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Memories of Chloe
I bought Chloe online to replace my 15 month old Yorkie, Jessie, who had died suddenly due to a heart problem. I saw a picture of a little puppy in a Christmas box, clicked on it and I was told I had "one Yorkie in my cart." Chloe was my sole companion for the last 12 years. She protected me fiercely, hunted all sorts of creatures in my backyard. Possums, ground hogs, squirrels, skunks. Nothing was too big or too scary to her. She made me laugh, she made me cry and she kept me warm at night and comforted me when I was sad. Three years ago she developed congestive heart failure and renal failure. She was hospitalized for 3 days and when she refused to eat I said I was taking her home. Her doctor sent her home with me expecting her to die and told me to keep her comfortable. On the way home I stopped at Wendy's and bought her a vanilla frosty. The rest was history. She lived a happy, fun-loving life for 3 years. When she wasn't with me she went to doggie daycare and played the day away. She was on medications which she didn't like and would bury her nose in her bed when it came time to take them. I also had to start her on sub Q fluids. I sat on a recliner which I called our infusion chair and she would happily jump up and sit next to me in the sun, usually falling asleep on my arm while I gave her the fluids. Chloe was a real fighter and a trooper with the courage of a dog 10 times her size.
On Christmas day she had labored breathing and was hospitalized overnight. It happened again on New Year's Day and this time I couldn't bring her back to the quality of life she once enjoyed. No matter how much she ate she was skin and bones. She could only sleep with her mouth open and had trouble breathing and eating at the same time. She would cuddle up against me at night, under the covers, and in the morning there would be blood on the sheets from her bleeding gums. She couldn't jump up on the bed anymore, I carried her up and down the stairs and out into the backyard. Squirrels ran past her and she could only watch. On January 8th I had to make the terrible decision to stop her suffering. It was time to send her to the Rainbow Bridge where she could run and hunt and play again with her little Yorkie boyfriend, Chucky, who had been waiting for her to join him for almost 2 years. She is also with my best human friend, Fran, whom I lost in 2014. I hope Chloe is enjoying her new life. As for me, my heart has been ripped out of my chest and I don't know how to go on without her. My dear, sweet, little baby, Chloe. I'll love you forever and ever and will miss you until the day I die.
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