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Dear Chichan,

I'm glad that you're no longer suffering, but I'm so sad for the emptiness you have left in my life. The time I spent with you was very precious and I want to thank you for sharing your life with me. I know you had a rough time as a puppy and I wish I could've saved you sooner. But you became a wonderful lady I'm proud of you ,and you helped me to grow, too. I miss you very much. I miss your adorable eyes, your short tail, the cute sounds you used to make. But most of all I miss... YOUR STINKY SMELL! Sometimes I still feel you hiding under your bed and I keep looking there, thinking I might see you. I hope you are happy at Rainbows Bridge. There have been many kind Fur Babies sent your way for you to make new friends. I want to let you know that your Aunty Lady is also waiting for you there. Do you remember the pictures I used to show you? She will take good care of you, just like you took care of your little brother Nyaro. We have been through a lot together and I will always cherish the wonderful memories. It's painful to let go but I know I will see you again some day. I love you and I will never forget you, Chichan.


Feb 6th 2007
Dear Chichi, How are you? You have been gone a month . I miss you so much, I want to hug you one more time if I could. I hope you found friends at there so you are not lonely. Take good care yourself ok? I love you Chichan. P.S. Nyaro is doing OK.

Mar 6 2007

Dear Chichan,
It's been 2months already. I see you in my dream everynight, but I never able to bring you home back. I guess That means you are happy at rainbow bridge.. I miss you chichi.

Apr 6 2007
Dear Chichan, How are you?
we are doing ok. nyanya he is doing fine too.
I miss you terribly. I am with you all the time I will never leave your side. You are the greatest friend I have ever had.


May 6th 2007

Dear Chichan,
How are you?
I still wishing that I could hold you tight one more time and smell you.
Chichi, you take care yourself until we are together again .

P.S Sorry that I forgot to give you a morning cookie...
forgive me?

June 6th

Dear Chichan,

I still think about you every moment of every day . I love you and miss you .I would do anything to have you back in my arms....

Love yuriko

July 6th 2007

Dear ChiChi,
there is still an emptiness inside me. I try daily to be grateful for the long life you shared with me, but still, I miss you so much.

Love yuriko

Aug 6th

Dear ChiChi,

You have been gone for 7 months now and I still miss you so very much And I am extremely sad these days to think about that night you left us.
I hope you are happy and running around and not in any more pain
and have good friens. Take care my princess.

Love Yuriko

Sep 6th 2007

Dear Chichan,

You taught me so much about unconditional love.
You will always be with us and we will never forget you.

Love you chichi.


Oct 9th,

Dear Chiyo,

I miss you every single day ,I deeply hope you are happy and have a lots of friends there.
I love you chichi.


Nov 5th

Dear Chichan,

Nyaro is sick, Chichan, Please help Him.

Nov 6th 2007

Dear Chichi,

Thank you for watching over nyanya, He is the one lucky boy cause he has you.
I think I have to thank you more, I needed the Strength that you had given me.

I love you chichan.

Love Yuriko

Dec 5th 2007

Dear Chichan,

Are you with Nyanya? if not, Please find him.
He must sniffing around for foods...
I'm so sad chichan, but I'm ok if you are with nyaro now and not lonely anymore.

Ilove you.


Jan 6th 2008

Dear Chiyo,
Hello my cute baby, it's been a year alredy since you left us.
I miss you everyday but again, I am happy that you are not alone anymore. Please take care Nyanya and take good care of yourself too.


Feb 6th 2008

Dear Chiyo,

I hope you are doing well with Nyaro & Pichan at bridge,
I still remember clearly your smell and your cute sounds.
I wish i could take you guys to beach one more time, where you love to go before...

Take care chichi.

Love you.


March 11th 2008

Dear Chichan,

I am sorry that I didn't visit you sooner.
no wonder that I have been dreaming about you alot.
but, the dream I see is not sad or searching you anymore.
I have a dream , you and nyaro with me happy.

take care yourself and nyaro and pichan, and your new friend Puck.

oh, dear chichi I love you so much.


April 23rd 2008

Dear Chichan,

I am so sorry again, forgive me.
Yoshiesan's Chichan passed way recently. He is Black beautiful cat.
Please find him and take care of him too.

How are you guys doing? miss you so much.

Love yuriko

May 7th 2008

Dear Chichi,

Hello Chichan, How are you?
we are doing ok, but we still miss you guys alot,

I hope you and nyanya and lady and puck and pico and chichan and everysingle
babys doing good at over there.

Take care
Love Yuri

Jun 6th 2008

Dear Chichan,

It's been long time that I haven't hold you...but, again I still can remember that smell of your feet and
still I could recognize you from a distance...millions miles a way from me.
Oh I miss you. Chiyono..
wish you are here with me...

Love yuri.

July 6th 2008

Dear Chichi,

How are you? doing ok with Nyanya?
I still miss you guys so much...

Take care.

Love Yuriko.

Aug 10 2008,

Dear Chichan,

How are you?
Yukiko has new dog now. he is mix with you and nyanya, he has same personality like you.
sweet, if you are still with us, you and mister could be a good friends....
miss you so much.

Take care yourself OK?

Love Yuri

Sep 6th 2008

Dear ChiChi,

How are you?
I miss you so so much, wish you are still with us...
I love you Forever.

Love Yuri

Oct 9th 2008

Oh, Chichi Sorry that I miss your date, i have been thinking about you a lot. and miss you.

still , remembered your smell too. chichan. chichan. my baby..

Love mom.

Nov 7th 2008

Chichan How are you?
I hope you are doing good with Nyanya.
I'm little sick right now, hope you are here with me to cheer me up.

Take care my baby.

Love Yuri

Dec 9th 2008

Dear Chichi,
It's almost 2years since you left us. we still miss you so much and hope you are here with us.

Love Mom.

Jan 6th 2009

Dear Chichan,

It's been 2years now, I still dream about you a lot. but those dreams makes me happy and sad.
mostly sad. you are sick and I am worry in dreams most of times. and woke up with this feeling that
you are not with us. .. but you dont have to suffer anymore.

I hope you are doing good with Nyanya,

Take Care.

Love Mom.

Feb 15th 2009

Dear Chichi,

How are you?
Doing good with nyanya?

I miss you and thinking about you all the times.

Take Care yourself.

Love Mom.

March 29th 2009

Dear Chichan,

I just miss you very much, I know that I haven't visit you long time. . but you are with me every single moment..

Love Mom.

April 16 2009

dear Chichan,

Why I still dream about that you fall off from balcony.. has same dream single night.


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