okay??? And how are all those kitty cats that joined you also. I couldn't bring all my kitties with me when I moved and I miss them terribly also. But I do have a few with me thanks to Joshua (remember him??) I've got Cleo and her 4 babies, Fang and Big Guy. I've got your pictures up in the livingroom so I can look at you everyday. Can you believe I still cry??? That's where Honey comes in and makes me laugh. She's a goofy Beagle you know. You'll meet her someday and well all be together again laughing and playing together. By for now Sweetheart, I love you always. They broke the mold when they made you. Many doggie blessings to you. Love from your momma xxxoooxxxxx!!!!

3/16/11-Wednesday---Hello baby boy! How are things up in doggie heaven??? How's my mother doing?? Hope you're giving her a lot of kisses and wags for me. I miss you both! I drove by your last resting spot yesterday as it was breaking my heart I got to thinking about you and how much I love you. Can't wait to be back with you again someday. Honey and I have had our ups and downs in our new home. Had to get rid of what kitties Joshua brought out those few months back. Found homes for some, but others weren't as lucky and ended up at the shelter, so again, our heavenly cat family is growing even bigger up there keeping you lots of company! They loved to cuddle up next to you and wash your long curly hair. With all those cats your're gonna be clean and combed. Honey's here and wants to say Hi or a big Howl like she does. The goofy beagle doesn't know her own strength and knocked me down the other day. I landed right on her but neither of us were hurt. She excited playing with another doggie! Well I have to go baby, Honey needs to go out. Many hugs and kisses, God Bless, Sweet Chewie, Mommy Loves You XXXXOOOO

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