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Memories of Chloe
We met you on a sunny Spring day, happily playing with your litter mates. Each of you looked exactly alike except for the color ribbons tied to your necks. Your ribbon was yellow, and how prophetic that was. Yellow is for remembrance, you see, and that's all we have left now is memories of you. We had a great 6 years together, you and your mom and dad. You stepped into your rightful place as princess of the household and reigned with an iron paw. Your alpha instincts were strong but you understood that you were not pack leader, even if your secret thoughts held that place. You defended us from deer, birds, ducks, and squirrels, making the yard yours and yours alone. You were my shadow through every day, always at my feet and always ready for whatever lay ahead in the next minute. That is why the pain of missing you is so deep and powerful. The memories of you are everywhere. Your bandanas sit in their basket on the fridg and I can't bear to look at them. Your leash hangs on the hall tree waiting for the next walk. Such pain in memories, but in the end, that's what we have to comfort us. Please be with us each and every day, my girl. You are missed beyond words and no other dog will ever be just like you. We love you and are as close as a whisper or the click of your toenails on the kitchen floor. Please keep close to Buca and he will keep you company until we meet again. Love, Mom and Daddy
08/17/06 Hi baby. So many nice moms and dads of your playmates here have stopped by to visit you and send us words of sympathy and hope. We miss you so much and you are always on our minds. We are starting the search for a Lab new brother or sister to join the family. No dog will ever take your place, but we need a doggie presence in the house. We need new memories and I know you would not begrudge us that. You left such a hole when you left us. You are as close as a heartbeat, my girl, and you will always be a breath away. Stay close to Buca; he's an old hand at this Rainbow stuff. Love, Mom and Daddy
08/21/06 Hi, my girl. I have been missing you so much. I just cry and cry, especially when I come here to visit your spot and realize how lonely I am. Alyssa had a dream that she saw you running with Sam and Buca on the beach by Jill's house. She didn't know that you had gotten so sick and passed away, so when she told me about the dream, I was sure you were comforting us by showing Alyssa how happy you are with your brother, your friend Sammy, and all of your new Bridge friends. I know you have been watching, but wanted to tell you that we adopted a brother and sister Lab pair on Saturday, 14 weeks old, and black just like you. In fact, the female, Bailey, is every bit as alpha as you were and I know I will be seeing you in her antics since you were such an alpha girl yourself. Please watch over your new brother and sister guide them in all that they do. They don't take your place, but have brought a smile to me for the first time in many, many weeks. I know you want your mom and dad to be happy. After all, that was your self-appointed job during your life, to bring us joy and laughter. Most of all, we miss that. We love and miss you. Your candle service is tonight, baby, so Mom will be here again tonight at 10. Stay close to your dad and I, and let Buca lead your way. Kisses and tears, Mommy and Dad
08/31/06 Hi, my girl. I miss you so much. Even with your new brother and sister, Guinness and Bailey, your absence is painfully felt in every corner of our hearts. Bailey and Guinness are puppies and really can't give us the faithful devotion and anticipation that you were so, so good at. I try to envision you pain free and happy with friends, waiting for the day we meet again. Time in Rainbow's Bridge is not an issue as it is here on Earth, so I know you are as well and whole as the day you were born as you wait for us to join you. I so wish we could go back to the days when you were with us, just a few more minutes to assure you that we love you so you could keep the love safe in your heart. I feel your presence always, but especially when I'm alone and lonely. You were so good at being there, anywhere I was. I so miss that, my baby. We love you and know you are watching over us and your new brother and sister. Stay safely at Buca's side and he and you will have each other until we can be together again. Love you so, so much, Momma and Daddy
09/06/06 Oh, my girl, I still am missing you so much. Memories ambush me everywhere, at home, shopping, visiting, driving. I want you back, sweet girl. It was too soon and I'm still not okay with the emptiness in my heart that you used to fill. Guinness and Bailey are coming along well, learning lessons that will hopefully make them the kind of dog that you were. Your dad spends lots of time with them, just like he did with you when you were a baby and cried at night for your brothers and sisters. He slept on the floor with you for weeks, and when you had your knee surgery he helped you through that by being at your side every minute he could. My poor scared girl, so sensitive to pain and loneliness. Your daddy made you the special girl you were with his devotion to you, and he's doing the same for your new brother and sister in hopes that they will be close to your personality and desire to give. Keep playing and watching over us and your new brother and sister. Your black buddy Mittens misses you so much, something I should have told you much sooner. He tried so hard to step into your shoes and give us the love and devotion that we had so counted on from you after you left us. He's a cat and they show love differently, but he tried so hard to be strong for us. He searched the house for you day after day, and finally accepted your absence. When the new puppies came, he was curious and didn't understand why they were so overpowering and not able to be the sweet friends he had with you and Buca. He probably understands that you are at the Bridge and is looking forward to joining you, Buca, Chip, and Pepper. So, my girl, I miss you more than ever and count on you to watch over us all. Kisses on your nose and tears wetting your neck, love, Mom and Daddy
10/19/06 Hi, baby. I am still missing you so much, my girl. The tears just start the minute I think about the sweet loving girl we've lost. Bailey and Guinness are getting bigger and bigger. Bailey has your sweet face and long nose, and she is working hard at becoming the companion you were to your mom. Guinness is more your daddy's dog and they are full of excitment and wonder at the wide world around them. You were my dependable company through every minute of every day and that's why I miss you so much, I think. Such a huge empty spot in my heart longs for just a few more days with you. I know you are staying close; I feel your presence everywhere, but I can't bury my face in your ruff and whisper secrets that only you ever heard. I hope you and Buca are being good and making friends at Rainbow's. I know you are watching over your earth-bound brother and sister and keeping them safe. Mittens misses you still and cries when he roams the house looking for his lost friend. Penny is now very sick and she will be joining you and Buca soon, I fear. I know she was never much of a friend when you were here, but at Rainbow's all of you are healthy and happy and she will be too. We miss you and love you, Chloe girl, and think of you hundreds of times every day. I'm sending kisses for your nose and a secret to keep between us until Mom joins you. Love you Woofie, Momma
11/17/06 How fast the time is passing, my girl. We finally put your memorial stone in the side garden between Pepper and Buca. I look at it every time I take your brother and sister out into the yard and cry and cry for your loss. My mind knows you had to leave, but my heart just doesn't want it to be so. I hope you met your sister cat, Penny, at the Bridge and made her feel welcome at Rainbow's. She passed away on November 11th. I will never miss her as much as you, but she was part of our lives for 12 years and she couldn't help how she acted toward most of the world. In Heaven her mind is whole again, as well as her body, and she must be having fun with Chippie and Pepper, her brother cats. Woofie, I still miss you so much. How many times do I think of you a day? I know you are staying close to us and want you to watch over your new brother and sister. They are such rambunctious furbabies! I don't remember you being such a troublemaker as they are. I just want you back, my Woofie. I love and miss you and hate that you've left us, but I know you had to go. Enjoy the company of your brothers and sisters and until we meet in Heaven, Woofie, I love you. Kisses on your beautiful long nose and a scratch behind your ears, Momma.
12/25/06 Merry Christmas, my girl. Finding the Christmas ornament with your sweet face on it was so, so sad. Our first Christmas without you is just not the same. Your stocking is in the memory box with your bandanas. I just can't bear to think of any dog other than you using it. I miss you and love you, Woofie. I hear your toenails tapping on the kitchen floor and know that you are especially near. Thank you for looking after your new brother and sister here on Earth. They are so carefree and fearless that they are constantly in danger of getting hurt. I know you look after them as only you can do. Your dad and I wish you a peaceful Christmas and plenty of to-do-to-dos to chew on and make you happy. My heart is not near healed and I ask you to keep close to me so that I am comforted. Kisses and an ear rub from Mom and Daddy. Love you always and really missing you today. Love, Momma
07/25/07 Hi, my baby. Tomorrow will be one year of missing you. The day is as painful as if it happened yesterday. Your daddy and I keep your sweet face in our hearts and know that we will meet again, but thinking about you is still so, so painful. Thoughts of you come every day: in a magazine picture that looks like you, in a funny situation that brings you to mind, and so many more ways you stay with us in heart and mind. Your brother and sister here on Earth are over a year old now. They are sweet and fun but will never be you. You were my companion, always there at my hip or at my feet, just happy to be there. Bailey and Guinness aren't that attached to mom and dad. They prefer each other to us, although of course they are loving and sweet in their own way. God only knows how much you are missed. In my mind I am kissing your sweet, soft ears and know that we are joined at the heart and always will be. Keep close to Buca, Chip, Pepper, and Penny so that you all have each other until mom and dad are with you again. Love and sweet kisses Woofie, Mom and Dad
07/26/10 Hi, baby girl. Despite my lack of visits here I think of you at least every day. Your earthly brother and sister dogs, Guinness and Bailey, are now 4 years old. My, how time flies by. I know there is no time in your special place and so you will always be the sweet young girl you were when you were taken from us. We still miss you and love you and know that your spirit is in the dogs we now have, guiding them and keeping them safe. My sweet girl, I wait for the day we can meet again. Love for now and always. Mom and Dad
07/25/13 Time keeps moving along, and yet I cry every time you come to mind. How much you touched us in your short life. We think about you every day and know that you are well and happy where you are now, and are keeping Grandma close so you can watch over her too. We love you and miss you more than ever and although time goes by, your memory is fresh as yesterday. Hugs and Kisses, Mom and Dad
06/30/14 Our Chloe, still so alive in our hearts and minds. I can't tell you how much we miss your sweet presence in our home. We love you as much as yesterday and more than tomorrow. Always remembered, Mom & Dad
07/27/15 The years are flying by but you are always with us in our hearts and minds. We still miss you and wish every day for one more moment to share with you. I hope all of your days at the Rainbow Bridge are filled with fun, love, and laughter. Your brother and sister, Guinness and Bailey, are keeping us busy and giving us love, but if only you could join them for just a day so we could share those moments together. We miss you and love you, little girl. Love, Mom & Dad
Hi my baby. You are always on our minds and in our hearts. Since I last visited our Guinness and Bailey have joined you to keep you company and play. How I wish I had one moment to see you all together. We miss and love you so much. Take care, my girl. Love, Mom and Dad
07/30/19 Dearest Chloe, you are ever near and remind us to be thankful for every second we had together. It took me four days of preparation to visit as I still cry through the entire visit, remembering and loving and missing you. I hope you are happy and running and playing with your brothers and sister who have joined you over the past few years. Now Dunkin, our next door fur buddy will soon be joining you and you'll have even more playmates to keep you busy and happy. We love you and miss you and hope you are happy in your Rainbow Bridge life. Until we meet again, love Mom & Dad.

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