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Memories of Christopher Robin
Christopher, a Sheltie, and his riding mate Scruffy, a Wire Hair Jack Russell, were the resident dogs at Pet Depot in Florence, AL. Chris loved visiting all the pet store people especially his Auntie Paula. They will never forget how special he and Scruffy were.

Can you believe it Chris....it has been over 5 years since you crossed that bridge. I think of you often and can't wait until I see you again. I took in another Sheltie that looks like you. It could be your brother and maybe it is....he was born about the same time that you left. Maybe you came back to me because you missed me as much as I missed you. You sweet, sweet little boy....Mama will never forget you and loves you forever......

Well here it is another year has passed without your sweet face....I think about you often little boy as I continue my journey with rescuing Shelties. I live in a lonely place right now but will all my shelties and doggies around me I survive each day one by one. Are you and Jake playing now...Pumpkin is with you too...and then there is Isaac...he was a special boy too....I have lost so much my little boy and hold you in my heart forever along with your brothers and sisters. Love and kisses, mommy

My sweet, sweet Christopher Robin it has been 6 years since you have left our side. Today was Jake's celebration of 10 years being gone....and then Sami this past summer, who I know is playing with you now...and recently we lost Ms. Sadie. You didn't know Ms. Sadie, but she was a very sweet Sheltie just like you...abandoned.....I miss you little boy...and think of you often...you were my precious rescue...love you always, mom

6/2012 Christopher Robin can you believe it has been 7 years since you passed away....I still think of you and your precious personality. Mommy will always love you even though I had you for very short years.....I just knew you were mine and you were the one who helped me understand how I can help other Shelties when it was there time to pass over. I never had the courage, and I found it in you. I love you and will go on loving you forever. The day will come when you and I will graze together in the beautiful meadow of our reincarnated life. Miss you terribly....love forever, Mommy

6/4/2012 the day of your passing 7 years ago....can you believe it... I miss and still think of you often..you made a dent in my life that can never be repaired....I miss you Christopher Robin.....so much love and kisses, mommy....

6/4/2013 is the day of you passing 8 years ago now. I was moved by a picture of you the other day. I wish I had more on digital so I could add to your memorial site. I certainly do miss you and still love you Christopher. You were one in a million and one of the hardest that I had to give up....I know your last two years of life were your best...and I so wish that I had met you sooner. We had some wonderful times and travels didn't we boy? Mom loves your heart sweet precious boy. <3

6/4/2014 Nine long years since you left me little boy. I know you have been with me and I continue to remember you close to my heart....you were the best....such a beautiful Sheltie that chose me to help you cross the bridge when it was time....I only had you for a few years....and they were so wonderful and loving....my good boy.....I cherish you forever and look forward to seeing your sweet face waiting for me at the entrance to the bridge. Mom <3 <3 <3

6/4/2015 Well this is the tenth year of my loss of such a wonderful little boy. You cross my mind all the time and in my heart forever. I will continue to cherish your memory and look for you when I reach the bridge. Love you Christopher Robin. Your mum <3

6/4/2016 Eleven years have past little boy and I still have you in my heart and always will. I promised to love you eternally and I will keep that promise and await the day when you and I will play at the bridge. I love you little boy...you are the best. Mummy .....forever hearts.......

6/4/2017...Twelve years and I know you have been back....in Dusty....however, we can't seem to get you past that 10 years of age date...please come back to me again. I miss you so little boy....I loved you so.....I know it will be several more years in human time before I see you....we will see each other again. Love forever, Mummy. Many tears.....

6/5/2018...Thirteen years....little boy....I do believe this is your last year I put words to paper. You were so special in my life. I loved you so and will do forever. I will see you at the bridge....you have come back into my life so many tiimes precious soul...I know you are with all of my old gang of dogs that I will never be able to replace. Love you sweet boy. Love you....Mummy

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