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Memories of Chloe
My, Chloe,
You were just 3 months old and I fell in love with you. I took you home and you were the most playful pup I had ever seen! You played hide and seek with Amanda ( g-daughter). Coming home from work, I would find all my shoes in the living room and sometimes, toilet paper down the hall. You traveled with us to Minnesota,Wisconsin, Colorado, Tennessee,Florida, to name a few. Some said you were spoiled and I would say " she knows". The hardest day of my life was saying good bye to you yesterday. I love you, baby girl, and I always will. I miss you more than ever, esp., when I come to an empty house. The unconditional love you gave me , I gave it back to you. How can I go on without you? Come in my dreams, my baby, and let me see you. Love you, forever, baby.
04/06/17 It has only been one day and the hurt is in my heart. I walk in and know that you are no longer with me and waiting as I open the door. Chloe, I miss you but even if this is hard for me, I know you are not sick anymore, baby.You will always be mama's girl.Chloe, my little love.
04/07/17 Chloe, remembering you and all the things we shared together. You never did like me to sweep and mop.You would let me know by your barking. If I stopped, you stopped.Today, I didn't hear you, baby. In my heart you will be ,my precious girl. Love, mama
04/08/17 My precious Chyt?loe, by now, you have made many friends and delight in the joy and peace that you are now. I still feel the pain and loss of you not being with me. 16 years, I took care of you and gave you so much love just as you gave me. You will forever be in my heart, my " cielito lindo". Now play and make lots of friends. I love you. MAMA
04/09/2017 Chloe my baby, no matter how busy I try to get , I think about you. Today, I gathered some of your precious photos to put in a special album. I cried,smiled and loved seeing you again.The hardest thing for me is when I go to bed and you are not with me.I'm going to bed now, baby, and hope I see you in my dreams. love you, baby girl. mama
04/12/17 My baby girl, I am missing you more and more each day.It has just been a week and my eyes are still wet with tears. Someday, I will accept but for now, I hurt. Run and play with your friends, my little one ! mama

04/15/17 My baby, I try to stay busy but the hurt is with me always. Today is 10 days that I had to say farewell to you.I never thought that you would have to go. Guess, I just didn't want to think that far ahead.Now, it is here and you are not with me.I miss you so much today. But then, I miss you everyday.We shared our lives together. I remember when you were little and I would carry you and you rested your little head on my shoulder. I would rock you like a baby and you would go to sleep.You are in my heart, sweet Chloe, and there you will be always.You are mama's little girl. Play little one. mama
04/16/17 Happy Easter my sweet baby.Thinking of you. 04/23/2017 Happy Birthday,my sweet baby..I love you so much and you will always be my special girl. Be a good girl and play with all your friends.I miss you every day.I still get tears in my eyes when I mention your name. The house is so lonely without you.Till we meet again,baby. Mama
04/23/2017 Happy Birthday, little one. I know you had a good day and shared your cake with all your furry friends who love you too. I love you, Chloe. mama
5/4/17 Chloe, This is mama and just wanted to let you know that I miss you dearly.I have a little memorial for you in the nightstand and kiss your picture every night. You meant the world to me and still do. Now you have found a special place in my heart where you will be forever till we meet again.Still miss walking in and to know that you are not at the door. For now, baby, run free and play and be a good girl for mama. Love you.
May, 20, 2017
My Chloe, I am missing you so very much. The house is so lonely without you.Sometimes, I think I see you but I turn, and you are not there. You were always following me around.I miss your barking when I would open the front door.You knew it was me coming home.Now the stillness is all around me and , my baby, I just want to let you know that I am fine and I know you are not sick anymore. No more pills to take. Run and play, my sweetness, and be a good girl for mama.
My baby girl , I am missing you so much.You were my companion and my best friend. My cielito lindo. Mama loves you so much. You are always on my mind.I know you are in a safe and happy place and it must be beautiful there. My happy little girl. You are not sick anymore and that brings me comfort even if my heart is breaking.love you sweet girl.Mama 6/24/2017
August 2nd.2017
My baby.I come to visit with you and talk to you.I miss you more than anything.I cry when I think of you and wish you were here with me.There are just not enough words to express my feelings. Chloe, my baby. Go play and make lots of friends.Please be a good girl . Love you baby. October 23, 2017. My baby girl I want you to know that I think about you all the time. I wish I could hold you and play with you. You be good girl and wait for me. My Chloe.
We love you baby girl.Merry Christmas our beloved Chloe. Missing you very much. Now you be a good girl and play with your friends. from mama
March 12, 2018
My baby, I thought about you today but that is nothing new. I think of you everyday and smile and cry ,too. You lived a good long life by my side.We loved each other and you became my best friend. I love you, mi cielito lindo. Play with your friends and behave yourself. Be happy, baby girl.Wait for me.Love, mama
April 5, 2018
My sweet baby " my cielito lindo", It is one year ago today that you left me and went to Rainbow Bridge.I miss you so very much and I think of you all the time. You were so much loved and I know you loved me, too.I loved to carry you and dance with you across the living room floor. You liked that.I loved how you would fall asleep in my arms. My Chloe, run free, little one. Make lots of friends and meet those that are entering Rainbow Bridge and make them feel" at home". I love you baby, from mama.
July 6, 2018
Hi. my precious girl. You must be having lots of fun with your friends ! How I wish I could see you run and play !
You are not sick anymore , baby girl.Please be nice and get along with others that are also there with you. Mama loves you so very much. Chloe, you will always be in my heart till we meet again. mama

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