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Memories of Chloe
Chloe's story begins in September of 2005 when we took her home. She was a black mini schnoodle. Her hair was curly and she looked like a little teddy bear. I wanted to name her Tedi but she got Chloe because she would stand on her hind legs and twirl around like she was in a circus performing. She was tiny but she had a big personality. She loved her sister Lucy but Chloe was totally in charge and that was just fine with Lucy. Chloe's health issues began very early in life and each time I was able to get her back on track except for this last time. Back in 2010 she was diagnosed with IBD and so we had some major food issues to work through. The doctor explained that she would bleed in her intestines causing her blood count to drop. I thought I was going to have to put her down then - that was 7 years ago. Somehow, my little girl fought with me to get better. After researching and trying many kinds of food plus a consultations with a nutritionist we got her back on track and Chloe got better. Chloe was turning 13 years old in July. She was my shadow, my friend, my companion, my love. She was a very big part of my daily routine. If we weren't taking walks outside, she was in the kitchen at my feet while I prepared her food. SHE LOVED FOOD! Sweet potatoes, green beans pumpkin and cod and she'd lick the bowls clean. We did just about everything together. She was my travel buddy, she would sit in the front seat of the car with her seat belt on as we drove everywhere together. It was around Christmas that I really noticed something was up with her and I would whisper in her ear "don't you get sick on me because I don't know what I'll do. After three vet visits we found out Chloe had a tumor in her nose and it was cancer. If we had visitors at home or we were out visiting, she put on a good show making like nothing was bothering her. Utile they left or we returned home where she started to show signs she wasn't okay. She would sit on the sofa next to me, eyes squinting while she slowing lowered her head to the pillow then she'd pop right back up again and open her mouth so she could breathe. Her breathing became very labored quickly after finding out she had the tumor. It was so hard watching her do that. My little girl was so strong trying to be brave for me. My heart is broken and I'm struggling, I miss my little girl so very much. Her ashes are home now and I can feel her here again in spirit. I miss our walks, giving her massages, preparing her food, giving her a lavendar bath and snuggling up on the sofa or in bed together. Chloe you are missed more than words can say!

My memories of Chloe will always be in my heart and my mind. I'm praying and hoping that she is with her brother Eddie and sister Lucy who are also at Rainbow Bridge. To my sweet, sweet brave little baby, I love you forever and praying that you are happy and having fun.

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