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Memories of Chloe Marie Korman
Little Chloe, Princess Chloe as she was called, was adopted by us from Blue Bunnies (a rabbit rescue organization) in February 2003. We made a promise to give her a Forever Home and that is what she had with us.

She had had a very rough life before they rescued her and was very untrusting at first.

We had a problem with her teeth shortly after we got her and had to hand feed her for a number of weeks, this lead to her starting to trust us.

At first, when we would put her in her playpen she might let us pet her head once and then she was off and running. As time when on she would let us pet her more and more and even liked to be kissed on the head.

Early last year (2006) she got head tilt which responded to treatment and was handled but she developed a respiratory infection which would just hang on and on. It would get better and then flare up again.

This infection eventually moved into her nervous system and affected her back legs. She had less and less use of them and for the last 6 months had just dragged them around.

In spite of this, she was a very happy bunny and had become the most affectionate little creature that God has created. She would take every opportunity to give kisses and loved to be cuddled and petted. She would even lay on her back in my arms and let me rub her tummy to help relive her stomach upset.

We could not have had a better bunny if we had custom ordered her.

Chloe is missed and will always be missed. We just look forward to meeting her on the Rainbow Bridge and being with her forever.

******************************** Thoughts of Chloe ********************************

It will be one month tomorrow (12/28/2007) that you went away. Chloe, daddy & mommy miss you so much honey. We think about you everyday and wish that you didn't have to leave.

We don't understand why God wanted you back at this time, but we have to accept it. He had a good reason for it but that just doesn't make it easier.

You were such a loving, cuddly baby and I loved to hold you each night when I got home from work. You would cuddle right up in my arm and let me rub your tummy. You looked so sweet, with your big black eyes and cute little nose.

You didn't seem to be in pain and you really got around your playpen even without the use of your back legs. We loved taking care of you each day. You were eating good everyday and even finished your critical care on the morning that you left.

We still don't understand and probably never will until we can ask directly. I'm sure that there was a good reason but I honestly can't think of what it could be.

I can remember when we first adopted you in February of 2003. You were very scared and wouldn't even let us pet you. When we got in your playpen with you, you would just huddle on the far side from us. As time passed, you got more daring and would let us pet your head one time and then you were off.

When you had the problem with your teeth and we had to hand feed you twice a day you became a little easier to handle and you started to trust us more. From that point on it just got better every day.

You loved to be kissed on the head and have your head petted. You also loved to be groomed and we enjoyed doing that everyday.

The only thing that you never did like was actually getting picked up. You did like to be held but not picked up. Even in the last days you were a handful to put down. Even with no use of your back legs you would still squirm and fight to get down when I took you back to your hutch at night.

The memories of you and our life together just keep coming into my mind everyday. Like the time when we had had you only a few days and you got your feet wet and your mommy decided to help you by drying them and you almost caved in her chest with your back feet. Who knew that a three pound bunny could kick that hard.

Sometimes we were slow to learn but we did learn what it means to be bunny parents and what bunnies like and don't like. You were a very patient teacher.

You were such a bright light in our lives that it really hurts not to have you around. I still look for you each morning when I get up and each evening when I get home from work.

We have adopted a new little bunny, Beckham Andrew, almost two weeks ago. He is a beautiful mini-rex and is very loving. We love him already but he is not and cannot be a replacement for you.

Chloe honey, nothing will ever replace you in our hearts. You always were and always will be our darling little girl baby and we will never stop missing you and wishing you were home with us.

I talk to you each day and hope that you know that we love you and miss you. I look forward to the day when we can all be together and never have to part again.

Take care honey, and have fun with your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge. Think of us and don't ever forget that we love you and miss you everyday. Send us your love and visit us in our dreams.

Dear Father, Please watch over our beautiful little bunny baby and let her feel the love that You have for everyone of Your creatures. Please help us to live through this time and find comfort in knowing that we'll all be together again in the warmth and glow of Your love. Amen.

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