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Memories of CHLOE
The most precious and beautiful happy little girl in the world.That lightend up everyones heart.....
To my little Princess Chloe, Goodbyes are not forever; Goodbyes are not the End;They simply mean i miss you,Until we meet again.I love you Babygirl.with all my neverending love and big hugs and kisses to you.XOXOXO Mason sends you big hugs and kisses too and wishes you was still here to play and go walkies with him.but i told him you are always walking with us that wr are never alone.have fun chasing the squirrels and playing with your new fury friends.and tell prince to look after you.and enjoy playing alsi with Ben and Celine .now you can finaly meet also as i told you all about them.mummy loves you to pieces my little honeybun.i send you your favorite teddy up also chlo he is now wearing your collar and you can put it back on and look even prettier again.xxxxxx 4/10/2016 what we have enjoyed,we can never lose.All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.Xxxxxx you have left my Life, but you will never leave my Heart.This is not Goodbye.... it's still 'I Love You.... Forever! Even if we're apart....I'll always be with you.If Love could have saved you Babygirl ;you would have lived forever. Over the "Rainbow Bridge"you went, I always knew you were heaven sent ;I cherish out time spent together Til we meet again...I Love You forever my little Princess! Youre always on my mind and in my heart,no matter what i do i always wonder how you are and if youre really happy there.i dont want you to be sad Babygirl,i just want you to enjoy your new life ,its bad enough that iam heartbroken.you took half my heart with you when we had to make our final journey to the vets together to say goodbye.i cant wait for the day to come when you spit me in the distance and come running up to me and we start a new life again and will never be apart again.youre so much loved and missed my little one.i love you dearly chloe.mason sends you big hugs and kisses also.love always mummy.xxxxxxxxxxx BABYGIRL your always in my thoughts daily and my heart aches for your and my tears never stop falling and i just keep talkin to you as if you had never left even kiss your picture before mason and i go for our walk and tell you we wont be long.chloe i feel broken without you and will hold on to our happy memories until we meet again little one.your my precious little girl -4-Life.i wish you was still here with me and Mason.we both luv and miss you to pieces.i hope you enjoy your happy life up there chlo send me some kisses down sometimes so i know your ok and think of mummy sometimes if your not to busy playing and sunbathing.love always(mummy).♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ you left a memory no one can steal and left a heartache no one can heal.a piece if my heart lives in heaven my little special Angel with paws.Always thinkin of you .i have seen the Rainbow on saturday morning and cried many tears cause i miss you like hell Babygirl.love Always mummy& mason.xoxoxox Memories of you fill my mind like thousands of Bright stars in the sky.When i go to Heaven the first thing iam going to do is find you.the second thing i will do is Never let you go again my little one.i love you dearly every second of the Day and Nightand to the Moon and back and i miss you the same.xxxxxxx chloe when you look down i hope you like the xmas tree i done for especially you in pink colors but also mason.it was suppose to be a happy time for us this xmas all 3of us together and masons 1st xmas.i wrote you a card and put it under your pictures as well and for your xmas present i will put some pink roses next to your picture .wish you was here with us my little one.thinkin even more of you on xmas day and love and miss you millions.merry xmas my little princess .love always and forever. Mummy xxxxxxxxx big hugs and kisses from mason too. Happy New Year Princess from me and Mason.we love and miss you both dearly.. hello my gorgeous little fur Angel your missed and loved and youre in our hearts and thoughts every day.Mason seems a lot happier again since we adopted Amber.cos he didnt like being on his own.but i know you always walk with us three anyway when we are out.Amber is a Rascal chloe just a bit like you when you was 3. She does so many things you used to do.all my forever luv and big hugs and kisses from all three of us.i told Amber a lot about you.xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx Babygirl your always missed deeply and thought every day theres not a moment that you are not on my mind.youre just so precious.Mason is happy again to have company with Amber.but am sure he misses you lots also.we send you all big hugs and kisses and all our love sweety.tell prince i love him deeply too.xoxoxo Hello princess we all wish you a happy birthday with lots of big hugs and millions of kisses.i just wish we could have spent it with you .cos am really sad that i cant spoil you rotten no longer.am gonna put some pretty flowers next to your urn and put your bday cards up too.i love u to the moon and back chlo happy birthday little one.💞💗💞💗💞💗💞💗💞💗
Hello Babygirl, i cant believe that its a year 2morrow since we had to say goodbye.Time has just flown by.And i miss you every single day and youre always in my heart and on my mind princess.Mason has been my Rock and helped me so much through this difficult time.and i start to believe that you might be reincarnated in Amber as well.as she is now a lot like you when i adopted you .i miss you dearly my sweet little girl.but we will be together again one day chlo and you be waiting at the Bridge for me.just thinking about that moment when i see you again makes my heart smile.i love you princess big hugs and kisses from me and Mason.we miss you so so much.💗💟💜💋 Hello my sweet little girl, missing you like crazy and always thinking of you.i really feel you are back in the flesh with me every day here again as i see so much likeness in Amber.Mason is doing great too but iam sure he still misses you a lot too he always likes to sleep on your sofa.we were on the beach for masons bday.he loved it and i know you always loved going there too.Mason is now such a confident boy its great to see how well he done since we went up to adopt him.its a rainy day today but i hope the sun shines over the bridge for you sweetheart.i love you millions princess and we all send you big hugs and kisses up.😚😚😚💞💗 Hello sweetheart, just to let you know ive put up the xmastree for you and your card on your urn.and some more news we adopted another grey on the 7th of Nov17.he is a lovely black boy and called Ivar.i have so much love in my heart for you chloe but i cant give it to you no more in person so i decided to make another dog happy and give him his forever home for xmas.i feel like youre here with me every day again as i feel that youre reincarnated in Amber i feel a lot closer to her now.Mason is great with both.i miss you dearly honey.we all wish you a merry xmas darling and my thoughts are with you princess.all my love and big hugs and kisses.xxxxxx💕🎄 Hello my special baby girl, we all like to wish you a happy valentinesday sweetie.big hugs and kisses from all of us here.i love you millions chloe and youre always on my mind and in my heart.💖💞 Hello, my beautiful little princess.i have some greyt news for you.guess what chlo.you won 2nd place in the photo competition for Rainbowbridge this year.i entered you again like last year.i was so proud to have received it for you.its so bonny just like you.its such a lovely tribute for you.i decorated your memorial already as well all pretty for Easter Babygirl.we all love and miss you deeply honey and we all send you big hugs and kisses and all our love up to you sweety.Mummy always thinks of you every single day and night.Happy Easter sweety and all my forever love for you.i miss you terribly chlo😢💜 xxxxx. 💖Happy Birthday my little Princess💖, Mummy is sending you millions of big hugs and kisses sweetie.Mason,Amber and Ivar send you big licks and hugs as well.we all think of you my little Angel.Your missed like mad here.All my love sweetie.i luv you Babygirl.xxx🎂🌹🌼🌸 🎄🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS my little princess🎄🎄 You are missed so much more and I wish you was with us at this lovely time of the year.Am always thinkin of you and love you dearly.Am 💌sending you all my love and big hugs and kisses.Mason,Amber and Ivar sending you big licks too.All my love Mummy .God 🎁bless you darling xoxo❤ 🐛Hello sweetie, we all like to wish you a happy Easter , my little princess.Ilove you 🌼forever and ever Chlo until we see us again and miss you 🌹dearly.Sending you big hugs and kisses from all of us 🌼here.Always thinkin of you Babygirl.Love always Mummy💜🐰
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