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Memories of Chloe T Molen-Murray
Our sweet little girl Chloe is now running free at the bridge with her sister Skyler. She was the happiest pup we ever knew, and she should have been named Happy. Her tail never stopped wagging. As was the case with her sister Skyler, we had many nick-names for her - Chlotilda, Missy-Moo, Silly Old Hound Dog, Chloe-O.

She was our constant shadow, always going from room to room to follow us. She had to always be at our side, unless she was fighting (playfully)over a toy with Skyler. She was very vocal, and sounded like a motorboat every time she was excited about going out for a walk or to just greet us when we got home.

One of her favorite habits was to run into the bedroom and crash into the double decker soft doggy beds we had set up for them. Laying on the floor, she would lift the top bed with her snout and toss it aside. She would wipe her mouth all over, and just make happy noises. Another habit was to lay on her back playing turtle, with her four paws extended straight out - wiggling to scratch her backside. She also loved to pull all of the beautiful flowers that looked like balls off of the bush in the back yard. We loved to watch her leaping as high as she possibly could to reach the ones higher up. Chloe also loved to rest on the fish shaped rug in the bathroom while we would take showers. You always had to step over her, as she would never move out of the way.

Afer we lost Skyler last year, Chloe did mourn for a few weeks. She would go from room to room looking for her sister. Eventually, she became her old self. She quickly learned that now SHE had inherited all the toys, and got ALL of the attention. Since she didn't have Skyler to chase around the yard anymore, we started taking her on walks every morning & evening. As we would walk out of the driveway, she would grab the leash by her teeth and drag us down the road....running. When she had enough, she would again grab the leash and run home.

Some of her favorite toys were Eeyore, Lamby, Snoopy, and any type of ball. She was the type of pup that just HAD to have something in her mouth when greeting you or anyone else that was coming into our home.

Run free Baby Girl, go play with Skyler. Go find Matt, he'll play with you too. Papa will share his bananas with you, and Aunt Janet will rub your belly.

Jun 13, 2011
It's been a little over 2 months since you left us to join your sister Skyler. Missing you each & every day. Some day we'll all be together again. Love ya! *sob *sob *sob

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